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Doug Jeffries's Video

Good Neighbor Policy

Good Neighbor Policy, Scene #01

Doug Jeffries is back this week and he's helping us welcome a newbie to the site as well as the industry. Doug is from Los Angeles and is now 46. His costar, Patrick Hunter, is a 22 year old, blue-eyed stud that hails from Virginia. Well, Virginia is for Lovers so we definitely found ourselves a keeper. We asked these studs if they could spend their summer vacations anywhere in the world where that would be. Doug would head south of the border to Rio de Janeiro while Patrick would cross the pond to his motherland of Ireland. No wonder he's so pale. Today was Patrick's first time on camera and he says it was a lot of fun though he admits they call it 'work' for a reason. There are many parts to a man so we asked these studs which they find most attractive. Patrick finds sexy, defined lats a major weakness. Doug can't pick just one and says he's attracted to guys with strong nose and a hot ass doesn't hurt either. As for indulgences Doug loves massages and Patrick loves treating himself to the chiropractor. A proper alignment can do wonders for the body. We wrapped it up by asking these studs which sexual act doesn't get enough attention and they both agree that good kissers are underrated.Patrick's reading his book when Doug comes over looking for a shirt that Patrick's Dad said he could borrow. 'It looks a little small' Doug sighs when Patrick assures him he probably just needs help putting it on. As he holds it for Doug to slide his arms into it, Patrick can't help but cop a feel of his buff chest which leads to them making out. Shirt!-what shirt? Doug takes the shirt off as Patrick's tongue finds its way to his chest and starts to lick all over it. Doug spins Patrick around and yanks down his pants exposing his hot ass. He slaps it and gropes it a bit before spreading those furry cheeks and sliding that tongue of his inside. He licks and blows on that hole as Patrick squirms with anticipation. Patrick then gets to lick all over Doug's biceps and chest as he makes his way south to that cock. Doug slaps at his ass as Patrick takes his dick deep. He starts to nurse on his cock taking every inch of it down his throat. Doug holds his head as he starts to slowly fuck that hot mouth of his. Doug loses his shorts as he gets comfortable for more to come. He flips Patrick over onto his back and feeds him more dick before going forward into a hot 69 taking Patrick's hard cock in his mouth as well.Doug then stands up and sits on Patrick's face as he gets that ass eaten out. Doug goes wild as he gets that ass tongue fucked and now he's ready to do some fucking of his own. He gets Patrick on his back and slides inside missionary. Patrick moans as he gets used to that fat cock in his ass. He slides that dick deep over and over as Patrick strokes his own hard cock. Doug then turns Patrick over onto his knees while he's still buried inside him. Once he has him where he wants him he takes that ass doggy style. He slaps Patrick's ass as he bounces it on his fat dick. Patrick's takes that dick like a champ as Doug uses his holes any way he sees fit. Doug then holds still and watches as Patrick fucks himself, bucking back onto his hard cock unable to get enough of it. Doug then switches positions again and gets Patrick back into missionary where he slides back in and takes it slower. Patrick jacks his cock as Doug buries his. Missionary does the trick as Doug's cock hits that sweet spot. Doug can't hold back any longer and pulls out and unloads all over Patrick's cock. Patrick isn't far behind and blows his own load all over his cum coated navel as Doug fingers his sore hole.

