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Joe Parker's Video

Ready for Prime Time

Ready for Prime Time, Scene #01

We have a blast from the past and a recent hottie that came together to rock our studios. Joe Parker, the 32 year old from Philly is back and he's lucky enough to welcome back sexy James Hamilton. James is from Kansas City and at 29 he is a MenOver30 by injection but soon he'll be a full fledged member himself. We're living in crazy times these days so we asked these studs what the last thing they found hard to believe. 'Porn on Canadian Cable TV' astounds James; while Joe is bummed out about the recent overturning of gay marriage in North Carolina. Yeah that surprised some while reminding others that we still have a long way to go. On a brighter note we asked these hotties what they each think they both excel at. James says cumming is something he does rather well and we'd have to agree. 'I give a hell of a blow job' says Joe as James concurs with an instant 'yeah!' Heard it here first! We wrapped it up by asking what the most unexpected sexual encounter has been. Sex on the roof for James while Joe admits he was in a bathroom at a bar in Philly once and...well, that's how he met his current boyfriend. Nice!James is flipping through the channels looking for something to watch as he finds porn playing on regular TV. Joe notices more than James' curiosity has been peaked as he reaches over and grabs his growing crotch. 'What are you doing?' James asks as Joe goes down to show him. He hauls out James' oversized cocks and puts it in his mouth. James doesn't mind one bit as he gasps at the sensation as Joe swallows every thick inch of his cock with ease. Joe goes to town on his big dick as James just sits back and enjoys it. Joe then gets up and takes out his own boner to give James the opportunity to give back. James gets right to it as he start to bob his head on Joe's fat meat. The chemistry is off the charts as these two go at it. James takes care of Joe's hard cock for a while before Joe needs some more of James down his throat. He has James lie back so he can get on his knees between those thighs and worship his meat some more. He laps at that cock and smooth balls getting James horny for much more than head. Joe gets on the floor and lubes up. James straddles him and eases his tight ass down on Joe's thick meat. It takes him a while before that ass concedes and takes Joe's thick dick inside. Joe starts pumping that dick up into James' tight ass wanting to bury it deep as James winces. It hurts so good as James starts to jack off as Joe picks up the pace. James is riding his cock soon enough as Joe pounds up into him. James gets up in a squat position as Joe takes the opportunity to pound his thick cock right up his ass. All James has to do is hold still as Parker pounds his dick home. He leans him back and fucks him in a missionary position for a bit before getting behind him on the floor to slip his meat in for more. Joe starts to fuck James' as he lies behind him. James' hard cock is throbbing and James can't help but jack off as he gets that hole stuffed. That does the trick as James busts his huge load all over himself and the floor. Joe pulls out and jacks his own load all over James' cum drenched cock and abs.

  • released : 06-07-2012 |

Quid Pro Joe

Quid Pro Joe, Scene #01

Might wanna turn down the A/C, it's about get hot up in here as this week's duo sizzle on set. After overwhelming response we brought back sexy Joe Parker and teamed him up with Diego Vena. Joe is 32 and originally from Philadelphia while Diego is 33 and originally from Indiana. We asked these two to title their own future memoirs to give people an insight into their lives past and present. 'The Secret or Not So Secret Life of Diego Vena' is Diego's while Joe's memoirs would be titled 'The Making of a Gay Handyman'. We then asked if they were turned into films, which male actor would they cast to play themselves. Diego would want George Clooney and Joe would want Christian Bale. We could see the resemblance there. In closing we asked these studs what sexual encounter from their past still makes them cum thinking about it years later. Joe was in a LTR for 7 years and after breaking up, he took a summer vacation and met a guy a little older than he was with dark hair and a furry chest. Everything he likes in a guy and they went to town. It still makes him horny thinking about it. Diego's was in high school when he slept with his girlfriend's boyfriend. He always wondered why he was always so jealous when they hung out. Well, it wasn't about her at all. ...and that's the way we like it.Diego is hangin' out and playing on his phone waiting for Joe who finally strolls in wearing board shorts and a tee. 'You going to the gym in these?' asks Diego as he tugs at his board shorts. He then hands Joe a pair of gym shorts he can change into so that they can head out already. Joe drops his shorts and his cock is at attention in his briefs. Gym!? What gym? Diego reaches for it and starts to stroke on it through his briefs before getting closer to sample the supply. He pulls down Joe's briefs freeing his aching cock before going down on it. Joe moans as Diego's head bobs up and down on his aching cock. Diego knows just what that cock needs as he repeatedly shoves it deep into his throat. Diego then slips onto the floor on his knees to get a better angle on that dick. He fucks his face with Joe's cock as Joe just moans his approval. Joe pulls Diego to his feet so they can make out for a few before giving Diego even more cock. Joe eventually wants to return the favor and gets Diego on his back as he kisses his chest and abs on his way to Diego's cock that by now is screaming for attention. Joe takes his cock all the way to the hilt and gives Diego some of the same as Diego lays back and enjoys the show.Joe services that dick until his own cock wants 'in' on the action. He flips Diego over and gets him on all four as he fingers that hot hole. His cock rock hard aching with anticipation as he finally pushes his dick inside shoving it all the way in as Diego does his best to accommodate Joe's extra thick cock. Joe starts to pound that ass deep as Diego grunts and moans. 'Gimme that dick' Diego coos as Joe picks up the pace. He fucks Diego doggy style. Diego is moaning as his tight hole is getting stretched wide open. His cock is rock hard the entire time Joe is pounding that ass and he can't get enough. Joe then gets on the couch and has Diego sit on his dick. Diego impales himself on it and then just holds still as Joe fucks that ass slamming his dick up into Diego's worn hole. Diego jacks off as Joe continues to fill that ass full of dick. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. Missionary is next as Joe gets between Diego's legs and goes right back to fucking his hole. This position does the trick as Diego loses his load. Diego jacking off faster about to blow his wad, when Joe pulls out and drenches Diego's dick with his own thick load which then triggers Diego's cock to follow suit...cum bath, anyone?

