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Enrique Currero's Video

Midday Restlessness

Midday Restlessness, Scene #01

Back for more insanely hot sex this week is 33 yr old, blue-eyed, Enrique Currero. For those of you who don't know Mr. Currero, Enrique was originally a fan favorite on our brother site ExtraBigDicks —for obvious reasons! He's packing a thick 8½” uncut monster cock that our viewers can't seem to get enough of; which is why after several requests we had him come over to do some work for us. Part of what makes this stud so hot is his versatility. “Very good top …and also a hot ass bottom” he admits. Enrique is up for anything. Those piercing blue eyes set against his sun-kissed skin just complement an already enticing package. We also decided to bring back another versatile hottie who can take it as well as he can give it, Mr. Park Wiley. Park is 32 and needs no introduction. He has already amassed quite the following in the adult industry having done countless adult films. He's currently dating (…sorta) and everything seems to be on the up and up these days. See, Park's new beau thinks of him as his boyfriend; but Park's not really sure what he is. None the less, Park is one hottie in the horizontal department and plays both pitcher and catcher quite well and is by no means a “short” stop. Both of these hung boys can get rough and verbal as we've seen them in action separately in the past. This combination should make for some explosive dynamics …of the sexual kind. These two waste no time before stripping their clothes off and going for it. As Enrique's kicking off his jeans Park's already licking and tasting his chest. Once they're in their birthday suits, Park slides down in front of Enrique's growing uncut cock and swallows it whole. He begins sucking on Enrique's growing bone which immediately comes to life. They then get into a steamy 69 so they can each suck a meaty cock. Enrique nurses on Park's cock as Park bobs up and down on his shaft. The chemistry between these two is unmistakable as they devour each other unable to get enough. The steamy 69 flips over with Enrique on top and once that happens, Park's tongue finds a new target—Enrique's sweet ass. He dives deep into his hole sending Enrique into a frenzy as he gets his ass rimmed. Park moans his delight as his face is buried in Enrique's bubble butt. Enrique jacks his huge cock while Park continues to lap and suck at his ass prying open his cheeks to get his tongue in as deep as possible. Enrique's moaning says it all as he moves his ass up and down back onto Park's probing tongue. Next thing we see is Park straddling Enrique and riding his uncut cock like a champ. He bounces up and down easily taking every thick inch of dick that's being shoved deep. He's riding reverse saddle as Enrique holds him by the waist and bounces him up and down on his meaty cock. While he's getting pounded he goes forward and ends up with his hands on the floor and still bouncing up and down on Enrique. He then sits back upright on it only to grab Enrique's hands and pull him down with him to the floor as they turn it into a doggie-style ass pounding session. “Oh fuck yeah! Fuckin' pound my ass …gimme a fuckin rug burn!” Park grunts as Enrique buries his dick deeper and deeper really pounding him and in total control. Park's grunting and moaning as he gets plowed deep. They then go to the couch where Enrique slams back inside missionary style. In this position, Enrique's uncut monster is hitting Park in all the right places and in no time he's about to cum. He lets out a loud grunt-like cry as he explodes with Enrique still buried deep. Enrique pulls out and follows suit coating Park with his thick load. These two never disappoint and together they were hotter than expected.

  • released : 09-25-2008 |

West Coast Import

West Coast Import, Scene #01

This week, we have two hot boys up for trying something a little different. Enrique Currero. The 33 yr old blue eyed piece of yum, is a West Coast fan favorite on our brother site, ExtraBigDicks, where he has showcased just what he can do with his massive 8½” cock as well as how hot he can be as a bottom. Today, we thought we'd have him come over to show a str8 boy what it feels like to be with a boy. The str8 boy in question is our very own “thumbs up” boy, Tony Cox. For those of you who don't remember “Tony Cox, Psychie Psyche” the humble, self-professed god of Peruvian origin, he was featured in a hot combo a couple months ago. He's 34 yrs old and from Redondo Beach, CA. This afternoon, Tony, who reminds us of his sexual orientation: “I'm straight! —100% straight!” is here to tap some ass. We're sure Enrique will rise to the occasion and do us proud. We're sure Tony Cox will be all thumbs up in the end (no pun intended! …mostly) as well.Tony Cox lays back and lets Enrique do all the work. Enrique takes off Tony's pants as Tony takes a “hands off” approach. They pop in a str8 flick for motivation as Enrique begins to do his magic. It isn't long at all before Tony's uncut cock is at full mast, easily sliding down Enrique's hot throat. His face says it all as he continues getting his meat worshipped by a very enthusiastic Enrique. It's most gay boys fantasy to have first dibs on a str8 piece of cock and Enrique's going to town on Tony's. His cock is spit slicked, and has no bias to who's giving it a spit bath. It's ALL IN! A hard cock indeed has no conscience, and that is a very good thing indeed. Now that we have our horned up str8 boy rock hard, now's as good a time as any to get him suited up for some anal battle! This is gonna be good! …Onward Ho! Off to butt battle we go—Charge! Tony slides down on the bed to give Enrique all the room he needs to straddle his cock. Enrique grimaces as he slowly impales himself on Tony's boner. Mike holds his cock and steadies it as Enrique takes every inch. Tony's face is in awe as he begins to get used to a tight ass working his fat cock. It doesn't take him long before reaching for Enrique's waist to bounce him on his cock harder. Enrique is riding our Peruvian warrior like a quarter horse who has a look on his face best described as a combination of ecstasy and disbelief. This is going better than poor Tony Cox expected. He has Enrique get on all 4 as he slides back in and starts pounding his hole doggie-style. He holds Enrique's waist firmly with both hands now as he pile drives into him. The sound of hls massive balls slapping Enrique's ass fills the room. Enrique is taking it like a champ and doesn't miss a beat as he gets flipped over into a missionary position and gets fucked with both legs in the air. Our str8 boy is fuckin him like a pro, regardless of the thick uncut 8½” cock taking the place of a wet beaver. He can't take much more and pulls out and kneels to shoot his load all over Enrique. Enrique's grabbing at Tony's firm ass as Tony explodes, giving Enrique a HUGE cum bath! Someone apparently enjoyed a little man-2-man action. Enrique quickly follows suit. DAMN! Tony Cox definitely got the Royal Treatment his first time in. No complaints filed this afternoon!

  • released : 07-24-2008 |