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Eddie Kordova's Video

Steady Eddie

Steady Eddie, Scene #01

This week we have 2 fresh faces on MenOver30 that are both packing some serious dick. The first is a Windy City's son named Eddie Kordova. Eddie is 36 and this sexy Latino has a lean defined body and an 8'+ dick to boot. This week Eddie's in good company with one of our local Florida boys by the name of Ken Tanner. Ken is 26 and originally from Ocala, FL. Ken has that all-American jock look with the dirty blond hair and the athletic frame to go with it. We asked these studs if they could be any character from either the Star Trek or Star Wars series, what character would it be. Eddie went with Darth Vader. He must love to be in control and own the force. Ken also went with a Star Wars character and chose Yoda. How appropriate, since he will soon feel the force-inside him. We then asked them if they could be a panelist for CNN and they could be an expert on a certain subject what subject it would be. Eddie chimed in with big dicks. Well alright for Eddie and his phallic expertise. Ken went a tad safer and went with Music. He loves rock and his favorite band is, believe it or not, Blink 182. Sweet! They both like big muscular guys and both get tongue tied around guys they find intimidating. Well, it's nice to know even they have moments of weakness. They start making out as they start to explore each other's body. Eddie peels off Ken's shirt as he starts to lick his chest and suck at his nips. Ken follows suit, taking off Eddie's tank top and going to work on his smooth chest as he makes his way south past his pierced nips to the tent that's popping his jeans. He undoes his jeans and explores the bulge straining against his briefs. Ken slowly hauls out Eddie's fat cock as his tongue begins to sample the goods. He laps at Eddie's heavy hangers a bit before going to work on his uncut cock. Anticipation-look into it! Ken loves every inch of Eddie's dick and sucks away at it looking up at Eddie's face while he does. Eddie gets so hot with Ken on his dick he can't wait to get a sample of that smooth ass. He bends Ken over a chair before shoving his hot tongue deep into his ass. The look of lust and awe that come over Ken's face as Eddie rims his ass is inspiring. Ken then turns around and shoves his own thick meat down Eddie's throat. Eddie does his best to keep up as Ken slaps and fucks his face with his heavy cock.They then get up and make out as they play mock sword fights as they show off their fat cocks to each other. All this show and tell is working them up into an even hotter frenzy and by now Ken wants more. Eddie lies back as Ken straddles his defined frame and starts slowly lowering himself onto that thick cock. Little by little his tight ass concedes and starts to take it inside. Ken needs to accommodate as soon as he can because Eddie has plans for that hole and they involve fucking it. Ken moans and groans as Eddie starts to pump his thick dick up into his tight ass. Ken can only jack his meat to distract him from the fucking he's getting. If he keeps this up he may not last very long as he tries to deal with the pain and pleasure all produced by Eddie's huge cock. As Ken bounces and grimaces on that meat he jerks noticeably faster. Sure enough he moans and grunts out an 'Oh, I'm cumming' as he jacks his load all over Eddie's smooth chest. After he shoots his load, Ken gets on his knees to help Eddie out. He sucks and works his beefy uncut dick with his mouth and hands. Eddie doesn't need much more to blow his wad and once he's ready he strokes off an impressive batch that flies everywhere. Damn, these two definitely had some mad hot chemistry going on and we're glad we had front row seats.

  • released : 03-08-2012 |

The Courtship of Eddie's Culo

The Courtship of Eddie's Culo, Scene #01

We have a new face for our members this week that will be sure to please those of our members who appreciate a tall, furry drink of water. Hailing from right here in the Magic City, 22 year old Brent Biscayne is with us to show us what Miami flavor is all about. Taller than the average bear, Brent measures in at 6'6. We're sure 32 year old Chicago native Eddie Kordova will be more than pleased to take on this much Miami Real estate. Fortunately for Eddie, Brent's height/weight/length proportionate. It's been a while since we've seen Eddie, and we've noticed a few changes. Eddie's gotten more definition and a LOT more ink. He now has a tribal tattoo that covers most of his left pec, shoulder, and arm. He says he's nowhere near done with it. We look forward to seeing the end result. Brent told us that he knew he was into boys as early as 9 years of age. The porn thing is more recent, but we're all glad he's here. When we asked Eddie when he knew the adult industry was for him, he attributed it to his friends. “It had a lot to do with my friends who kept pushing me to do it because I have the body and the looks and the talent…so I decided to do it.” Well damn! J-Lo better watch out. We seem to have another triple threat on the horizon. The scene starts with Brent, who is getting better acquainted with himself as he strips down and starts to pleasure himself. Brent is sexy as hell, with one hell of a happy trail that leads from a thick patch on his chest all the way down to his thick 8˝” cock. As he's groping his cock in his pants, Eddie comes out of the bathroom and catches him watching porn. Eddie gets turned on and starts to stroke his cock. Brent sees him and invites him over. He takes Eddie's cock in his mouth and starts to suck on his boner. Brent licks and sucks on his cock while Eddie holds his head and helps bob it on his meat. Brent can't get enough as he deep throats that dick. Soon, Eddie's curiosity lands him on his knees between Brent's legs. As his jeans come off, his hard cock comes to view, but not for long. Eddie goes to work as he starts to nurse on Brent's extra thick cock. Brent lies back and watches as Eddie engulfs his meat to the hilt, savoring every delicious inch he has to offer, Eddie tastes every inch of his cock and works his smooth balls as well. From there, they maneuver into a steamy 69 on the floor, giving each a chance to get more of that dick they want. Brent then decides he's done with the formalities as he gets Eddie on all fours. He plays with that smooth ass a bit, fingering it before getting in position behind it. He flips Eddie over onto his back and starts to push that thick dick inside. Eddie's ass gives it up as Brent slides deep inside and starts to fuck him missionary. Eddie is rock hard as Brent pounds away at that ass. Brent then gets Eddie in a hot doggy as he continues to take that ass. Eddie can only moan and groan as Brent lays cable all up in that ass. He can't get enough as he sinks in and out of that ass. After railing that ass deep, Brent takes the fun back to the couch where he sits back and watches as Eddie rides him reverse cowgirl. He holds Eddie's legs up in the air as he pumps that dick up into his hungry ass. Eddie's in sensory overload as he jacks his cock while getting that ass stuffed. He won't last much longer as he bounces on that think Miami meat. As they get close, they end up jacking their loads all over Eddie, who's more than happy to be receiving the extra creamy milk bath package.