  • released : 03-01-2012 |

Slater Tots

Slater Tots, Scene #01

We have two hotties here this week as we welcome Joe Parker to MenOver30. Joe is 31 years young and from the City of Brotherly Love Chilly Philly. Joe is not alone he's with Dean Slater. Dean is 26 and originally from the Lone Star state of Texas. Dean is new and improved and now safe on fabric. We asked these two if they could play a game of 20 Questions with anyone who they would choose. Margaret Cho is Joe's choice and Dean would pick Bob Barker from the Price is Right. Having just survived another holiday season where giving and receiving abound, we wondered what the best gift each of them has ever given someone else. Joe bought his Mom a new dining room set and it made her cry. Awww. For Dean the best gift he ever gave someone was divorce papers. ...ouch. To wrap things up we asked them to fill in the blank. 'My dick gets rock hard when I'm _____.' For Dean it's looking at a nice ass that makes his dick hard and for Joe it's as simple as sucking on a rock hard cock. Well, who doesn't? Well, nice ass and hard cock's are both in the house so let's get this party started...Dean and Joe are kicking back on the couch as they both tug on their boners. They get curious about what each other's packing as they start tugging on each other's crotches. Dean feels its getting hot and they should give their junk some air. Joe hauls out his thick cock as Dean goes down on him. Joe moans as he gets that dick serviced by Dean who shoves it down his throat as deep as he can get it. Dean takes his time worshipping Joe's meat as he runs his tongue along his shaft and smooth balls. Joe then pulls off Dean's tank top as they start to make out. Joe's grabbing at the tent in Dean's jeans before undoing them to get some uncut dick of his own. Dean's been hittin' the gym and it's paying off. His bod is ripped and Joe doesn't mind the view one bit as he kneels between those thick muscular thighs and goes for that dick. Dean gasps as Joe works his swollen cock to the hilt. He sucks on his huge nut sack teasing Dean before swallowing that cock back down his throat. He gets on his knees and lets Dean fuck his face of his. Dean moans loving the attention he's getting on his thick cock. Soon Dean needs more than his cock taken care of as he straddles Joe's thick cock and sits down on it. He grunts as his hot little ass starts to give way. Joe starts to slowly shove his thick meat up into Dean's tight ass as he moans and begs for more. Dean is rock hard and slowly getting used to that fat dick as he starts to ride it. 'How's that feel, huh?' Dean groans as he slowly grinds that ass on Joe's cock. Joe can only moan in appreciation as that tight ass grabs hold of his thick dick. Joe then tries to make things easier and gets Dean on his back. He lifts those legs and slides his large cock back inside Dean's ass. Dean is quivering as he gets that ass stretched. Joe starts fucking him deeper and harder getting that ass used to his meat. Dean is begging for it soon enough as he orders Joe to fuck his ass. Joe gets on his back as Dean sits on his dick again and holds still as Joe slams that dick home. Joe then leans Dean back on the floor as they now end up in missionary yet again. Joe fucks that tight ass until he can't hold off any longer. He pulls out and unloads his thick cargo all over Dean's smooth abs. Dean's right behind him as he busts his nut all over his own already cum-drenched abs.

  • released : 12-29-2011 |
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