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Cumming Prepared

Cumming Prepared, Scene #01

When Joey walked in carrying a bag with a few magazines from home, we knew this All-American looking hot one was ready to get down to business. Wasting no time, and paying little attention to us, he flopped right down in the chair and started thumbing through the mags, looking for just the right page to inspire him. He obviously found it, because his dick was stiff and throbbing before he even got his pants off. Seeing his huge member push against those tight, electric blue boxer briefs made us thankful for spandex!Joey didn't want us just to focus on his front, he spent some time bending over and pushing his cock through his legs, sliding his hands over his tight little touche. That seemed to get him even hotter! He focuses his attention back on the magazine and the matter at hand. Joey doesn't care for traditional lubes, so he requested regular ole' hand lotion instead, and we were more than happy to oblige. He gets on his knees, working that beautiful dick over a photo featuring one almost as big as his. He squirts a load so thick, the pages of that magazine will be stuck together for a very long time.

Starring Joey
  • released : 02-17-2005 |