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Fabio Stallone's Video

Italian Lessons

Italian Lessons, Scene #01

Well gentlemen, have we got a treat for you this week as we welcome back none other than Fabio Stallone. For those of you who missed Fabio's solo last week, this Italian demigod is 32 years young and packs a rather impressive sausage. Unhinging jaws might come in handy trying to handle this piece of meat. Our members unanimously begged for more and who are we to deny them? We found the perfect hottie, that's just a little bit Italian and a whole lot of Bayou, that fit the bill. Ethan Slade makes his debut with us here and Louisiana definitely did a wonderful job making all this happen. Ethan attributes his sexy look to his Native American and German ancestry as well as a LOT of Italian in there as well. Well, he's gonna have a lot more Italian in him soon enough. We asked these two studs which country they feel has the hottest men. Fabio loves Spanish men. Oh those boys in Barcelona. Ethan can't decide on a certain country but just admires well defined athletic men regardless of where they're from. Ethan rarely bottoms and Fabio appreciated the struggle it took to get his dick in there. 'It was good' Ethan blushes 'I might let him get it again.' Oh my, what have we done!? These two are getting to know each other on the couch as Ethan tells Fabio he loves his accent. 'How do you say you're hot?' in Italian he grins as Fabio replies with 'Ce bello'. Ethan smiles before asking Fabio how he would say 'Kiss me'. Fabio is more into action than words as he goes in for that kiss Ethan really wants. They make out a bit before Ethan realizes the tent that's developed between Fabio's legs. He goes down as he starts to lick and nibble on it through his soft shorts. It feels massive and he can't help but need a closer look. Fabio stands up and gives Ethan all the freedom he needs as Ethan gets on his knees and continues to lick and tease that bulge. Fabio takes off his tank showing off that amazing body as Ethan finally hauls out his fat cock. Fabio moans as Ethan gets that dick down his throat. He laps inside that thick foreskin making Fabio shiver with desire. He knows just what to do with that fat cock as he repeatedly takes it down his throat. Ethan is pleasantly surprised as he reaches around and discovering that impressive, firm ass as he uses it to push that dick even deeper into his throat. Ethan then stands and licks his way back up to Fabio's full lips. They continue making out as Fabio takes his turn undressing Ethan and giving him some of the same.Ethan sits back as he watches Fabio on his knees deep throating his own hard cock. This Cajun delight packs his own party in those pants and Fabio is happy to help himself. Fabio then turns Ethan around and bends him over so he can taste that sweet hole. He buries his face in that smooth ass as he gets that tongue up inside him. As he does, we get our own amazing view of Fabio's hot ass on display. Fabio then suits up and sits back as Ethan straddles his cock and impales himself on it. He starts to ride that monster cock slowly as he picks up the pace once he gets used to its girth. That fat cock is stretching that ass wide and Ethan isn't about to complain. He starts to buck back and forth on it loving the sensation. Fabio then gets him on his feet and bends him over to get that hole doggy style. Ethan can only grunt and take it now that Fabio's back in the driver's seat. He slams that fat cock deep inside as his balls slap away at that hole. Ethan's own cock is rock hard the entire time he's getting fucked. He takes that dick like a champ before Fabio gets him on his back for some missionary. That does the trick as his fat cock pounds that prostate making Ethan cum all over himself as Fabio shoves it in even deeper. Fabio then pulls out and busts his own cannoli cream all over Ethan's chest and cum-covered abs. Now that's Italian. ¡Ciao, Bello!

  • released : 09-20-2012 |

Stallone Alone

Stallone Alone, Scene #01

This week we have a special treat for our members imported all the way from that designer boot smack in the middle of the Mediterranean -Italia! Drop those drawers; spread those legs and get your lube on as we welcome Fabio Stallone to MenOver30. Fabio, Italian for 'bean grower', is a rather fitting name for our delicious 32yo import. You'll see why once you get a look at the massive bean 'stalk' this muscular god is packing. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Fabio has been in the US for 6 years now and was about 26 the first time he had sex with a guy. If you do the math, it didn't take him long at all to leave str8 Fabio back in Italy and explore his sexuality once he arrived. Fabio has more than the average guy in more ways than one. He has a huge muscular frame, an ass that's all sorts of inviting as well as one of the thickest dicks we've had on our sites. We normally wouldn't know what to do with all that; but we knew our members would. (You know who you are!) Fabio has a very classic look to him with his hair cropped short and a sexy beard that frames his masculine features nicely. He's not a shy one and admits that when it comes to sex there isn't much he hasn't done. If there was one thing he wouldn't mind doing more of it would have to be sex in public. ...any volunteers? Fabio just got home as he strips down and heads for the shower. He stands under the shower as the water cascades down his defined frame. He soaps up as he starts to wash that sweet ass of his. The suds just bathe his perfect cheeks as he starts to wash them and wash up in between them as well. Just as your mouth starts to water thinking about the possibilities, Fabio turns around and damn near turns this scene into a 3D one as his massive cock swings towards the camera. He's rock hard and his beer can of cock is amazing. We're by no means 'size queens' ...but, we can be impressed! He strokes his thick uncut cock with one hand as he tugs on his smooth balls with the other. As he showers you get a great view of his physique in general that is just sculpted sin. There's just no way to admire him in the nude without getting all sorts of twisted thoughts rattling on upstairs. Fabio finishes up; dries off and heads back to the bedroom to take care of that swollen cock.Fabio drops the towel and sits back to take care of his fat cock. He plays with his balls with one hand as he strokes his throbbing cock with the other. Fabio's body is a buffet of delights with so many things you wanna try. His thick quads are spread wide as we get a peek at that furry hole just below his balls that bounce in time to his stroking. His chest is massive and well defined with a light coat of fur he keeps short. His dedication to the gym is obvious and well worth the effort. He jacks his cock getting it nice and hard and even gets up on his knees to show off that hot ass of his. Fortunately he's versatile and isn't against getting that hot ass fucked if he finds a man masculine enough to deserve it. He spreads that ass open as he fingers it a bit making him even hornier. He flips back around and lies on his back as he goes back to jerking off his massive meat while paying attention to his hot hole. All the attention he's giving his fat cock is making his balls tingle and it won't be long before he needs to nut. He stands and gets busy jerking off fast and hard wanting to shoot his load. His breathing starts to labor as his fist becomes a blur on his cock. He lets out a soft grunt as he unloads, sending thick stream after stream of cum splattering all over the glass below. ...Somewhere, there's a cannoli missing it's cream.

Starring Fabio Stallone
  • released : 09-13-2012 |