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Doug Jeffries's Video

Getting Stoned

Getting Stoned, Scene #01

'Getting Stoned' is the title of this week's episode. The one getting 'Stoned' will be fan favorite Doug Jeffries. Doug has graced our site before, and he's amassed quite the following. With looks and a build like that, Doug is quite the 'Daddy' fantasy. As genuine as he is hot, Doug is 43 and from Los Angeles, CA. He is always a pleasure to work with and we decided to show our appreciation by pairing him up with a steamy Latin costar. Getting 'Stoned' never looked so good. We're of course speaking of sexy John Stone. John is 22 and a Florida native. This Colombian mix Papi has also been on our site a time or two; but neither the twain had met. Well, fortunately we know someone who works here and were able to make it happen. Fortunately, we just put them in a room together—the chemistry did the rest. Doug has quite the repertoire in the industry and has been making films for about 13 years now. He laughs when he remembers doing videos, almost 2 a day, back when he started. Now, of course, it's mostly internet work. John smiles as he admits he's only done one video but they did put him on the box cover he beams. Times have definitely changed and in a few these two will change their pace; as they get to know each other a lot better. Any objections?Doug helps John relax by slowly massaging his broad shoulders and neck. John moans and groans as Doug works out the knots in his shoulders before he peels off his polo. His hands then roam to his chiseled chest before getting John to lie face down, so he can have better access to his muscular back and shoulders. At least, that's what 'we' thought. It isn't long before Doug reaches under john, undoes his jeans, and pulls them off. John's beefy ass comes into view and what a spectacular view it is. Doug wastes little time before continuing his 'massage' only this time he sends in his tongue for reinforcement. Doug dives into John's smooth ass tongue first as John coos his appreciation. John's ass has Doug intoxicated as he spreads apart his beefy cheeks exposing his tight hole before fingering it a bit. John then flips over and gives Doug access to the only muscle he has yet to work. No worry, Doug has that covered as he slides John's hard cock right down his throat. John watches as Doug sucks on his cock and can't help but pull out and playfully slap his cock on Doug's tongue and face. He then stands to properly face fuck Doug. Mmmm. What's for dinner, Mr. Jeffries?Now it's Doug's turn as he stands and gives John's mouth something to work on. John eagerly sucks on Doug's cock, getting his cock rock hard for the fun to follow. John laps at Doug's smooth balls which get him rock hard and ready for more. Doug suits up and moves into place behind John, seconds before sliding his rock hard cock home. John's ass gives way to its intruder, and Doug is fucking his ass deep in no time. 'Fucking that ass good?' Doug grunts as John groans in delight. Doug continues to pummel his thick meat in and out of John's smooth ass and from where Doug's kneeling, the view is insane. Doug then pulls out and flips John on his back. He lifts those meaty thighs up and glides his thick cock right back inside that ass. John strokes his own cock as his ass continues to take a pounding a few inches below. Doug's picks up the pace shoving his dick in faster and deeper as his ass rises and falls into John's hot ass. 'You close?' he asks before immediately pulling out to jack his heavy load off next to John. John is the first to blow as he explodes all over his smooth chest and abs. Doug isn't far behind as he too explodes shooting blast after blast all over the couch and rug below. Whew. Imagine if these two had actually been attracted to each other!

  • released : 09-17-2009 |

Simple Chemistry

Simple Chemistry, Scene #01

We know he was only here last week, but we just had to bring back Brock Russell. Sexy Brock confessed he loved his meals Super-sized which got us thinking. Who could we pair this sexy 35yo with? Brock, with that chiseled physique and baby face, could make many a heart melt. He loves men that have big things: Big chests, Big Dicks and who could blame him? He loves a man that can be rough on the outside but a puppy on the inside. He wants to know he can fuck like a man but still cuddle afterwards. Awwww. There's nothing wrong with a little romance. It dawned on us shortly after Brock left last week that we actually had the perfect candidate for him. A renaissance man with a big chest, thick dick and an even bigger repertoire of films under his belt, Doug Jeffries came to mind. Doug was our Christmas find this past Christmas. At 42, Doug is in his prime and has been in the business for 11 years now. Brock is pretty versatile off camera and beams when he says he can give it plenty hard as well. Today he is here shooting his third film to date with a seasoned veteran to show him the ropes. (…at least one thick 8” rope in particular.) Doug is going to fuck Brock for his first ever on cam fucking. Judging from the instant chemistry between these two it's going to be hot. We may need to bring these two back and give Brock a chance to drive and see how well Doug can take it. Either way it's a win/win situation.These two hotties begin making out as their hands begin to explore the other. Doug is eager to unwrap his buddy and as he pulls him to his feet, he pulls off his tee and undoes his belt as his shorts fall to the floor. In a sexy jock, Brock stands still while Doug slowly kisses his cotton clad meat. Brock wants to give as well so he too undresses his hot daddy as he slowly begins to tease his growing cock through his jock as well. Brock then stands over Doug as he feeds him his dick. It isn't long before Brock goes down on all four over Doug into a hot 69 to get a taste of his Daddy dick. Doug is sucking on Brock's dick and balls and finds his way to his sweet smooth ass. Brock's eyes light up a soon as his hot tongue makes contact. Doug's discovered a hot spot. Brock stands and bends over in front of an eager Doug who buries his face deep inside his ass sucking his ass like there's oxygen in it. Brock's eyes cross as his ass gets the rimming that is only making him hornier and hornier. Doug has him by the waist as he dives his tongue deeper and deeper. They then go into another hot 69 where Brock's suckin' dick and has his sweet fuck hole on display for Doug to explore. Doug gladly licks, laps and fingers the ass he will soon impale. The anticipation! …it's making us wait! —can you stand it”?Brock's sweet ass lines up with Doug's throbbing cock as Brock lowers himself onto his thick meat. Slowly Doug's dick makes its way inside as Brock begins to slowly ride his cock til Doug's balls are hitting Brock's ass with every thrust. Doug holds our stud initially as he helps bounce him on his dick before putting his hands behind his head and just watching the fireworks. Brock, caught up in the moment, rides Doug with ease as he looks down enjoying the muscular scenery. Brock wants to get it deeper and he repositions Doug so that he can sit back down on it and really ride him. Luckily, this is not an “8-second ride”—and this Bronco ain't buckin' him off either. Brock bounces on Doug's dick as he gyrates and shoves it in deeper. “Fuck yeah, ride it, Boy!” Doug urges as he watches Brock ride his cock like a seasoned Rodeo Pro. The look on Brock's face says it all as he gets the rough fucking he's been needing. Doug then pulls him off his dick before bending him over and entering him doggy style. Doug has the control now and he's going to use it slamming his cock deep and really pounding Brock. Who's your daddy, Boy!? Don't answer that. (It was a rhetorical question) Brock is grunting in pleasure and pain as Doug fucks the hell out of him as he slaps his ass. Doug's heavy nuts slap Brock's smooth ass with every rough thrust. Missionary follows and proves to be the position that hits all the right buttons for these two and in not time Brock explodes his thick nut moaning aloud as he writhes in pleasure. Doug isn't far behind as he grunts each massive volley out of his balls all over cum covered Brock. Whew. Damn Daddy! Now that's the way to start the day.

