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David Chase's Video

Furry Daddy

Furry Daddy, Scene #01

David Chase is back this week. Heís helping us christen a new guy to the ĎMenOver30 by injectioní Club, Mr. Ben Tramer. Ben is 24 years old and is from Wyoming. David is still 30 and weíre glad heís finally old enough to join the club himself. Jacksonville has done us all proud producing a hottie like David Chase. We asked these two if they each had their own talk shows who they would want as their first guests to start off their shows. Christian Bale for David just so he could be close to him; while Ben would want to bring on either Tom Cruise or Jennifer Aniston. Watch out Oprah! Davidís had a lot going on in his personal life these days. The ladies keep David hella busy including the one he has at home. David discovered he could get pleasure from a guy early on with his best friend of 5 years that ended up fooling around. Ben got his first blow job from his best friend who was curious about giving head and Ben was only to accommodating to help out. Since then, Ben has gotten really good at accommodating all sorts of requests from guys heís met. If weíre lucky, we might just get to watch him do just thatÖ David and Ben are getting better acquainted as Ben appreciates Davidís body hair. Turns out Davidís never trimmed or waxed his body hair. Ben really digs Davidís beard as he runs his fingers on it. David pulls up his shirt to give Ben more fur to run his fingers through. See where this is going? Davidís shirt comes off as Ben lets his fingers do the walking. Davidís curiosity gets the best of him as he lifts Benís shirt to discover heís not the only furry one in the room. David starts to lick on Benís abs and chest as he makes his way north to plant a wet one on his new friends lips. They start to make out as they feel each other up. Ben then kneels and hauls out Davidís fat cock so he can get a taste. David gasps as Ben sucks his cock down his throat. David wants to return the favor as he pulls Ben up so that he can get some cock too. Benís eyes roll back as David wraps his lips around his own throbbing cock. ďLick those ballsĒ Ben moans as David eagerly pleases his meat.David straddles Benís face on the couch so he can slide his cock back inside that hungry mouth of his. They then switch places as Ben straddles Davidís chest giving him more cock to suck as well. By now Davidís cock is throbbing and in need of more than a wet mouth. David gets Ben back on the couch as he lifts his legs and slams that cock deep into Benís hole. Benís ass opens up as David takes that ass. Ben jacks his cock as David fills his hungry ass. ďYou love getting fucked donít ya!Ē David grunts as he slams away at that ass. They make out as David pounds him even harder. Benís taking a pounding and loving every second of it. David switches it up by putting Ben on the floor; lifting up his legs and sliding his cock back inside for more. He pile drives his thick cock back into that hole where it belongs. After fucking his hole in this position for a bit they get Ben bent over so that David can take him from behind. No matter how David gives it; Benís more than willing to take it. Ben then straddles Davidís cock and impales himself on it. He rides that dick like a skilled jockey as Davidís cock disappears up his ass. This does the trick sending him over the edge with Davidís meat buried inside him. David then jacks his swollen cock off all over his happy trail.

