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Dominic Portland's Video

Back For Seconds

Back For Seconds, Scene #01

Dominic Portland is back! This thick slice of heaven has figured out that since he jacks his thick dick 3 times a day on average; he may as well come here and make some green as well. Dominic's jumped on the wagon and is apparently going “green”! lol For those of you who haven't met Dominic, Dominic started early at 13 by a High School girl that got him drunk and high, took him back to her place and then had her way with him. Brilliant! “It was great. I still remember it” he grins. Since he was last here a few weeks ago, he says the hottest sex he's had was “alley sex”—wait for it…in broad daylight! He met a girl at a bar in the middle of the day and things started jiving and the next thing he knew she offered to suck his cock outside. He was “all in” (NO shit?) “She didn't just suck my cock. I ended up fuckin her in the alley, in the day…that was new”, he blushes. As far as fantasies, nothing's changed: “Two is better than one and three is better than two” Like every horny str8 guy his fantasy would involve girls and more girls. He would have them al to himself! Dominic doesn't use pick up lines to get women. Eye contact is his secret weapon. He finds if you make visual contact and show you're interested, they come around eventually. We bet. In a sleeveless muscle shirt, Dominic begins to show his defined pecs and guns some appreciation. He slowly feels his massive pecs and biceps with both hands as they explore every muscular curve on them. He's over-dressed and in no time the tee comes off giving us a much better view of his assets. His broad chest is defined and there isn't much body fat on this stud. His bicep adorned with an intricate tattoo flexes as he strokes his growing meat inside his crimson briefs. He quickly loses those as well and lays back to better “appreciate” his love joy. Just go with it! His fat cock is coming to life as Dominic jacks it dry. He gets up and continues to stroke his growing meat giving us better angles as the cam pans up and down. His massive chest vees into a small muscular waist and his muscular frame curves back out once it hits his massive thighs and quads. Dominic is no stranger to the gym. We're sure those sexy eyes for eye contact and a body like that playing offense would make most women succumb to his delicious plans. He turns around and bends over for us showing us his sweet firm ass. As he bends over he continues stroking g his massive meat. There just aren't any bad angles on this delicious hottie. You can look; but you just can't touch. He then gets comfortable on sits back to focus on his engorged rod. The cam goes south and as it focuses north over his meaty frame you can really appreciate his definition. His heavy balls are pulling tighter to his cock's base as they prepare for fireworks. His thick features are captivating. His full lips and deep set eyes framed by those sexy brows. Dominic's slowly feeling his smooth skin as he jacks and in no time he readjusts to get more comfortable. He lays back and settles into his routine. He focuses on the flick ahead and loses himself in the moment. He's focused and by now his cock is aching for release. He looks over from time to time to make sure we're paying attention as he feels the tingling beginning in his balls. His massive chest begins to tense and as it does the rest of his abdominals begin to contract. His breathing is becoming labored and it won't be long now before he's ready to unload. Quietly and without much fuss, Dominic mumbles “I'm cummin'...” under his breath. In seconds his cock begins to spooge. Thick cream begins to jet out all over his smooth abs. The first batch hits his lower abs and his obliques as the thick load immediately runs down his hip. As it does, more is being catapulted all over his navel and happy trail. Dominic collapses exhausted from his intense session. Whew. —Welcome Back, Dominic!

