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Jessie Balboa's Video

Hyde & Seek

Hyde & Seek, Scene #01

Two sexy furry daddies are back this week to have a go at some sweaty man fun. The first is Latin Papi, Jessie Balboa. Jessie became an instant fan favorite after his very first appearance. The sexy Latin lover with the Colgate smile and the Latin soap star look smoldered his way into many hearts—and even more pants. The 39 year old is incredibly grounded and loves it all. He takes it as good as he gives it and when it comes to sex, he is always open to exploring new things. We'll just say where he may appreciate “vanilla” in his shake, it's not found anywhere near his bed. Jessie is au natural this time and so is his sexy co star Dane Hyde. Dane is a blast from our past and graced us years ago and has only improved with time. He recently lost 25lbs and is looking hotter than ever. Both of these boys call Florida home and Dane is partnered and admits that his hubby's hairy chest was one of the things that initially drew him to him. Jessie, on the other hand is single. When asked if he too has fallen in love, Jessie laughs and admits, “Yeah, a couple of times” Mmhmmm. Fortunately, we're only aiming for “lust” this—so these two are overqualified.Slowly they start to explore each other as they begin to undress each other. Once their tee shirts come off we get our first view of these furry studs. Jessie immediately gets to work on Dane's sensitive nips launching him into orbit. Dane readily returns the favor as they continue undressing the other. Finally the pants come off these two and it's Dane who makes the first move. He greedily goes down on Jessie's thick cock as he slowly engulfs it into his expert mouth. Jessie is bucking up into his face in no time as he revels in the oral work over he's getting from Mr. Hyde. Soon enough, Jessie is the one on his knees between Dane's beefy and hairy thighs as he bobs up and down on Dane's dick like an oil rigger goin' for gold—white gold, that is! LOL Ok, that was SO wrong. Jessie isn't done sampling Dane's “wares” so he puts Dane on all four as he begins to eat Dane's sweet ass which makes Dane's eyes roll back. If the tongue lodged in his ass wasn't enough; Jessie then further explores it digitally. And by “digitally” we mean one “digit” at a time. Dane's grunting with delight as Jessie prods and fingers his hungry hole.Already in position, Jessie removes his fingers and replaced them with his throbbing cock. Dane lets out a low guttural grunt as Jessie invades his ass. Jessie means business and is soon ramming his fat cock deep into Dane. Dane grunts repeatedly as he moans with a mixture of pleasure and pain that just heightens the experience. Jessie holds Dane's ass still as he begins to pound his cock harder and harder inside him. All Dane can do is grunt and take it as Jessie owns his ass. The look on Jessie's face says it all as he bites his lower lip and continues to bury his meat. “Oh yeah, buddy!” groans Dane as he continues to get his hole pounded. Jessie then flips him over onto his back before slamming his dick back inside. Dane tweaks Jessie's nips as he looks up and watches Jessie's face as he continues to give it to him. A shot from behind gives us a great view of Jessie's cock as it plunges in and out of Dane's ass. Jessie's balls bounce repeatedly on Dane's ass as the fucking continues. The chemistry between these two couldn't be any hotter. Dane then sits on Jessie's dick and rides him a bit; just long enough to jack out his load. Dane unloads all over Jessie's furry navel who then adds his own batch to the mix, leaving a thick milky trail.

  • released : 07-09-2009 |

Oh When The Saint...

Oh When The Saint..., Scene #01

If you've ever wondered what there is to do while in Peru—well, have we got the perfect idea for you. Aged 39 delicious years and answering to the name Mr. Balboa, Peruvian “Papi” Jessie is back with us this week and undoubtedly making another lucky guy …well, “lucky”. For those of you unfamiliar with Jessie, this compact muscular Latino has a smile that could brighten any room, soft spoken, dark bedroom eyes and packs a thick dick to boot. What else could you ask for on this Latin lover? Lucky for us Jessie is back and giving us front row seats to another one of his amazing shows? So far we've seen him stroking, an oral scene and a hot 3 way where he got to bury his meat. This afternoon's gonna be a little different and it will be Jessie's delicious ass getting plowed. Long overdue if you ask us! lol The honors have been bestowed on Tyler Saint. Tyler, 44, lives in L.A. and has an extensive repertoire on DVD with a huge fan base. Tyler is “married”. (Sorry Boys!) The 21st couple in W. Hollywood to wed, these love birds are now in legal limbo. (Thanks to Prop8!) His partner isn't in the industry, although Tyler's been trying to convince him to do a scene…just once! Porn—the gateway drug? lol Tyler admits he doesn't even watch porn to get in the mood. Jessie grins ear to ear admitting he loves porn and jacks off all the time. Lucky us.Jessie wastes no time before leaning in for a kiss, as Tyler follows his lead. These two are all over each other in seconds as they grope and kiss each other. The passion and chemistry is undeniable as these two go at it. Fumbling for each other's belts and buttons, the jeans come off both Tyler and Jess are left wearing sexy black jock straps. Tyler cant resist Jessie's charms as he kneels before him to taste his growing meat. Jessie bites his lower lip in awe, eyes clenched, as Tyler swirls his mouth all over his meat. Jessie looks down as Tyler worships his meat and suddenly feels left out. He pulls Tyler to his feet as they both strip and Tyler gets sat down on the couch. It's Jessie's turn. Tyler moans and gasps as Jessie devours his dick. He swallows every think inch of dick with ease as he bobs his head up and down on Tyler's spit-shined rod. No matter the angle, these two are amazing as they go about their carnal feast as if we weren't even there. They can't seem to get enough of each other and in no time maneuver into a hot 69 on the rug. Jessie's on his back as he nurses on Tyler's throbbing bone as Tyler is bobbing his hot mouth on Jessie's aching meat. It's always nice to see two men go at it that appreciate the wonders of “Foreplay”. Oh, Foreplay….some of you might need to look that up. Under “E” for “Extinct”. Just when you think they've had enough oral, they turn their talented tongues onto each other's asses as they lick, suck and eat each other's holes quickly driving them into a frenzy which can only lead to one thing —some body's getting fucked! Tyler begins fingering Jessie's amazing ass as he readies it for what's to come (literally). Pun intended. As Tyler begins to slide his extra thick dick inside, stretching him open, Jessie maintains his composure. Once Tyler starts giving him the fuck he's had coming, poor Jessie can only grunt and groan as he scrambles to accommodate the massive anal invader. It can't be easy taking all of Tyler's thick meat shoved into you and he's too horny to stop or even slow down, Jessie's face says it all as his brows furl and his teeth clench. His grunts are coupled with Tyler's sighs of ecstasy as his thick dick finds the tight hole it's needed. Jessie then straddles Tyler as he sits on his dick giving him a bit more control of the plowing. Jessie has already gotten used to the battering ram and he doesn't hesitate to ride him hard. As hot as it looks, Jessie gives Tyler the impression he's not fucking him hard enough. Tyler moves Jessie to the floor where he picks up his legs and shoves his dick back in him. He can bury his meat as hard and as deep as he wants now—and there's little Jessie can do except make “OZ” worthy grunts. (and we're not talking Kansas, either) Tyler takes his ass hard and it sends them both over the edge as they stroke off their massive loads lying side by side. —DAMN! J

