Hair Cub For Men

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  • Updated : 2005-03-24 |
  • running time : 00:00 min |
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  • Views : 324
Starring Jessie Rivero

That song Jessie's girl took on a whole new meaning for us after we met Jessie. Whomever our Jessie's girl is, she is one lucky lady. This is one of those men who simply exudes sex from every olive colored pore. Start with those bedroom eyes and work your way down that hair covered torso with a midsection so lean, you can clearly see a six-pack even through that mat of fur.Then we saw his dick...eight and one half thick cut inches that was rock hard in four strokes and leaking a steady stream of precum leaving puddles deep enough to swim in. That tight round ass sprinkled with dark hair is a sight to behold when he rolls over and works that big pole from behind. While some guys shoot far and some shoot a lot, Jessie does both. He rips off a thick white load of epic proportions. We can't wait for the next installment!