Starring Dominic Portland
  • released : 11-06-2008 |

Warm Spot

Warm Spot, Scene #01

This week we have our West coast str8 boy back in the house. Originally from Colorado, the delicious Dominic Portland is here to expand his horizons and we are here to help him do just that. For those of you who aren't familiar with Dominic, He's 30, sexually adventurous and loves picking up lesbians and watching them go at his cock together. He says his eyes are his secret weapon and one glance at those bedroom brown eyes will confirm that those eyes locked on any target would render them putty in his bed. This ass man is in his prime and knows it. His confidence only adds to his charm. Since we last saw him he's been bartending, working out and getting out and enjoying the weather. Zack Cook is a fresh-faced hottie from Boise, Idaho. This 20yr. old Midwestern Masterpiece has the jock looks and physique you'd expect to find in an A&F catalog, He has been taking time off to travel and visit friends around the country. He recently was involved in his first gang bang on some chick he didn't even know while at a party. “'Running the Train' they call it” he laughs as his eyes light up. Unlike Dominic who needs to beat off 3-5 times a day; Zack saves his up and maybe jerks off twice a week. Today these two will go where no men have gone before…well, that's not true. They will boldly go where they've never gone before. “I heard gay guys like to watch str8 guys go at it” laughs Zack. Well, we can assure Zack —he heard right! The camera has yet to roll and these two str8 boys have already gone somewhere—their pants. Each has his hand buried down his pants, stroking their growing meat. Zack looks over and decides Dominic needs help as he undoes his thick belt and pants before going back to undoing his own. As Zack feels his chest, his tee rides up giving us our first glimpse of his defined abs. In no time they are laying side by side in their underwear. Zack's body is chiseled and his dedication to it has really paid off. Dominic is stroking and as he lays back his massive pecs and arms bulge. Zack is ready and willing to go as he bends over and tastes Dominic's growing meat for the first time. Dominic lays back and lets him have at it as his meat instantly stands at attention. Zack moves his hands and mouth all over Dominic's thick meat as he jacks his own huge cock. Zack seems in awe of Dominic's cock as he loses himself in the act. Staring at it before going right back down on it. Dominic, the consummate straight boy, does nothing but sit back and enjoy the head he's getting. …Fuckin' HOT!From there Zack moves to the bed, where he lies his head near the edge so that Dominic can feed him more dick. Hands on his waist and watching a good flick, Dominic stands pleased by the attention he's getting from his str8 buddy, Zack. Zack can't get enough of Dominic's thick pole. Dominic doesn't seem to mind one bit. Zack jacks it and licks up at the hefty piece as he jacks his own throbbing cock. Then he has Dominic get on all four as he jerks him off underhand like he was milking a bull. Even this proves too tempting for our model boy as he crawls under Dominic to keep suckling on his throbbing boner. Zack then lies back on the bed and starts pleasing his own meat while jackin Dominic's cock. Zack with that pretty boy face, full lips and Marilyn-Monroe like beauty mark is stunning to watch. He jacks as his eyes dart between the porn and the thick cock he's just had buried in his throat. They both are getting close as they lay side by side and beat off. Dominic's the first to blow shooting all over his abs. Zack picks up his pace and beats off faster and in no time he explodes. His first load sprays up all over his face, the second his upper chest and the rest on his tightened abs. “Why the fuck did I hit my face?' he laughs nervously 'that's never happened til today!” Seems our str8 boy got a bit hotter than usual! Aaah, Out of the mouth of Babes.

  • released : 09-11-2008 |

Lonely Guy

Lonely Guy, Scene #01

Dominic Portland is from the West Coast. This thick slice of heaven started early and had his cherry taken in the 6th grade. He was 13 when an older High School girl got a hold of him, got him drunk and high, took him back to her place, and had her way with him. They did everything. “It was great, I still remember it and it's been a long time”, he grins. He loves to go to Vegas, where he's had some of his most memorable experiences. He loves to pick up lesbians and be the meat in their sandwich. One sitting on his face, the other on his dick, and then they switch or work him together. He loves 3 ways, but he admits his ultimate fantasy would involve another girl. “Two is better than one, and three is better than two. Anything more than 3 would be too much” As pick up lines go, Dominic doesn't use any. Eye contact is his secret weapon. He finds once you make that visual connection it will dictate the rest. He's an ass man and loves a big round booty. He loves finding girls that let him tap their ass. Since he's on the thick side, many girls can't take him for very long; but the ones who do are amazing. We've said it before and we'll say it again: “You can't have a girl do a man's job!” Sitting at his laptop, Dominic begins to undress as he gropes his massive chest. His smooth pecs are well-defined, and are adorned by small cinnamon nips. His large biceps flank his pecs, and he has an intricate armband tattooed on his left arm. As he gropes his growing cock with his hand buried in his briefs, we get an amazing view of his large chest and the definition he's attained. His square chest, his traps, his lats, it's all one smooth, sun-kissed landscape of lickable acreage. He turns around as he pulls down his pants and shows off his ass that looks delicious in his tight black boxer briefs. Once he's out of his pants, he sits back on the bed and continues playing with his meat. It's not long before he realizes he's overdressed and checks em. His fat cock is half hard as he resumes his game of tug of war. It's a win/win game of sorts. Now free to grow, his fat cock expands to new proportions as he continues stroking it. His bedroom brown eyes, thick nose, and full lips are just a few of the seductive tools in his arsenal. Those are the first battalion which stuns the girls enough to stop them in their tracks. The rest of his prowess comes from what's underneath that sexy face, and the thick battering ram he hides below. His cock is at full mast as he kneels on the bed to continue his session. He bites his lower lip as he concentrates on the task “at hand”. A shot from below gives us an amazing view of just how defined his pecs are as they tower over his smooth, taught abs. He then goes on all four to show us that ass we won't get a chance to sample (…for now). His massive, muscular thighs and calves come into the forefront as he tugs on his cock. He playfully looks at the camera in-between his legs as he jerks it. He wants to make sure we're paying attention. His muscular ass is spread wide for our pleasure. If only we could go where no man has gone before. Well, for now we can appreciate what lies before us and fantasize about what may very well lie ahead. His large nuts that once hung low are now pulled tight as he strokes underhand in this position. Dominic flips over and lies back and starts jackin' faster. His face says it all as he squints and grimaces before pumping out a thick dose of Portland Porridge. His thick cream coats and puddles on his muscular thigh. Whew. He sighs in relief and flashes us with that big smile of his. Here's hoping we get to see more of Mr. Portland in the very near future.

Starring Dominic Portland
  • released : 08-21-2008 |