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Diego Vena's Video

Spencer's Gift

Spencer's Gift, Scene #01

This week we have a scorching new addition to MenOver30 as we welcome Spencer Reed. Spencer is 28 and from the City of Brotherly Love. This Philly native is the complete package. He's huge, hung and handsome. This dark featured monolith is anyone's cream boat. Today Diego Vena will get to try out Spencer's 'reed' as we welcome back this 33 year old from South Bend. We asked if they liked to read. Diego doesn't have a favorite author but loves horror books. Spencer prefers to hit the gym over the books and the results are evident. We then wondered what they both wish they had more knowledge about. Spencer flashed that killer smile of his and answers foreign policies. Riiiight! Diego goes with American Politics. We then turned the topic back to sex and wondered if they'd ever taken someone's virginity. Both of them have been the first for some lucky men and both agree the idea of it can be hotter than the actual doing that. Those usually end up in either awkwardness or they fall madly in love with you which can get pretty awkward too. Well, there will be no awkwardness with this two seasoned pros this afternoon so let's get this party started...They start off making out on the couch as Diego starts to run his tongue down Spencer's massive chest and abs. Spencer flexes for Diego as he lays back so that Diego can have at him. Diego licks his way south til he reaches Spencer's growing crotch. He pulls off his jeans as he starts to tease that cock through his briefs. Diego then teases Spencer some more as he starts to suck on his toes and make him wait. Spencer lets him work his sexy feel for a few before standing up and putting his crotch in Diego's face. Diego goes to town on that thick cock as Spencer starts to bob his head on it. Spencer's cock is soon rock hard as Diego deep throats as much of it as he can. Diego goes wild wanting that fat dick as he slaps his face with it while he looks up at Spencer for approval. Spencer loves that mouth on his dick and shoves it right back in for more. Diego works his heavy nuts before going right back to shoving that meat all the way down his throat. Spencer then bends Diego over and gets his tongue up in that smooth ass he will soon be stretching open. Diego groans as he gets that ass prepped for a proper fucking.Spencer eats that ass and starts to finger that ass teasing Diego and making him want that cock even more. 'You want dick?' Spencer grins as he gets into position and starts to shove inside. Diego grunts in pain as he gets that tight ass plugged. Spencer starts to pound away at that ass as his ball slap away at Diego's hole. Diego jacks his cock as he gets his ass plowed. Spencer loves that ass and gets on the floor to let Diego do some work. 'Ride that dick' he grunts as Diego starts to ride. He squats up and down on that meaty dick as he holds on to Spencer's neck as he goes in to make out as he impales himself on that dick. Spencer then gets Diego on this back and keeps the party going missionary style. He watches as Diego's hungry ass just swallows his meaty dick with ease. Diego grunts as he gets that dick shoved even deeper than before but he's not about to start complaining now. Spencer then gets him over on his side as he continues to give that ass what it needs- more dick. Spencer then pulls out and unloads all over Diego's face and head as Diego strokes his own load all over his happy trail.

  • released : 09-15-2011 |

The Gypsy King

The Gypsy King, Scene #01

Diego Vena is back this week and he, as well as all our members, is in for a real treat as we welcome a hot sexy addition to the MenOver30 Club, Mr. Ari Gypsy. Ari is 32 years young and hails from New Orleans, LA. Ari's background is Romanian Gypsy and Mexican which help give him the exotic look he's rockin. Ari is new to this whole new scene and up until a few weeks ago was only into the female persuasion. “Everyone out there that is straight, you need to have an experience with a man. It's a lot better than a female can give you” Well there's an unexpected endorsement from the newbie. Maybe that Spanish ass Diego brought to the table still has him a bit loopy. Ari may be new to fuckin men but he's not new to fucking and he can bring it better than most. With that in mind we asked these two where the hottest place they'd ever fucked was. Diego's hottest experience was just last week where he ended up getting fucked near a vending machine. He was in a closet next to the machine and people were coming and going as he got plowed and the risk of getting caught made him hornier. For Ari, he's been responsible for dropping more than just 'prices' at Walmart. (by “prices” we mean—well, YOU know.)Diego is done showering and when he comes back into the room he sees Ari playing with his boner. He walks in and as he reaches over Ari to get his pants, his towel comes off. Ari's curiosity gets the better of him as he grabs hold of Diego's ass. He starts groping as Diego starts to tease him falling into Ari's lap and going in for a kiss. They start to make out as Ari's hands explore Diego's growing cock. Ari then gets up and drops his jeans as Diego goes to work teasing his boner through his loose fitting boxers. That's short lived as Ari shucks his boxers and sticks his dick in Diego's warm mouth. This is more like it as Ari gets comfortable on the armrest and starts to bob Diego's head on his hard cock. Diego doesn't mind one bit as he swallows all the str8 dick he can. Someone's working their ass off for a toaster oven. Hmmm. Ari then gets led to the couch so that he can give head a go. He pulls off Diego's briefs and shoves them into Diego's face as he goes in for another kiss. He then licks his way down Diego's chest and abs til he gets a mouthful of cock. He starts to suck on it as best he can, making himself gag a few times when he gets more in then he can manage. Diego doesn't mind one bit as he watches Ari service his cock.Fortunately for Ari, Diego wants more of his dick anyway and is soon on his knees worshiping that Gypsy meat. Ari then slaps that hot ass wanting to get that ass around his cock. He leans back and watches as Diego climbs aboard and just sits on his dick. Diego impales himself on that dick like a pro and is soon riding that cock like a seasoned jockey. Ari is in awe as he gets to lay back and watch his dick disappear inside that tight ass while Diego does all the work. Go on with your bad self! Diego then takes the lead as he gets up and bends Diego over on the couch for some hard fucking doggy style. “Like that fucking shit' Ari grunts 'your ass is so tight” He slams harder and deeper into Diego's hot hole as Diego bites down into the couch trying to keep his composure. Straight boy can fuck an ass—but wait, there's more. He moves the party south as he gets between Diego's legs on the floor and brings it home missionary. He fucks him so good that Diego explodes all over himself sending his nut blasting onto his smooth navel. Ari then pulls out; quickly jumping to his feet and jacks his load all over Diego. We could definitely learn a move or two from this curious str8 boy. Hope y'all took notes.

