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David Chase's Video

Splendor In The Ass

Splendor In The Ass, Scene #01

This week we have a familiar face back with us and this stud's always a welcome sight. David Chase is back and looking better than ever. David is a prime example of a man over 30. David is 6'3 and originally from Florida. Today he has a hot little 24 year old from Denver named Darin Silver to play with. We asked these two should they each play the lottery and win $1K what would they spend their winnings on. Darin would blow it on alcohol. That's a lot of cosmos. David would work on getting his passport so he could travel overseas. We also wanted to know if they had more time to pursue something they don't have time to now what would that be. Darin wants more time to devote to sex. (Sex and alcohol? Really—oh to be 24 again.) David would love to get more time to enjoy nature. Living in Florida there's so much of it around you kinda forget it's even there. We asked them, recalling their first sexual experiences if they had a chance to redo them would they. They both said they wouldn't change a thing. Turns out they were both sloppy drunk and had a great time doing it. To wrap things up we asked them if we were to ask their former lovers what they were best at what that would be. David said giving head for sure; while Darin said he is honestly just good at everything. David's reading when he gets a knock on the door. It's Darin who is done with the chores David has hired him to do. Dave gives him his money then asks if he'd like to stay and cool off. It's hot outside and Darin agrees to. David then offers him a pair of shorts to change into. Just as Darin is about to put on the shorts, David tugs on them and it doesn't take long for Darin to realize this isn't about his shorts. David then peels down his underwear and goes to work on his growing cock. Darin figures he might as well get comfortable so he sits back on the chair giving David better access. David kneels between Darin's smooth thighs and starts to worship that meat. David sucks that dick like an oil rigger. “I've wanted to do this for weeks” he groans before going back on it for more. David then stands up to get some relief of his own as Darin returns the favor. David slaps his thick cock on Darin's tongue as he gets his fat 8” cock sucked as well. Darin strokes his rock hard cock while servicing David's.Darin then bends over and gives David access to that hot ass of his. David buries his face inside as he eats that tight ass. Darin moans as David tongue fucks his hole. “I've got something for ya” David teases as he starts to slide his thick cock inside. He starts to take Darin's hot ass doggy style as that ass concedes. Darin's tight ass is driving David crazy as he continues his assault. David fucks that hot ass at a fast pace unable to get enough of that ass. They then move the fun over to the couch where David sits back and has Darin sit on his cock. Darin sits on his thick dick in a reverse cowgirl position. He starts riding that dick while David holds his waist and helps bounce him on his meat. Darin's hot ass is taking every thick inch David has to offer and these two aren't done yet. David gets Darin on his back and goes back in for more only this time in a hot missionary position. David fucks Darin's ass while he jacks Darin's throbbing cock as well. All this stimulation is leading to one sensory overload for Darin who is soon ready to cum. He blows his wad all over his smooth abs and chest while David gets his tongue in the action for a taste test. Got Milk? David then unloads his own batch that explodes all over our newest addition.

  • released : 09-09-2010 |

Date Night

Date Night, Scene #01

After popular demand we just had to bring back David Chase. (That and we have some unfinished business from last week's episode). David is a recent member of the MenOver30 club. After recently celebrating his 30th, he decided to made his grand debut with us last week. At 6'3 David brings a lot to the table. He's a native Floridian from Jacksonville and has an infectious personality. The shaved head and the beard give him an edgier look but don't be fooled he's a teddy bear. We have a playmate from the Windy city that goes by the name of Eddie Kordova for David. Eddie made his debut with us last week on our brother site ExtraBigDicks. We're sure our members will enjoy Eddie and his 8˝” Chicago-style hot dog. YUM. Eddie is 34 and has a lot in common with David. Given the option, they both would want to go to Europe for a cruise. While David prefers Seafood, Eddie wants them both so it's Surf and Turf for Mr. Chicago. They also both would rather eat outside as well as fuck outside. Great minds think alike. David has been doing this for a while. He says that the biggest thing he's learned is that the more he allows himself to experience, the more comfortable he is with his sexuality - then the sky is the limit. Those are words of wisdom for Eddie, who is just starting out in the biz but definitely wants to stick around.There's a knock on the door. David, who just finished beating off in anticipation, opens the door to Eddie, who wonders why he's not ready yet. “You have no idea how ready I am” David says as he pulls him inside and starts to undress him. Eddie is stripped in seconds as David goes to work on his meaty uncut cock. David sucks and gags on that thick meat as he gets it rock hard. Eddie stands to give David easier access to all the cock he can take as David goes to town on his thick meat. Eddie stands and watches as David takes every inch of his throbbing cock down to the hilt. Eddie then hoists David to his feet before shoving him down on the couch and going in for some cock himself. David's cock is rock hard as a rock as Eddie begins to return the favor. Eddie licks at his smooth balls as he continues to swallow David's fat cock. Eddie goes to kiss David who immediately nods his head no and pushes his head right back down on his dick—HOT! “I want you up here; I wanna suck on your ass” David says as he gets his tongue deep into Eddie's smooth hole. David rams his face deep inside Eddie's cheeks as he buries his tongue up that sweet ass. Eddie then returns the favor. Eddie spreads David's beefy ass and gives his smooth ass a soaking, getting it ready for the fucking to follow.“What else do you wanna do with that?” David coyly asks as Eddie continues to eat his ass. “You wanna get fucker?” David grimaces as he lubes up & starts to slide his thick dick deep inside David's hungry ass. David groans as he starts taking Eddie's thick cock. It doesn't take long for David's ass to welcome its new invader as Eddie starts to pick up the pace as he fucks away at David's hot ass. “Aww, that's such a good dick” David moans as David keeps fucking his ass doggy style. An overhead shot shows us all the action as Eddie pounds away and buries his thick cock all the way inside David's ass. David then switches it up as he puts David on his back and slams his dick back into that ass for more fucking. David is going nuts as Eddie expertly fucks his insatiable hole. Eddie is rock hard and easily pummeling away at that ass. He leans back as he slides his thick dick in and out almost all the way out before slamming it back in. David then gets to ride that dick as Eddie sits on the chair and lets him do all the work. David greedily rides his cock for all its worth as he impales himself onto that cock repeatedly. Eddie's balls are tingling, and David won't last much longer. They both dismount to stroke off their cocks side by side. They make out as they each reach explosive climaxes coating their cocks and navels with their seed. Whew.