  • released : 03-26-2009 |

Cum On, Cum All

Cum On, Cum All, Scene #01

We all know, at MenOver30, that two is company—and three is a party! So, this week we invited back two recent hotties whose chemistry steamed up more than a few monitors a couple months back. Yes, Jessie Balboa and John Stone are back in the studio and we decided to add our own bit of resident spice. A spicy little addition by the name of Tony Michaels. Everything's better with a dash of 23yo Tony we've found and we'll see just how much better in a few. John Stone is 22 and still relatively new to both the adult scene as well as the gay scene. He has limited experience sexually and last year at this time he was dating a girl. He's been out for only a month. This sexy latin with the killer smile not only came out a month ago, but obviously catapulted out of his closet and onto a porn set. No complaints here. He's definitely making up for lost time. Now that he's free to explore, he wants to experience a girl and a guy at the same time. Tony is adventurous and he smiles and admits that can be hot since he once shared his man with a girl and loved it. Jessie, the worldly 39yo says he's not yet had the best sex of his life and each experience just gets better and better. Spoken like a true politician—or “playah”! lol …Let the games begin! Lying on the couch, John becomes the object of affection as Tony and Jessie begin to kiss and lick him all over. He kisses both of his suitors as they all begin to undress each other. Kneeling in their jeans their tongues combine into a steamy open mouth French session. Oooh-La-La. As they continue to strip off their layers Tony is the first one bare assed and assuming the position as Jessie revels in the sight. He spreads Tony's beefy ass wide as he admires his puckered hole. Jessie's merely a mortal and cannot resist Tony's lure as he dives in tongue first. Tony moans with a mouthful of John's dick buried in his throat. Jessie then has these two studs stacked on top of the other so his tongue can explore all the ass he can eat. There's so much to explore that they look like 3 kids loose in a carnal candy store as they greedily lick and grope each other. Jessie makes out with John as Tony swallows his meat then the tables quickly turn as John is sucking on Jessie and Tony's feeding Jessie his thick meat. No matter what position these studs maneuver into there is plenty of meat to go around. Tony is sucking on Jessie's thick dick as John makes out with him. In no time flat, its John that's swallowing Jessie's meat as Tony first makes out with Jessie and then stands on the couch to slip in more than his tongue as Jessie starts sucking his cock. Jessie soon has more on his mind as he's getting head from John, he begins to finger Tony's ass. His meat's gonna need a lot more than a mouth in a minute. The next thing we see is Jessie burying his thick dick ball deep into Mr. Michaels. As he slowly plunges his thick cock inside, John's doing some plunging of his own as he eats Jessie's ass. Jessie has one stud on his meat and the other either rimming or kissing him. What else could a man want? John then straddles Tony and feeds him some dick as Tony gets both holes filled at the same time. The next part is John's initiation. He slides his meat into Tony missionary and once inside, Jessie kneels behind him and takes his ass doggie. Jessie is playing for keeps and we're guessing he's making up for not getting any their last session. John grunts and groans as he tries his best to take the pounding Jessie is giving him. Tony kisses him as he holds him in place for Jessie who is forcefully taking his ass while he fucks him deeper into Tony. This looks like a Cell Block Bingo and a certain movie with “You got a purty mouth, Boy!” comes to mind. Hmmm. The deeper he pounds the louder poor John grunts. Once Jessie has had his fill they get up on their knees and start to jack themselves off. Tony's the first to blow as he explodes all over John's abs and cock while they make out. John's next as he shoots his nut all over Tony's chest leaving Jessie for last as he gets two mouths roaming his chest and lips sending him over the edge and emptying out his own hot cargo. Need a minute?

  • released : 03-12-2009 |
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