Starring Diego Vena, Ari Gypsy
  • released : 07-14-2011 |

Daddy's Laddy

Daddy's Laddy, Scene #01

This week we have a new face on MenOver30 named Junior Verde. Junior is from Akron, OH and is 20 years old. Junior is sitting at the big boy's table as he gets to play with swarthy Diego Vena. For those of you unfamiliar with sexy Diego, he is 33 and hails from South Elkhart, Indiana. We asked these two what they felt a good first date would be. Diego said dinner and a movie while Junior went with dinner and the club. Any questions on who the 20 year old is? lol On this dinner theme, we wondered what their favorite food is and who makes it best. Diego loves chicken enchiladas and no one makes them better than he does. The hottie cooks too! Junior loves a spicy chicken sandwich made special at his friend Wendy's. On the whole full meal deal we asked them what the biggest cock they'd ever been with and who it belonged to. Diego says his biggest cock ever was 10½ and it belonged to a 24 year old porn actor whose name shall remain nameless. Junior has also had a 10½” in his repertoire that belonged to a hot black boy that fucked him silly. Well today Junior will get to infuse some 20 back into Diego's vena.Diego and Junior are sitting on the couch as Diego tells Junior that his chest hairs growing in and driving him nuts. He tells Junior to check it out as he strips his shirt off. Junior's hands do the walking as he starts to feel up Diego's pecs. They start to kiss as their clothes start to disappear. They reconvene on the couch in their briefs as Junior takes out Diego's growing cock and goes down on it. Diego moans as Junior works his cock and smooth nuts. Diego loves the attention but he is curious about what he's missing out on. He gets Junior to lie back so that he can free his cock that by now is straining to be let out. He gladly goes down on Junior's rock hard cock as Junior watches his cock disappear into Diego's skilled mouth. “Damn, that feels good” he moans as Diego continues to worship his hard cock. The start to make out some more before Diego bends over the couch and offers up his sweet ass. Junior kneads that delicious ass a bit before spreading those smooth cheeks apart and diving in tongue first. Lunch is served as Junior goes to town eating that hot ass.Once Diego's ass is wet and willing, Junior moves into position behind him and slides his rock hard cock inside. Diego grimaces as he takes that dick balls deep. Junior starts to plow away at that ass as he watches Diego writhing beneath him. “You like this dick?” he teases as Diego bucks back wanting more inside him. Diego's lean frame glistens as Junior holds him by the waist and impales him over and over. This was just what the Doctor ordered and Diego is loving every minute of it. He is loving it so much he wants to return the favor as he sits back and has Junior sit on his cock. Junior sits on that cock in a reverse cowgirl position and starts to ride. The chemistry between there two is incendiary as they meld into one another. Junior grinds his ass back onto Diego's meat as the sex intensifies. Someone crack open a window cuz its getting' hot up in this bitch! They then take the party south as Diego gets on his back and once again gives it up to Junior who pounds that ass like he owns it. Junior's taught waist gyrates as he gives Diego the dicking he needs. At this rate these two won't last much longer and sure enough Diego is the first to blow with Junior still buried inside him. Junior then pulls out and unloads all over Diego's smooth, cum soaked abs. Whew!

  • released : 05-05-2011 |