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Jace Chambers's Video

In Passionate Fashion

In Passionate Fashion

It's two guys who know how to really crank up the sexy. Jace Chambers is welcoming Max Hardin, a first timer at Men Over 30. As you can see, Max is a true fiend for the cock. It turns out especially the one attached to Mr. Chambers.

They're starting out slow and passionate, kissing deeply on the sofa. Then Max goes down for a good taste of Jace's mammoth dick. He's going all the way, letting Jace's erection slide down his throat. Jace likes the way Max handles an unusually big dong. He's surely a connoisseur of dongs to display this level of sucking skill. Then Jace is getting a mouthful of Max's stiff piece. Jace sure can slurp some hard meat! See him have his way with Max's sweet hole when he gives it a thorough licking. Watch Jace stuff his huge dick into Max's eager ass and pound it good. It's a super hot, very sexy encounter with these incredible guys.


  • released : 07-23-2013 |

The Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot, Scene #01

The hunter becomes the hunted today on MenOver30.com as freshly thirty and oh so sexy Jace Chambers picks up the camera instead of posing for it but if you had the strapping Columbian import that is Alexander Garrett in the room with you, you would every moment of that encounter captured for total recall as well. Thirty-seven year old Alexander is just under six feet of chiseled lean muscle with a dazzling smile and a nine inch pole that rose to the occasion as he gazed at the handsome stud behind the lens, noting the size of the his package would indicate the two are well matched in the pinga department as well. As Alexander stripped off his tank top, they were both sporting swollen bulges that seemed to gravitate towards each either even through their pants, and those pants would not be on for long.Well worked arms, a full chest and flat abs came into view and as Jace walked over to adjust Alexander's pose, he put the camera down as something more pressing had come up. Alexander took off Jace's shirt as mouths melded together. You could hear the echo of their wet, passionate kisses as Alexander worked his way down, stopping to tug on Jace's nipple ring with his teeth as his licked his way down, starting to suck on Jace's cockhead is as it poked over the top of his waistband, then kept going until he was deep throating the considerable length of Jace's no exposed pole. He kept sucking, using Jace's balls as a handle, as they moved to the bench where the oral fest continued. As Alexander sucked away, Jace began exploring the muscular curves of Alexander's backside with more than just a causal interest. As Alexander raised himself to his knees, Jace hauled out Alexander's cock and returned the favor, his mouth sliding up and down as Alexander pivoted his hips, fucking his buddy's mouth with an even bigger cock. Knees to knees and face to face, they stole one more kiss before Jace bent Alexander over and found someplace else to put his tongue: Alexander's hole.As Alexander pushed his dripping cock back and continued to jack it along with Jace, Jace worked his tongue like a cork screw deep inside Alexander until the audible moans of pleasure filled the room. Then raising over and lowering himself onto Jace's waiting cock, Alexander's freshly eaten hole seemed in inhale every inch of Jace's dick. As he rode Jace's cock, he rotated his pelvis and worked his cock to produce every possible sensation for them both until Jace knew he needed some of that internal pleasure of his own. With Alexander on his back, it was Jace's turn for pole riding with a liberal dose of making out and jacking off mixed in and both he and Alexander tugged on Jace's cock as it bounced up and down on Alexander's tight, flat abs. Flipping Jace on his back, Alexander increased the pace two fold and literally fucked the cum out of Jace with so much force the cum came in for a landing all over Jace's own upper pecs and chin then Alexander added a heaping helping a his own jizz.

  • released : 05-23-2013 |


Ass-Delivery, Scene #01

We have the boyish charms of Joey Cooper on set today as we ask him to join the MenOver30-by-Injection Club. Well Joey took one look at 30yo Jace Chambers and his thick Carolina cock and was more than happy to help. Joey is 23yo and now lives in Fort Lauderdale. Jace knew he had a bigger dick than the rest of his friends early on. This wasn't hard to deduce since his cock has been just above 8' since he was 12. Jace's grin says all we need to know about the trouble that got him into. Fortunately Joey is a fan of the endowed and his largest conquest was a fat 10' cock he manages to make a meal out of. We then decided to test the waters with these and asked what their hottest online hook up has been. Jace picked up some trade online and met up and ended up fucking him on the hood of his car in the parking lot. Joey one-ups him with a Brit and another bottom in a steamy three-way. Didn't see that one cumming. Joey met them both individually online and made it happen getting the hot Brit to top them both. All that AND a party planner?! Watch out boys! Well, for now it's going to be a party of two. So let's get this one started...Jace is cruising on his phone when he gets a knock on the door. It's the hook up he ordered. Ya gotta love modern technology. Joey goes to greet him as Jace pulls him in for a kiss. They start to make out as their shirts start to come off and their tongues start to roam. Joey licks that chest as he heads south to see what's waiting for him. He undoes those jeans and once he does Jace's fat cock springs out at him. He's rock hard and ready for attention. Joey knows just what to do as he starts to worship that cock. Jace fucks that pretty face with ease as Joey takes as much of that 9' cock down his throat. Jace then gets Joey's pants off so he can get some dick too. He sucks on Joey's cock as Joey watches his meat disappear down Jace's throat. Joey moans as he gets that dick worked but soon wants more of Jace's for himself. He gets him up on the chair so he can get more as he gets back to swallowing as much of that cock as possible. As he slides that dick down his throat, Jace leans forward and starts to explore Joey's smooth ass. He can't resist it. He spreads those beefy cheeks apart as he starts to finger that pink hole. Joey moans and wants more. He gets up on the chaise as Jace lifts his legs and dives in tongue first. He eats that hole deep until Joey begs him to fuck him. Jace isn't about to play hard to get as he immediately slides his fat cock into that spit soaked hole. He glides in ball-deep as he starts to fuck that hole nice and steady. Joey's in ecstasy as he gets that hole stretched wide. Doggy is next as Jace gets Joey on all four. His heavy balls slap away at that ass as he picks up the pace. Joey isn't done as he gets Jace to sit back so he can ride it some more. He impales himself on that cock again and starts to ride that cock hard. He has that hard cock hitting him just where he wants it as his cock erupts all over Jace's smooth chest. Jace then pulls out and jerks his own fat load all over his cum soaked pecs.

  • released : 04-04-2013 |