  • released : 02-25-2010 |

The Thrill Of Chase

The Thrill Of Chase, Scene #01

David Chase is this week's sexy stud. He is a recent inductee to the MenOver30 club, as he recently had his 30th birthday. This stereotypical Scorpio is addicted to sex. He loves having sex and immediately feels better connected when he does have sex with someone he's into. He grew up a total Momma's boy. He still talks to his Mom at least once a day. David is a hard working man. We asked him, if he had 6 months off, what would he do with the time? David is captivated by Italian, Spanish and French cultures. Movies like “La Dolce Vita” have given him a whole new appreciation of that region. So, if he had time to explore them he would love to spend them abroad exploring Europe. David doesn't consider himself anything in particular. He's neither gay nor str8. He considers himself more Bisexual. He goes with the flow whichever way the flow may ebb on that day. “I don't associate with any name, I just do what's hot to me and that's my sexuality” We couldn't agree more. He's attracted to people who can express themselves genuinely from the heart and who aren't all useless chatter. Those qualities can be found on either side of the fence. David has been in the industry for a while, but he's chosen to have limited exposure His experiences have given him the opportunity to really know what he likes, with the self-assuredness to explore that without any regrets.David is on the phone making plans for his hot date. He figures he has about an hour, so he does some calisthenics to get his muscles pumped up. He takes off his tee and starts with stretches. He does dips off the chair, working his triceps and shoulders. He loses his pants as his beefy frame comes into view. He's wearing a tight gray jock strap that accentuates his ass in the most amazing way. He gets on the couch and starts doing leg stretches. As he points his legs back, he shows off that hot ass of his. His hand starts to roam as he caresses his ass. He refocuses as he hits the floor to do a set of push ups. He grunts a bit as he does his last set. His muscles are pumped. When he finishes, he turns his attention to his jock strap. The strap is having trouble containing his “other” muscle, which in now throbbing and needing a work out, too. David grins as he grabs his thick cock and frees it from its holster. He starts to stroke his meat. His face lights up with relief as he starts to give his dick the attention it needs.David sits on the chair and starts to work that dick. He lubes it up and swirls his fist over his knob and swollen shaft. He works it hard as he moans and sighs. We have a feeling that David's date better arrive sooner than later or he's gonna miss out on…well, you know. David stands to give us a better view. As the camera gives us a view from below, we can admire his heavy low hangers, rock hard cock, and those furry pecs that are flexing as he continues to jack that rock hard cock. David then lies back on the couch to continue massaging his balls and stroking that cock. His 6'3 frame looks amazing as his muscles writhe beneath his skin. David's cock is throbbing. He keeps working the end of his shaft and knob which are making his balls start to pull up tight around his shaft. David then decides to give us a better view of that ass as he goes face first into the couch and spreads that beefy ass wide. He continues stroking that cock underhand as his balls and thick 8” cock are pulled back and stroked. David is getting close so he lies back on the couch again to take care of business. He strokes his dick as his right hand pins his thick meat at the base. He starts to stroke and swirl quicker. That does the trick. His thick cock gives up its load all over David's furry chest and abs. Whew. As he lies there, covered in cum and reveling in the after glow....a knock on the door.

Starring David Chase
  • released : 02-18-2010 |
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