Gino The Movie

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  • Updated : 2006-02-02 |
  • running time : 00:00 min |
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  • Views : 330
Starring Gino

This Italian Teddy Bear refers to himself as old it because his dick never lets him down or is it because he is always horny? .Either way he walked through the door with a mission...a mission to bust a nut With a nest of hair that shows his maturity, which travel all the way down his love patch...This is a real waxing...just all man. all thick, fur covered, 8 of him. Although he is circumsized, he was left with a fold a of skin so generous, he can tuck his cock head inside and bend it over, creating a club like man part the likes of which we have never seen before.At a glance, he look like the blue collar working man who is hot in uniform and you can't but help to undress with your eyes, dying to find out what is behind that massive bulge then a closer look at those hypnotizing green eyes and what else could you want....? As Gino begins to strip down, not only does he give proper attention to his dick, however boy does he love showing off that ass....With the ass play coming to an isn't far after that, that our Italian Sausage lets lose his I'm guessing this is one pizza guy who doesn't mind a back door delivery!!