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John Stone's Video

Getting Stoned

Getting Stoned, Scene #01

'Getting Stoned' is the title of this week's episode. The one getting 'Stoned' will be fan favorite Doug Jeffries. Doug has graced our site before, and he's amassed quite the following. With looks and a build like that, Doug is quite the 'Daddy' fantasy. As genuine as he is hot, Doug is 43 and from Los Angeles, CA. He is always a pleasure to work with and we decided to show our appreciation by pairing him up with a steamy Latin costar. Getting 'Stoned' never looked so good. We're of course speaking of sexy John Stone. John is 22 and a Florida native. This Colombian mix Papi has also been on our site a time or two; but neither the twain had met. Well, fortunately we know someone who works here and were able to make it happen. Fortunately, we just put them in a room together—the chemistry did the rest. Doug has quite the repertoire in the industry and has been making films for about 13 years now. He laughs when he remembers doing videos, almost 2 a day, back when he started. Now, of course, it's mostly internet work. John smiles as he admits he's only done one video but they did put him on the box cover he beams. Times have definitely changed and in a few these two will change their pace; as they get to know each other a lot better. Any objections?Doug helps John relax by slowly massaging his broad shoulders and neck. John moans and groans as Doug works out the knots in his shoulders before he peels off his polo. His hands then roam to his chiseled chest before getting John to lie face down, so he can have better access to his muscular back and shoulders. At least, that's what 'we' thought. It isn't long before Doug reaches under john, undoes his jeans, and pulls them off. John's beefy ass comes into view and what a spectacular view it is. Doug wastes little time before continuing his 'massage' only this time he sends in his tongue for reinforcement. Doug dives into John's smooth ass tongue first as John coos his appreciation. John's ass has Doug intoxicated as he spreads apart his beefy cheeks exposing his tight hole before fingering it a bit. John then flips over and gives Doug access to the only muscle he has yet to work. No worry, Doug has that covered as he slides John's hard cock right down his throat. John watches as Doug sucks on his cock and can't help but pull out and playfully slap his cock on Doug's tongue and face. He then stands to properly face fuck Doug. Mmmm. What's for dinner, Mr. Jeffries?Now it's Doug's turn as he stands and gives John's mouth something to work on. John eagerly sucks on Doug's cock, getting his cock rock hard for the fun to follow. John laps at Doug's smooth balls which get him rock hard and ready for more. Doug suits up and moves into place behind John, seconds before sliding his rock hard cock home. John's ass gives way to its intruder, and Doug is fucking his ass deep in no time. 'Fucking that ass good?' Doug grunts as John groans in delight. Doug continues to pummel his thick meat in and out of John's smooth ass and from where Doug's kneeling, the view is insane. Doug then pulls out and flips John on his back. He lifts those meaty thighs up and glides his thick cock right back inside that ass. John strokes his own cock as his ass continues to take a pounding a few inches below. Doug's picks up the pace shoving his dick in faster and deeper as his ass rises and falls into John's hot ass. 'You close?' he asks before immediately pulling out to jack his heavy load off next to John. John is the first to blow as he explodes all over his smooth chest and abs. Doug isn't far behind as he too explodes shooting blast after blast all over the couch and rug below. Whew. Imagine if these two had actually been attracted to each other!

  • released : 09-17-2009 |

Cum On, Cum All

Cum On, Cum All, Scene #01

We all know, at MenOver30, that two is company—and three is a party! So, this week we invited back two recent hotties whose chemistry steamed up more than a few monitors a couple months back. Yes, Jessie Balboa and John Stone are back in the studio and we decided to add our own bit of resident spice. A spicy little addition by the name of Tony Michaels. Everything's better with a dash of 23yo Tony we've found and we'll see just how much better in a few. John Stone is 22 and still relatively new to both the adult scene as well as the gay scene. He has limited experience sexually and last year at this time he was dating a girl. He's been out for only a month. This sexy latin with the killer smile not only came out a month ago, but obviously catapulted out of his closet and onto a porn set. No complaints here. He's definitely making up for lost time. Now that he's free to explore, he wants to experience a girl and a guy at the same time. Tony is adventurous and he smiles and admits that can be hot since he once shared his man with a girl and loved it. Jessie, the worldly 39yo says he's not yet had the best sex of his life and each experience just gets better and better. Spoken like a true politician—or “playah”! lol …Let the games begin! Lying on the couch, John becomes the object of affection as Tony and Jessie begin to kiss and lick him all over. He kisses both of his suitors as they all begin to undress each other. Kneeling in their jeans their tongues combine into a steamy open mouth French session. Oooh-La-La. As they continue to strip off their layers Tony is the first one bare assed and assuming the position as Jessie revels in the sight. He spreads Tony's beefy ass wide as he admires his puckered hole. Jessie's merely a mortal and cannot resist Tony's lure as he dives in tongue first. Tony moans with a mouthful of John's dick buried in his throat. Jessie then has these two studs stacked on top of the other so his tongue can explore all the ass he can eat. There's so much to explore that they look like 3 kids loose in a carnal candy store as they greedily lick and grope each other. Jessie makes out with John as Tony swallows his meat then the tables quickly turn as John is sucking on Jessie and Tony's feeding Jessie his thick meat. No matter what position these studs maneuver into there is plenty of meat to go around. Tony is sucking on Jessie's thick dick as John makes out with him. In no time flat, its John that's swallowing Jessie's meat as Tony first makes out with Jessie and then stands on the couch to slip in more than his tongue as Jessie starts sucking his cock. Jessie soon has more on his mind as he's getting head from John, he begins to finger Tony's ass. His meat's gonna need a lot more than a mouth in a minute. The next thing we see is Jessie burying his thick dick ball deep into Mr. Michaels. As he slowly plunges his thick cock inside, John's doing some plunging of his own as he eats Jessie's ass. Jessie has one stud on his meat and the other either rimming or kissing him. What else could a man want? John then straddles Tony and feeds him some dick as Tony gets both holes filled at the same time. The next part is John's initiation. He slides his meat into Tony missionary and once inside, Jessie kneels behind him and takes his ass doggie. Jessie is playing for keeps and we're guessing he's making up for not getting any their last session. John grunts and groans as he tries his best to take the pounding Jessie is giving him. Tony kisses him as he holds him in place for Jessie who is forcefully taking his ass while he fucks him deeper into Tony. This looks like a Cell Block Bingo and a certain movie with “You got a purty mouth, Boy!” comes to mind. Hmmm. The deeper he pounds the louder poor John grunts. Once Jessie has had his fill they get up on their knees and start to jack themselves off. Tony's the first to blow as he explodes all over John's abs and cock while they make out. John's next as he shoots his nut all over Tony's chest leaving Jessie for last as he gets two mouths roaming his chest and lips sending him over the edge and emptying out his own hot cargo. Need a minute?

  • released : 03-12-2009 |