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Doug Jeffries's Video

Daddy-O 'Gasm

Daddy-O 'Gasm, Scene #01

Today we bring two titans together and watch the epic sparks fly. Back after an entirely too long absence is fantasy daddy Doug Jeffries. Doug is 44 now and is originally from New York. Brenn Wyson is the second half of this action-packed ensemble. Brenn is originally from Boston and this hot hung stud is an unpredictable one. It's never a dull moment when Brenn is in the house. Today we'll see a different side of the boxer from Boston. We asked these two if they could go back in time and pick a different career to pursue what would that be? Neither of them would have done anything different. They both love what they do. Brenn loves the fact he gets to beat people up for a living as well as meet all sorts of people. Doug likes the opportunities to travel that this business affords him. He also enjoys working with all the different people he'd never had the opportunity to otherwise. These two are hot and horny and no matter how much sex they get on set and off they both admit they love to jack off. Well we've wanted to see these two together for some time now; so let's get this party started... As we start to roll, Brenn already has Doug groping his crotch. He pulls off his shirt as Doug starts to explore Brenn's smooth, defined chest and abs. He undoes his jeans and as he pulls them down he discovers Brenn's come commando. No waiting at all as Doug takes that thick cock in his mouth. Brenn moans as he gets that cock worked. Doug then sits back as Brenn returns the favor. Doug is built big and solid. He has a smooth frame with large pecs and thick throughout. Brenn gets to work on his cock as it gets rock hard in his mouth. Doug holds his head as he starts to fuck Brenn's face. Brenn does his best to accommodate Doug's meat but can't help but gag on it a few times. Doug then kneels to get more of Brenn as he buries his dick deep. 'Aww you suck such good dick' Brenn coos as Doug nurses on his meat. Doug takes his time as he slowly savors every inch. Brenn can't get enough of that hot mouth on his dick as he continues to feed Doug his thick cock. Brenn then pulls Doug to his feet so he can have more of Doug's cock. Brenn starts nursing on his thick dick and it isn't long before his tongue finds Doug's smooth hole. He goes to work on that hole as he tongue fucks Doug.Doug goes nuts as Brenn buries his tongue deeper and deeper. Doug is grinding his ass back onto Brenn's face and begging for more. Once Brenn has had his fill he gets up and turns around. He bends over and serves up that muscular ass for Doug to take. Doug slides that thick cock deep into his ass as Brenn tells him how good it feels. 'Oh yeah, fuck that hole' he orders as Doug picks up the pace. Doug takes that ass deep and hard as he grabs Brenn by the waist and proceeds to bounce him on his dick. Brenn is cock crazy and Doug uses it to his advantage. 'Fuck yourself!' he orders as he stands still. Brenn starts to fuck back onto that dick as he greedily bucks back wanting more dick inside him. This stud can take it as rough as he gives it as he begs Doug to fuck him harder. Doug gets him on his back and continues to stretch that ass open. Brenn is rock hard as he gets that ass stuffed full of man meat. He pounds away at that hot ass and just when you think you've seen everything—cut! Brenn is the one on top as he slides his thick cock deep into Doug. Doug grunts as he's made to take that cock. 'Aww FUCK' he groans as Brenn gives his dick like only Brenn can. He pounds away at that hole until Doug is ready to explode. They sit back side by side and each unload all over their sweaty bods. Damn, Daddy.