  • released : 01-15-2009 |

Aged To Perfection

Aged To Perfection, Scene #01

This week we have a special stud here at MenOver30.com. With a face that's easily recognized in the industry, Doug Jeffries has more than made a name for himself in the industry. At 42, Doug is a prime cut of beef. He's been in the industry for 11 years now and has made well over 300 films. He laughs as he admits he's lost count. He started later than most starring in his first film in 1996. He's had many memorable films and many factors make them stand out: great co-stars, location, circumstances, etc. One of his fondest was a shoot set dancing at an actual bar in D.C. where they danced and later had sex in front of all the patrons who were lucky enough to be there that night. “I can't believe I did that', he blushes, '—but I did!” He was in his 30s when he started and has no regrets about starting when he did. His maturity helped him stay focused and not get caught up in many of the pitfalls that starting out in the adult industry in your late teens and early 20s can lead to. He is happily partnered going on 3 years now and he says that his better half keeps him grounded. “It's nice to have someone always there for you, who cares about you. It gives you a sense of safety and security.” We're sure he's lucky to have a partner that accepts him and the industry he is in without judgment. That being said and this being a season of giving and celebrating the present, we give you our gift to you this Holiday week, Mr. Doug Jeffries. Do nothing. He will unwrap himself! Sitting in board shorts and a sleeveless muscle tee, Doug begins caressing his broad chest and lets his hands roam south over his thick thighs and growing crotch. He is a sight to behold. He teases his nips as his cock responds in kind. It isn't long before both hands end up in the same place rubbing his growing meat. His tee comes off and we get our first glimpse of his smooth pecs and those cinnamon nips that are the only thing afloat on a lean see of muscular definition. He shucks his board shorts and his muscular bubble butt pops into view framed by sexy tan lines to its north and south. Doug may swim in board shorts but he likes to lay out in bikinis and his sexy tan lines are the reward. He sits back and begins jacking his growing cock and in no time it's at full mast. His smooth nut sack bounces in tune to his wrist's methodical strokes. He gets up and turns around and shows off his smooth, white cheeks as he playfully fingers his ass. He knows how to show off what he's been given and today's no different. Doug is obviously one dedicated to his body and at 42 shows off an impressively, lean tone frame many would kill for at 30. Doug isn't done teasing us so he takes his show back to the couch to get comfortable.He lays back and spreads his massive legs wide as he begins to jack his thick pole. His smooth ass just below his heavy danglers looks inviting as he writhes in ecstasy with every stroke. After jacking his cock for a while, Doug gets back up and continues working his now throbbing cock. He teases it by rubbing his open hand underneath it as it throbs and dances at his every touch. His knob looks huge and ready to explode any minute as he caresses it and bounces it on his palm. Lying back against the wall on the floor, standing, sitting, bent over: it doesn't matter how Doug chooses to stroke his cock for us; he looks delicious from every angle. His cock is loving the attention it is getting and it won't be long before it needs to unload its cargo. He sits back on the chaise and begins to go for gold. He lays back completely as he jacks his cock faster and harder. As he does his left hand finds it diving below his balls and slipping a finger or two inside his beefy ass. This more than does the trick and in no time, his asshole clenches tightly around his digits as volley after volley of cum shoot out all over his smooth abs and chest. Doug grunts loudly as he explodes thrashes around as he gives in to his animal instincts! Well …all we can say to that is—“WOOF!”

Starring Doug Jeffries
  • released : 12-25-2008 |
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