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John E. Deep's Video

John E Deep The Movie

John E Deep The Movie, Scene #01

John E. is the over-sexed party boy in the frat who just hornier with time and grew into one streaming serving of straight man. the stage for not just a jack-off show, but an essay of sexuality we have not often seen. He's now a personal trainer and at 6'2, 201 pounds, and hanging a good 6 soft, he quickly smashes the rumor all muscled men are compensating for being short changed between their legs. A few strokes and that might tower had risen to a throbbing nine inches.The moans and groans started almost from the start and he doesn't just stroke casually by any means. As he works that big thick spear, every well toned muscle from his pecs, to his biceps to those flat abs tense until he tilts his head back, grits his teeth and lets out a roar and spews an arc of jizz that started jetting a white arc half-way across the room and ends up squirting all over that fine sweat-covered torso.

Starring John E. Deep
  • released : 09-01-2005 |

Going In Deep

Going In Deep, Scene #01

We ran into John E. one afternoon at the gym in our building. He had been fucking a new conquest all night, and hadn't even been to bed yet. So he came on up for a drink and to shoot the shit. Pretty soon he decided to show us some memorabilia from his porno past that he just happened to have with him. Turns out, this huge hunk of man meat has lots of experience at this type of thing. He and his ex-girlfriend have worked in quite a few adult films on the other coast.Still sweaty from the gym, John E. takes a quick shower and begins a hot little show under the steamy sprays. A little soaping accompanied by a little tugging, and that monster member was awake and raring to go. Back in the bedroom, he lays back on the bed with a few magazines, and proves just why he definitely has what it takes. A bit bored with the magazines, John E. peeks out the window over looking the pool, and finds a little live inspiration that puts him overthe edge. His cumshot was a two parter, the first blast hitting his stomach http://cms.menover30.com/addscene.phpas he watches the bikinied babes outside, then he flops back on the bed and lets loose a few more spurts for good measure. Smokin'!

Starring John E. Deep
  • released : 03-03-2005 |