  • released : 05-17-2012 |

Sinz of the Flesh

Sinz of the Flesh, Scene #01

This week we have two Titans of the adult industry coming together to steam up our camera lenses. Ricky Sinz and Doug Jeffries are here and have been looking forward to working with each other for a while now. Ricky is 31 now and originally from Chicago. Doug will be 46 this January and proudly calls Brooklyn home. We asked these two studs when the last time they felt proud of something they accomplished was. For Ricky he says everyday. 'Doing the right thing always makes you feel good' For Doug it was a couple weeks ago when he was helping out some kids that were homeless and giving them heart to heart advice on how to stay sober and out of trouble. We then asked them to think back and tell us what the best gift they'd ever received. Doug was thankful that when his father passed away, a couple years ago, he left the house he grew up in to him. That really meant a lot to him. For Ricky he doesn't really get a lot of gifts and even when it comes to giving them it's just not his thing to give material things. 'You have material things and then you have friendship' Ricky admits 'and I think 'friendship' is much more important.' We couldn't agree more, Amigo...Ricky and Doug are catching up on the couch talkin shop and industry awards each has won when Ricky confesses to Doug that he's wanted to work with him for years so he's really happy to be here. Doug calls him over as they start to make out. Doug slips to his knees and explores Ricky's hard cock tenting his shorts. Doug then turns him around and slides off Ricky's shorts to get a closer look at that ass. He spreads those cheeks wide before going in for more tongue first. Ricky moans as Doug slaps that ass as he shoves his tongue inside. Doug flicks his hot tongue on that hungry hole driving Ricky mad. Ricky then stands up and gives Doug something else to work on—his cock. Doug wraps his lips around it and takes it all the way down his throat. Doug worships that dick getting his face all up in Ricky's crotch. Then Ricky goes south to return the favor as he gags on Doug's fat dick. He works that meat with his hand and mouth wanting to please Doug. Doug has other things in mind as he gets on his back and has Ricky feed him more of that dick. Ricky squats and delivers all the meat Doug can suck on getting Doug horny for more than just oral.Doug then gets up and bends Ricky over and slides his cock in from behind. His smooth balls are soon bouncing against that hole as Ricky gives it up. Ricky is rock hard and can't help but jack his meat as Doug pounds him and talks dirty while he does. Doug impales his cock all the way in making Ricky grunt and groan. Doug slows it down a bit before he picks up the pace again bouncing Ricky back onto his dick. 'Does my dick feel good?' Doug groans as he fucks Ricky harder. 'Awww yeah' Ricky moans 'fuck me, Daddy!' He can't get enough as Doug switches it up and has Ricky ride his cock. Ricky sits on him in a reverse cowgirl as we watch his ass swallow every inch of Doug's thick cock. He bounces up and down on that dick fucking himself silly. Doug just sits back and watches as he gets his cock worked. Missionary is next as Doug gets Ricky on his back. He slides back into that hot ass and fucks Ricky steadily as he strokes his meat. It isn't long before they're both ready to blow and as Ricky jacks his load off all over his inked abs, Doug stands over him and delivers his batch as well sending his thick cargo splattering all over Ricky's chest and abs.

  • released : 12-22-2011 |

Coastal Erosion

Coastal Erosion, Scene #01

Who's YOUR Daddy? This week you're in for a real treat as Brooklyn's own, Doug Jeffries makes his return to MenOver30. Doug is now 45 and fit as ever. Doug is in for some local flavor as he gets to have a go with horse-hung Mario Costa. Mario is a Cuban favorite of 25 years and a HUGE fan favorite on our brother site ExtraBigDicks. With that lean frame and a monster, uncut 9” cock you can see why. lol We wondered if either of these boys had ever lived through a natural disaster. Mario has survived several hurricanes, like Wilma and Katrina, which makes sense living here in the tropics. Doug has only had a brush with a severe snow storm in upstate NY. Both of these studs admit that their first sexual experiences with other men were good ones and they wouldn't change a thing. They both waited til they were in their late teens and early 20s. It was a life changer for Mario while Doug ended up dating his first beau. These studs have a lot in common seeing as they both love to kiss and are both romantics at heart. We then asked if they'd rather give or receive oral. “Receive!” Mario blurts out with a grin. Doug also agrees and admits he'd rather get then give. Well today we'll be having a whole lot of both…Mario and Doug are chillin on the couch talking about how nice it is to finally get to work together. That leads into some kissing as Doug asks Mario if he'll bottom for him. Hmmm. They go at it hot and heavy as they stand and start to help each other out of their clothes. Doug pulls down Mario's shorts and starts to check out that smooth ass. Mario's moaning as Doug runs his hot tongue along his smooth ass crack then shoves it inside. Mario loves the attention he's getting so he turns around to show Doug just how much. Doug's eyes light up as Mario swings around and points that beer can cock at his face. Doug grabs it by the base and shoves as much as he can down his throat. He'll have plenty of Cuban cock to work on as he kneels before his buddy to worship at his cock altar. He grabs those smooth nuts, tugging on them as he slaps his face with that wet cock. Doug then stands up to give Mario a chance to give back. Mario kneels and gets to work on Doug's dick. Doug fucks his face finally having that mouth around his cock. But wait…there's more.They then move over to the chaise where they maneuver into a hot 69 with Mario taking bottom bunk and getting that dick lowered into his mouth. Meanwhile Doug is bobbing his head up and down on Mario's. Doug then bends Mario over that same chaise and slides his cock inside. It's not every day we get to watch this hottie take it up the ass. He grimaces as Doug slams inside. Doug reaches forward grabbing Mario by his shoulders so he can pull him back onto his cock. He pounds away as he's latched onto Mario sending that cock deeper and deeper. Missionary is next as Doug slides his dick home again. He holds Mario's legs in the air as he fucks the Cuban boy deep and hard. Mario is rock hard and stroking his own meat as he gets that hole pounded. They then move over to the couch where Doug lies behind Mario and then slips his dick in from behind. Mario's massive meat is aching to cum as Doug picks up the pace. He slams that meat deeper as they kiss. Mario can't hold it any longer as he shoots all over his smooth navel. Doug is next as he pulls out and unloads his cargo all over Mario's cock and balls.

  • released : 09-29-2011 |
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