  • released : 09-16-2010 |

My Two Dads

My Two Dads, Scene #01

This week, we have two hotties we've been trying to get together for a while now. East coast meets West as we finally have Los Angeles based Doug Jeffries back in Florida. Looking as hot as ever, 44 year old Daddy daydream Doug is back. Joining Doug this week is a local hottie that some of you may have heard of. Well if Matthew Rush rings a bell, then you're in for a treat. These two are going to be a lot of fun. Doug has been taking good care of himself since we've seen him last. He's still toned and buff and has been actually doing more things behind the camera than in front of it. Doug has gone more into the directing side to the industry and has no regrets. “It makes me a better model because I'm more aware of where the cameras are at all times.” Matt agrees since he's also had a chance to direct a few films. Working with so many actors, we asked these two if they can ever jack off to guys they've already done scenes with. “Absolutely not!” is Matthew's response. Once he's been with them they are on another level and it weirds him out to want to fantasize about them. Doug says he doesn't have that problem since he's directed his friends in scenes and has found himself aroused while doing it. That being said, Lets knock 1 more Daddy out of Matt's list of “strokabilities”.They start off wondering what a scene between these two would look like when they decide to make it happen instead. They start to kiss as Matthew nervously goes in for his first kiss. They stand and take their shirts off as Doug explores Matthew's rock solid chest. He pounds on his pecs as Matt grunts his approval. Their hands are all over each other as they try to contain their excitement. Matt slides his hand inside Doug's underwear as they come off. His finger darts inside that beefy ass to get an idea of what that ass is like. They pull out each others cocks that by now have been aching to be set free. They stroke each other's cocks a bit before Doug drops to his knees. He takes Matt's cock in his mouth, sending him into orbit. He sucks on Matt's fat cock as Matt starts to fuck his face. “You like that dick?” Matt grunts as he shoves his dick so deep it makes Doug gag a few times. Do not try this at home, Doug is a trained professional. Matt then gets on his knees to taste that Daddy dick he's beat off thinking about. He sucks down Doug's cock like a champ as Doug orders him to finger his ass. Matt is getting that ass ready for more as he fingers and then eats that sweet, smooth hole.Doug's smooth hole is getting fucked by Matt's strong tongue and soon he's just begging for it. Just when you think you know what's coming ,we see Doug sliding his Daddy dick inside Matt's ass. Matt groans as he gets that hole stretched. “Fuck me” he rants as he begs Doug to tear his ass up. Oh the pressure! Matt loves that dick in his ass, and Doug just pounds away at that hole. Matt then sits back on the couch as Doug straddles him and slowly sits on that thick cock. Once he's ball deep, Matt starts to pound at that ass. Payback's a bitch, Doug. Doug groans as Matt bounces him on his meat, determined to pound that ass. From there, Matt puts Doug on his back as he slams that cock in missionary. He holds Doug's legs up in the air as he goes right back to fucking that ass. Doug is jacking his hard cock faster and faster as Matt picks up the pace. Soon Doug is double-fisting his rod as Matt repeatedly buries his cock in his hole. That does the trick as Doug announces he's coming. “Shoot your load, Daddy” Matt orders as he fucks him even harder. Matt fucks the cum out of our west coast daddy. He leans back and releases his own load all over his rock hard cock and balls. Whew. That was as intense as we'd hoped for.

  • released : 09-02-2010 |

In The Pink

In The Pink, Scene #01

We have two fan favorites back this week, and we are enjoying the sparks that the get-together ignited. The first of these two agents is Doug Jeffries. Doug, originally from Los Angeles, CA, recently celebrated his 43rd birthday and is back with us looking sexier than ever. It's been over a year since we've seen this blue-eyed hunk. To celebrate his return, we've put him together with a Daddy-loving stud that goes by the name of Trey Turner. Trey has appeared on our brother site, ExtraBigDicks.com, and until today has usually been under a well hung stud. This afternoon, the 21 year-old Fort Lauderdale boy is gonna be the one calling the shots and showing us just how many times 21 can go into 43. Things worked out well since Doug hand-picked Trey out to be his costar. When off cam, Doug goes home to his partner of 3 years. He's not in the industry, but he knows exactly what he does and all that that entails. When we asked Doug how long he's been in the business he answers “Since '96.” Trey's eyes light up in sheer amazement as his jaw drops. Doug's had partners that have been both in and out of the industry, and it helps when they know what actually goes on. Trey himself is partnered with a sexy cub he met recently, and they've already been cohabiting now for about three months. Such lesbians! So far so good, and that's the way we like it.They begin to kiss as Doug takes the lead. He kisses Trey as he lies on top of him and begins to explore his chest and abs with his tongue. Soon, both of these studs are shirtless, licking and teasing each other. Doug then flips Trey over and pulls off his shorts, giving us our first glimpse of that spectacular ass. Doug can't help but get right to work as he licks his ass before entering it with his finger. Trey's beefy ass is intoxicating as Doug gets right back in there to taste what will soon be his to plunder. He spreads his cheeks apart before shoving his face back in for more. His expert tongue is driving Trey crazy as he moans his approval. Doug then kneels and starts to get that hole ready by fingering it and teasing it a bit. He then pulls Trey's hard cock back and gets his first taste of Trey's thick meat. Trey rocks back and forth into Doug's hungry mouth. It isn't long before Trey wants some too. Doug slowly fucks Trey's mouth as Trey lies back on the bed. Doug slips his meat into Trey's mouth, bouncing in and out of it. After a bit, he leans forward as they continue the oral fun in a hot 69. These two cannot get enough of each other, and it's about to get a lot better.Doug sits back on the chair and watches as Trey sits on his dick. Trey slowly impales himself on Doug's thick cock as his own meat begins to ooze. His ass slowly gives way to the intrusion, and Trey is soon riding that dick at a full gallop. Doug just sits back, hands behind his head, and watches in amazement as Trey goes to town on his meat. Trey bounces and grinds his sweet ass all the way down on Doug's dick, and it's only making him want more of that ass. Doug gets Trey on all fours and slams his dick back in for more. “Oh, fuck that ass” moans Trey as Doug pounds his ass deep. He slaps that ass as he buries his bone. FLIP! Now its Trey's turn as Doug gives it up to his young stud. Trey slides his thick meat inside Doug and begins to fuck him missionary. This is enough to send Doug, who's already horned up, over the edge. Doug jacks his cock with both hands as he explodes all over his chest. Watching Doug explode sends Trey's own load blasting all over Doug as well. Doug gets even more cum shot all over his massive chest, shoulders and abs. What a cum bath. Clean up on Aisle 6, 7 and 8! lol

  • released : 10-22-2009 |