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Drake Jaden's Video

Hole Control

Hole Control, Scene #01

This week we have a rather large taste of San Francisco with Cole Streets in the house. Cole is 31, a San Francisco native and we’re HUGE fans. Well, we’d have to be; everything about this stud is larger than life. At 6’5” and packing a thick 8” cock, there’s plenty of Cole to go around. (—so, LINE UP!) He’s in for a treat since we’ve brought back a hung local to welcome him on board. Drake Jaden is here and we know Cole will be in very good hands. Our sources tell us Drake will be in a lot more and soon. We asked these two when they were still naïve and innocent (just go with it) what they wanted to be when they grew up. Cole’s earliest memory was his dream to become a veterinarian. He loved the idea of being able to work with pets and make puppies better. Awwww. Drake on the other hand really wanted to be a dentist. “I remember always wanting to put my tool in people’s mouths all day” he grins. Seems that dream didn’t completely derail now did it? We asked these two if there was anything they could be better at what would that be. Cole wouldn’t mind being able to suck his own cock. Drake one ups him and says he’d like to be able to throw his legs behind his head and eat his own ass. ..we got nothin’ ROLL ‘EM!They start to chat on the couch and it isn’t long before they inch closer and closer. They start to kiss as their hands begin to roam. Drake is the first one out of his shorts and as he drops trou’ his cock is jutting out of his briefs. Cole can’t resist the urge to taste it as he starts to lick the knob that is boldly protruding over the waistband of his tight briefs. Cole pulls them down as he gets all of that thick cock in his mouth. Drake moans as Cole shows him what he can do. Drake loves the attention he’s getting; but soon he wants to give back as well. He helps Cole get out of his clothes as he gets his first view of Cole’s thick 8” cock. Drake goes down on his cock and swallows it whole. Cole watches in awe as Drake kneels between his legs and totally services his throbbing cock. He licks all over his shaft making sure to pleasure his smooth balls as well. Cole hadn’t gotten enough of Drake; so he’s back on his knees giving Drake time to fuck that mouth of his. Drake slowly shoves his dick as deep as he can into Cole’s willing throat. Cole then decides he wants his tongue to explore even more. Drake gets on all four as Cole starts to eat out that outrageous ass of his. Drake grunts and groans as he gets his kitchen cleaned.Drake then suits up and sits back on the chair as Cole straddles him. He lowers that hot ass right onto Drake’s rock hard cock. Once that hot ass gives way and he’s got every inch of that dick inside him, Cole starts to ride that cock. Drake’s balls are pulled up tight around the base as Cole grinds his hot ass hard around his dick. Drake soon starts to slam that cock up into Cole’s ass wanting to fuck him back as well. “Aww, that dick is so big!” groans Cole as he continues to take that dick deep. Drake then gets Cole on his back so he can fuck him good. He slides deep into Cole’s ass and starts to pump his dick in and out faster and faster. He holds Cole’s legs up as he rams that big dick inside. “Take that big dick” he grunts as Cole asks him how much he likes that ass of his. Drake then flips Cole over and mounts him doggy. His balls slap at that ass as he drives his dick in faster and faster. “I wanna feel that cum, man” Cole begs as he gets railed. Drake holds Cole by the waist as he repeatedly impales that hole. His balls pull tight as he pulls out and sprays Cole’s smooth back with his hot load. Cole then stands and as Drake kneels before him shoots his huge load all over Drake’s hairy pecs.