  • released : 05-13-2010 |

Date Night

Date Night, Scene #01

After popular demand we just had to bring back David Chase. (That and we have some unfinished business from last week's episode). David is a recent member of the MenOver30 club. After recently celebrating his 30th, he decided to made his grand debut with us last week. At 6'3 David brings a lot to the table. He's a native Floridian from Jacksonville and has an infectious personality. The shaved head and the beard give him an edgier look but don't be fooled he's a teddy bear. We have a playmate from the Windy city that goes by the name of Eddie Kordova for David. Eddie made his debut with us last week on our brother site ExtraBigDicks. We're sure our members will enjoy Eddie and his 8˝” Chicago-style hot dog. YUM. Eddie is 34 and has a lot in common with David. Given the option, they both would want to go to Europe for a cruise. While David prefers Seafood, Eddie wants them both so it's Surf and Turf for Mr. Chicago. They also both would rather eat outside as well as fuck outside. Great minds think alike. David has been doing this for a while. He says that the biggest thing he's learned is that the more he allows himself to experience, the more comfortable he is with his sexuality - then the sky is the limit. Those are words of wisdom for Eddie, who is just starting out in the biz but definitely wants to stick around.There's a knock on the door. David, who just finished beating off in anticipation, opens the door to Eddie, who wonders why he's not ready yet. “You have no idea how ready I am” David says as he pulls him inside and starts to undress him. Eddie is stripped in seconds as David goes to work on his meaty uncut cock. David sucks and gags on that thick meat as he gets it rock hard. Eddie stands to give David easier access to all the cock he can take as David goes to town on his thick meat. Eddie stands and watches as David takes every inch of his throbbing cock down to the hilt. Eddie then hoists David to his feet before shoving him down on the couch and going in for some cock himself. David's cock is rock hard as a rock as Eddie begins to return the favor. Eddie licks at his smooth balls as he continues to swallow David's fat cock. Eddie goes to kiss David who immediately nods his head no and pushes his head right back down on his dick—HOT! “I want you up here; I wanna suck on your ass” David says as he gets his tongue deep into Eddie's smooth hole. David rams his face deep inside Eddie's cheeks as he buries his tongue up that sweet ass. Eddie then returns the favor. Eddie spreads David's beefy ass and gives his smooth ass a soaking, getting it ready for the fucking to follow.“What else do you wanna do with that?” David coyly asks as Eddie continues to eat his ass. “You wanna get fucker?” David grimaces as he lubes up & starts to slide his thick dick deep inside David's hungry ass. David groans as he starts taking Eddie's thick cock. It doesn't take long for David's ass to welcome its new invader as Eddie starts to pick up the pace as he fucks away at David's hot ass. “Aww, that's such a good dick” David moans as David keeps fucking his ass doggy style. An overhead shot shows us all the action as Eddie pounds away and buries his thick cock all the way inside David's ass. David then switches it up as he puts David on his back and slams his dick back into that ass for more fucking. David is going nuts as Eddie expertly fucks his insatiable hole. Eddie is rock hard and easily pummeling away at that ass. He leans back as he slides his thick dick in and out almost all the way out before slamming it back in. David then gets to ride that dick as Eddie sits on the chair and lets him do all the work. David greedily rides his cock for all its worth as he impales himself onto that cock repeatedly. Eddie's balls are tingling, and David won't last much longer. They both dismount to stroke off their cocks side by side. They make out as they each reach explosive climaxes coating their cocks and navels with their seed. Whew.

  • released : 02-25-2010 |