  • released : 05-26-2011 |

Sexual Aroma

Sexual Aroma, Scene #01

This week we get to appease all the requests weíve gotten for more of David Chase as we welcome him back to our studio. Itís hard to get enough of this 6í3 stud so weíre always glad when heís around. Joining David is a recent discovery we first met on our brother site ExtraBigDicks.com when Ethan Ayers found himself in the midst of a steamy threesome. Ethan is originally from Austin, TX and we know heíll be just as well received here. Though we assure you it will be Ethan that will be doing the receiving. We asked these studs if they were to inherit $10K and had to keep half and give the second half away, who would they donate the $5K to and what would they spend their $5K on? David would donate the money towards a charity that helps homeless children, a noble cause indeed. The second half he would use to buy himself a boat so that he could go fishingÖa lot! Ethan has his $5K earmarked for St. Jude to help out with pediatric cancer research, another amazing organization. As far as his half, he would invest some of it to make more money; and probably take a nice vacation to somewhere like Greece perhaps. Sounds great and we all know they could use the money. Well all Ďgreaseí aside, we need these two to get naked, grease up and get their ďGreekĒ on!David walks in all sweaty after a hard workout as he strips off his clothes. Davidís been hitting the gym and it shows. While heís rinsing off, Ethan finds and starts to sniff Davidís sweaty jock strap which gets his cock hard. David catches him in the act which leads to a lot more than just sniffing his jock. They start to kiss as their tongues start to roam. Ethanís 8Ē cock is throbbing by the time David hauls it out of his briefs and goes down on it. David works that sweaty cock for a while before sitting back and letting Ethan return the favor. Ethan goes down on his dick as he strokes it and lets his tongue roam south to lap at Davidís balls. David moans as Ethan looks up at him with those bedroom eyes. David loves the attention heís getting on his dick; but heís not done with Ethan just yet. He slips onto the floor, tosses his head back and orders Ethan to sit on his face. Ethan straddles him as he gets that hot hole tongue fucked. He moans as David eats that ass out getting it ready for more. ďYou ready to get fucked?Ē David teases as he moved into position. He suits up before sliding his thick cock inside that ass. Ethanís ass gives way as David starts to fuck him deep. Ethan grabs Davidís sweaty jock again and buries his face into it as he gets his ass fucked silly. David grinds into him and after a bit decides he wants some of that thick dick too. Ethan is more than happy to oblige as he sits back on the couch. David straddles his thick cock and sits right down on it. Ethanís thick cock fills that ass up as he starts to slam up into David. David grinds away on that cock, riding that dick like a hell-bent jockey. Ethan then gets David on his back before sliding his thick dick back inside for more. Davidís jacking his dick faster and faster as Ethan buries his thick dick over and over. The sensation sends David over the edge as he unloads as Ethan pounds away. Ethan then pulls out and unloads all over David as well leaving him spent and cum covered.

  • released : 11-24-2010 |

Splendor In The Ass

Splendor In The Ass, Scene #01

This week we have a familiar face back with us and this studís always a welcome sight. David Chase is back and looking better than ever. David is a prime example of a man over 30. David is 6í3 and originally from Florida. Today he has a hot little 24 year old from Denver named Darin Silver to play with. We asked these two should they each play the lottery and win $1K what would they spend their winnings on. Darin would blow it on alcohol. Thatís a lot of cosmos. David would work on getting his passport so he could travel overseas. We also wanted to know if they had more time to pursue something they donít have time to now what would that be. Darin wants more time to devote to sex. (Sex and alcohol? Reallyóoh to be 24 again.) David would love to get more time to enjoy nature. Living in Florida thereís so much of it around you kinda forget itís even there. We asked them, recalling their first sexual experiences if they had a chance to redo them would they. They both said they wouldnít change a thing. Turns out they were both sloppy drunk and had a great time doing it. To wrap things up we asked them if we were to ask their former lovers what they were best at what that would be. David said giving head for sure; while Darin said he is honestly just good at everything. Davidís reading when he gets a knock on the door. Itís Darin who is done with the chores David has hired him to do. Dave gives him his money then asks if heíd like to stay and cool off. Itís hot outside and Darin agrees to. David then offers him a pair of shorts to change into. Just as Darin is about to put on the shorts, David tugs on them and it doesnít take long for Darin to realize this isnít about his shorts. David then peels down his underwear and goes to work on his growing cock. Darin figures he might as well get comfortable so he sits back on the chair giving David better access. David kneels between Darinís smooth thighs and starts to worship that meat. David sucks that dick like an oil rigger. ďIíve wanted to do this for weeksĒ he groans before going back on it for more. David then stands up to get some relief of his own as Darin returns the favor. David slaps his thick cock on Darinís tongue as he gets his fat 8Ē cock sucked as well. Darin strokes his rock hard cock while servicing Davidís.Darin then bends over and gives David access to that hot ass of his. David buries his face inside as he eats that tight ass. Darin moans as David tongue fucks his hole. ďIíve got something for yaĒ David teases as he starts to slide his thick cock inside. He starts to take Darinís hot ass doggy style as that ass concedes. Darinís tight ass is driving David crazy as he continues his assault. David fucks that hot ass at a fast pace unable to get enough of that ass. They then move the fun over to the couch where David sits back and has Darin sit on his cock. Darin sits on his thick dick in a reverse cowgirl position. He starts riding that dick while David holds his waist and helps bounce him on his meat. Darinís hot ass is taking every thick inch David has to offer and these two arenít done yet. David gets Darin on his back and goes back in for more only this time in a hot missionary position. David fucks Darinís ass while he jacks Darinís throbbing cock as well. All this stimulation is leading to one sensory overload for Darin who is soon ready to cum. He blows his wad all over his smooth abs and chest while David gets his tongue in the action for a taste test. Got Milk? David then unloads his own batch that explodes all over our newest addition.

  • released : 09-09-2010 |