  • released : 07-15-2010 |

The Facts Of Life

The Facts Of Life, Scene #01

Back in the house for an explosive episode is Troy Halston. Troy who has been in our stable of studs for about 5 years is looking better than ever. The bod, the charm, the cock (and even the “wife”) have all come together into a rather impressive package. Impressed is a good word to describe his costar that has a rather impressive fan following all his own, Mr. Drake Jaden. Inked, muscular and hung hot, Drake has more than shown us he can run with the big boys. He can even take one if need to on our brother site, ExtraBigDicks.com. Always reminding us that big things come in small packages, Drake came through for us today. He was more than happy to take on Troy Halston. They’re both from Florida and keep themselves in tip top shape. In the spirit of the recent Olympics, we asked both of these studs if they could have any World class Athletic powers what would they be? Troy immediately said “Triathlon” (or was it Troy-athlon?). Drake was pondering his options when Gymnastics was suggested. His eyes lit up. He agreed, saying he’s already pretty flexible. “Can you do a split?” Troy asks him. “When I was younger” he pouts. Troy (being Troy) immediately goes to the floor and right into a full spread eagle split. WTF! Younger? Pffffff—we’re off to a grrrrr8 start!The chemistry is apparent as these two get right to it. Drake’s looking hot as always as Troy lifts up his tee. We get our first peek at those chiseled, furry abs. They make out as Troy gets Drake’s growing cock free. He goes down on that dick and gives it a proper hello. Troy goes to work on Drake’s rock hard meat. In no time, he has him gasping as he deep throats his 8½” cock. Drake then slides onto his knees as Troy stands and drops his jeans. “C’mon boy, suck that cock” Troy orders as he starts to aggressively fuck Drake’s face. Drake grabs his smooth nuts and tugs on them while he deep throats Troy’s meat. He’s getting that dick as hard as he can cuz he knows where that thing ids going next. Drake spits on that dick before going right back down on it. He's driving Troy crazy as he expertly works that dick. Troy then gets Drake bent over the couch as his hot ass is put on display. Troy starts tonguing that tight hole sending Drake into orbit. The tongue starts the session. It is soon joined by a finger or two that are soon getting that tight ass hungry for more than a swabbing…or simple digits.“Come have a seat” Troy teases as he suits up and sits back. Drake turns around and sits down on that rock hard cock. He starts bouncing on that dick while his own cock is rock hard. His thick dick looks like a trampoline as he bounces on that cock. He then holds still while troy fucks up into that horny hole. No matter what Troy orders Drake to do he not only does it but addresses him as “Sir”. HOT! Drake then gets on all four on the couch as Troy slides his cock in for more. Drake is grunting as Troy continues to pound away at that ass. Drake is loving every minute of it as Troy takes that ass. Troy drives that cock in so deep that Drake groans in pain as he tries to wriggle free. Troy then pulls out of his ass, takes off his rubber and orders Drake to suck his cock. Drake swallows it entirely as he works and sucks that cock only getting it extra hard to go back in for more. Troy then suits up and startsfucking Drake on his back. Troy pounds away at that ass missionary, hitting Drake in all the right spots. Soon Drake is groaning that he’s gonna cum which makes Troy fuck him harder. “Gimme that nut, Boy” he orders as Drake unloads all over his navel. Troy isn’t far behind as he sprays his load all over Drake’s cum soaked abs and chest.

  • released : 04-08-2010 |

Bum Rush

Bum Rush, Scene #01

After doing his very first web episode with us on his birthday, 37 year-old Matthew Rush is back with us this week, and we couldn’t be happier to give our members more Matthew. What a “rush”—riiight? Well, it will be when you get to see Mr. Rush playing a role he doesn’t play very often on camera. (more on that in a minute.) Christmas this year couldn’t have been any hotter thanks to the dynamic Drake Jaden, who boldly took a pounding by power top Brenn Weisman. Gotta be careful what you wish for. Even though he left walking a tad funny, 25 year-old Drake didn’t complain one bit. Both of these studs have quite the résumé, so we asked them had they the opportunity to write their memoirs, what would it be called? Matt thinks for a few seconds, then says “Naked Beneath My Clothes” then burst out laughing. Comedian Rita Rudner just got her book’s title stolen. Drake’s book would be titled “I can’t believe I took the whole thing”. You can all draw you own conclusions on that one; but one thing you won’t need to draw conclusions on is who will be taking the “whole thing”. Drake’s hot ass is taking the day off, and his thick 8” cock will be boldly rushing up Matthew’s ass for a much needed change. After all, isn’t that what most of us vote for?Kissing is on the menu as these two get better acquainted. Their hands roam all over the other as they begin to strip off their shirts before fumbling to undo their pants. Matt’s cock is the first one out as Drake seizes the opportunity to get a better taste. He wraps his lips around Matt’s thick shaft and begins to bob his head on his cock, taking it all the way down. “Oh that feels so fucking good” Matt grunts, as he hauls Drake up so that he can kneel and get in on the oral fun. Drake’s rock hard, and Matthew easily engulfs every delicious inch of his 8” fuck tool. Drake holds Matt’s head as he bobs him up and down on his meat. Matt loves the dick Drake’s giving him, so Drake stands up to fuck Matt’s face and stroke it as Matt works his balls. Drake has a tight body with a semi furry chest and several sweet tattoos. His smaller frame will soon dominate that of Matt, who’s in for quite a ride. Drake then preps that thick ass for a proper pounding by shoving his tongue up inside it, which only drives Matt nuts. Matt’s smooth ass is soon glistening in a custom spit-shine and ready for one thing—DICK!Drake sits on the couch and suits up as Matthew straddles him and begins to sit on that rock hard cock. Drake’s meat easily slides inside Matt’s hungry ass. Matt begins to fuck himself as he grinds and bounces on Drake’s dick like he’s on a bouncy ball. Matt’s cock is rock hard and thumping against Drake’s furry chest with every bounce, and soon Drake wants more control. He puts Matt on all fours and slides his cock in for more. Matt is cock crazed and begging for more, and Drake’s more than happy to oblige. The harder Drake pounds that ass, the more Matt begs for it. They’re both lost in an animalistic grunt fest as they fuck each other's brains out. The view from above as Drake just fucks Matt’s ass is insane, and Matt’s loving every inch of it. Drake then sits back on the couch and has Matt ride him, only this time in reverse. Matthew sits on Drake’s dick again, and Drake starts to pile drive his rock hard cock up into Matt’s ass as he strokes Matt’s hard cock. “OH, Fuck my ass!”, Matt grunts, as he slams his ass harder and harder back onto Drake’s dick. It won’t be long before these two explode. As they feel that familiar tickle, they sit back, side by side on the couch to jack themselves off into a rather messy explosion. So why is it that some people are so resistant to change?

  • released : 01-28-2010 |