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Epic Fuck

Epic Fuck, Scene #01

Epic Novell is back this week and we have a treat for him as we welcome back a blast from CircleJerkBoys past Casey Monroe. Casey who is originally from San Antonio, Texas is 23 now and it's good to have Casey back. He's looking remarkably well these days. For those of you unfamiliar with Epic, he is 32 years old and a Los Angeles native. We wondered if these two fit studs had a favorite dessert. It's fried ice cream for Casey who admits the best fried ice cream is his Abuelita's. Well no one does it better than Grandma but for Epic his sweet tooth loves some cheesecake. He can leave his Gram alone and just head to the Cheesecake Factory when he needs that itch…scratched. Speaking of “itch” we asked Casey to describe the perfect blowjob. “No teeth, lots of spit and don't swallow unless you want them to”. Hmm. We then asked Epic to describe the perfect rim job. He likes a guy with some stubble so that he can sit on their face and have that tongue all up in his business. “But rim jobs aren't for everyone” chimes in Casey with a grin. Rim jobs may not be for everyone but both of these studs admit that playing with their rear buttons makes then pop that much faster. On that note….We won't have to worry about chemistry between these two as they sit next to each other on the couch with their hands already roaming by the time we start. They start to make out as they peel their shirts off. Casey undoes Epic's jeans and goes for that cock. He hauls it out and starts to suck on it as it grows in his warm mouth. “Yeah suck that dick” Epic moans as he watches Casey working on his bone. Casey holds his thick dick by the base as he works it all the way down to the hilt. Epic gets his knob polished as Casey's spit coats his meat. Casey then stands and offers up his own thick cock to Epic. Epic grabs it, pushes back his foreskin and gets busy returning the favor. Casey's cock is rock hard in no time as he watches Epic on his knees worshipping his meat. Casey grabs a fistful of Epic's hair and uses it to bob Casey's hot mouth up and down on his raging boner. Epic does his best to keep up but gags on that uncut cock whenever Casey buries it too deep. Epic takes his time and laps that thick dick all over pleasing his new buddy anyway he can. Casey then gets back to working on Epic's getting it ready for more.Casey gets up on the chair and spreads those legs setting that alabaster ass on display. Epic aims his raging hard on south and slowly starts to shove his cock inside that ass as it slowly starts to give way. Casey moans and whimpers as he gives up that hot ass. He gasps for air as he gets his str8 hole fucked. “Fuck me Daddy” he moans as he finally gets used to that thick dick in his hole. Epic loves the sensation he's getting on his thick cock as he stretches Casey's ass open. Epic then bends Casey over the chair into a doggy position as he slowly slides that dick back inside. He's conscientious about going slow enough to let Casey get used to that meat before picking up the pace. Watching Epic's cock disappear into Casey's hole never gets easier as Casey's hetero hole resists it's intruder every thrust of the way. Epic isn't complaining. They then switch places and Casey takes control. He sits on that meat in a reverse cowgirl and he's home. “Yeah, you're MY bitch now, just take it!” he grunts as he rides Epic's thick cock. Someone loves to ride. This does the trick as Casey blows a huge wad way in the air with Casey still buried in him. Casey then kneels and begs Epic for his load. Epic soon blasts his sending it ALL over our Lone Star stud. Who knew?—somebody ordered Fireworks!

  • released : 05-12-2011 |

Broken Axel

Broken Axel, Scene #01

Today we have 2 new faces for you on MenOver30 and we're happy to welcome Epic Novell and Axel Johnson. Epic is 31 years old and originally from Los Angeles, CA. Axel is a young'n at 22 and he's from North Dakota. We wondered what these two stock up on when they go to the grocery store. It's produce for Axel while Epic makes a mad dash for the meat department. Hmmm art imitates life. To expand on that we asked what is their healthiest love vs. their guilty pleasure in the food department. Axel admits he can eat anything he wants (…just you wait, my Pet! lol); but if he had to pick he'd say he buys lots of fruits. Chocolate seems to be his guilty pleasure. Epic loves healthy salads while his guilty pleasure is bacon. Mmmmm. These two can eat all they want and still look hot. We then decided to turn the topic back to sex, go figure, and asked them what the wildest thing they'd ever done in that department. Axel was gang banged by like 10 guys (lucky Betch!) while Epic chimes in with a foot long double headed dildo that he and a friend backed their asses up to. With that in mind we should get this party started...The chemistry between these two is apparent since they haven't been able to keep their hands off each other before we started. They waste little time before getting right to it. Axel starts to lick and suck all over Epic's smooth chest. As he does, Epic's hands start to tug on the tent that's forming in Axel's pants. Axel is working Epic's nips and it's driving him wild. They start to strip each other and as Epic's pants go down so does Axel who lands on his knees eager to get at Epic's thick cock. He pulls it out of his briefs and starts to suck on it as Epic holds his head and starts to bounce it on his rock hard cock. Axel takes every inch with ease as he pleasures his new buddy. Both of these studs are naturally smooth and defined. Axel takes to that thick cock as he continues to nurse on that meat until Epic decides he wants some too. Axel sits back as Epic kneels between his legs and gets to work. Epic does his best to take Axel's massive cock. This boy's packin' a python. 'Chokin' on it?' Axel teases as Epic's eyes water struggling to take it all '…all you need is practice' Epic does his best until Axel pulls him off it wanting to suck on Epic's cock again to get it as hard as possible for what's next.Axel sucks on Epic's heavy hangers getting his cock rock hard and once it's ready he suits it up and sits on it. His ass struggles to take Epic's fat meat. His ass wants what it wants and is soon stretched full of cock. Epic moans as he gets that cock ridden. Axel glides up and down on that meat with ease once his ass gets accustomed to its girth. Axel is in heaven as he bounces up and down on that meat with reckless abandon. From there Epic decides he wants a different position as he lies behind Axel and slides in from behind. Axel grunts aloud in pain every time Epic manages to shove every inch of his thick cock inside. 'Use that ass!' Axel orders as Epic continues his assault. Epic then turns Axel over face down as he moves right into a hot doggy position. He jackhammers that dick deep as Axel whimpers and begs for more. Epic means business as he pounds that hot ass deep and hard. The sound of his balls slapping ass fill the air as they get more and more into their fuck session. Tappin' that ass good does the trick for Epic who pulls out just in time to unload all over Axel's ass and lower back drenching it with jizz. Epic then flips over as Axel jerks his cock off all over Epic's spent cock.

  • released : 04-14-2011 |