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David Chase's Video

The Erector Detector

The Erector Detector, Scene #01

This week we have David Chase back in the house and looking better than ever. David's in for a real treat this week as he gets to christen a smoking hottie from right here in the 305. Jimmy Fanz makes his debut today and one look at this swarthy 20 year old with the furry chest and that killer smile and you just know he's all sorts of trouble. Line forms to the left, boys. David, for those of you unfamiliar with him, is now 31 and from Jacksonville, FL where he admits he's lived his whole life and he'll never escape the place. We wondered how handy these two studs were around the house so we asked what the last Do it yourself project around the house. David created a nice Spring Garden of vegetables, herbs and flowers to surprise his girlfriend. Jimmy grins and admits the last DIY project he did was doing the dishes a couple days ago. (Hot and a smart ass!?) We then wrapped it up by asking what the last thing they fantasized about while jacking off. Jimmy says he bust his nut thinking about Ana, a girl he knows that may or may not know she's working overtime in his lurid fantasies. For David, being sentimental, he hardly watches porn and likes to think of his girlfriend when he beats off. Mmhm, Check please!David is at Jimmy's installing a smoke detector. He's on the ladder and as he reaches for the unit his hand lands on Jimmy's head that is conveniently at cock level. Jimmy's head makes more sense as David chucks the smoke detector and pulls Jimmy's face into his crotch. Jimmy isn't objecting as he hauls out David's cock and goes to work on it. David's hard in no time as he starts to fuck Jimmy's face. Jimmy swallows every inch of David's thick cock as David moans and starts to slam his cock down his throat til he gags on it. Jimmy savors that dick as he runs his tongue along the shaft before signing up for some more throat fucking. David can't get enough of that mouth but soon he wants to see what else Jimmy's good for. He gets down off the ladder and puts Jimmy against the wall as he pulls down his jeans to check out his furry ass. He dives right in eating that hole while Jimmy moans his appreciation. David flips around so Jimmy can sit on his face as he gets tongue fucked by the repairman. Jimmy then turns around and slides his cock into that hungry mouth. David shoves that dick deep taking every delicious inch of it. 'Smack it on my lips' he orders as Jimmy obliges.They then get down and get into a hot 69 so they can each have all the dick they want. Jimmy's on top as he bobs that mouth on David's rock hard cock. David is nursing on Jimmy's meat that's hanging in his face and his finger starts to explore Jimmy's tight hole. Jimmy slides a rubber onto David's thick cock and straddles it. He grunts as that sweet ass gives in. He slowly takes it all before bouncing up and down on it like a pro. Jimmy arches back and rides that cock giving David a view of that sweet ass taking his fat meat. David then holds Jimmy still as he starts to ram his dick up into that tight ass making Jimmy moan for more. Jimmy then twirls around while still sitting on that dick and leans back onto David's chest as David starts to take that ass deep. He pounds away at that hot hole as Jimmy strokes his hard cock. David then wants Jimmy's dick inside him as he bends over and gives it up. Jimmy rams his meat into him doggy style as he slaps that ass and mounts him. Jimmy fucks him for a while before getting him on his back for more dick missionary style. Jimmy's cock hits David's sweet spot and in no time David's cum is airborne. Jimmy then pulls out and follows suit busting his own nut all over David.

  • released : 04-19-2012 |

Family Splatters

Family Splatters, Scene #01

David Chase is here to help us kick off 2012 right. David also brought along a familiar face to help do just that, Chris Stevens. David is now 31 and originally from Jacksonville, FL. 'Born in Jacksonville; grew up in Jacksonville; ain't ever gonna get outta that place!' David groans with a grin. Chris is 42 and originally from West Virginia but grew up in Ohio. It being the New Year and the spirit of giving abounds, we wondered what charity they firmly believe in all year round. For Chris it would be the ASPCA. He has two young girls and anything that keeps pets safe he's all for. David who has a few rug rats of his own is for any charity that protects children and their innocence. They are both looking great these days but we wondered what their weakness is when it came time to cheatin' on their diets. It's Breyers ice cream for David. He loves their plain chocolate and can eat it all day long. Chris' weakness is Reese's Peanut butter cups with anything Ben & Jerry's coming in a close second. Hmmm. Well today, hold the ice cream because these two will have all the temptation they need right here. Sorry Elsie Borden, No cream needed today. Soon we'll be swimming in plenty of our own. David comes home lookin for his wife but finds Chris instead baby sitting his kids until she gets off of work. They start catching up on stuff when David starts to bitch about how his wife won't put out anymore. He starts grabbing his cock through his shorts which is all the invitation Chris needs. He gets on his knees and gets to work as he pulls off David's tee and runs his tongue all the way from David's mouth down to his growing cock. Brother in law of the year goes to Chris who is more than happy to perform her spousal duties as he devours David's cock. David groans as he watches Chris eagerly nurse on his meat. 'She better not know about this' Chris grins as he slaps David's thick cock on his tongue. David then stands Chris up and gives him plenty of leverage as he gets Chris' cock in his face and down his throat. David is hungrier than expected as he goes nuts on that hard dick. Family that stays together... David then bends Chris over on the couch and gets to work eating that ass. Chris arches his back wanting to give David all access as David shoves his face deep into that ass sending his tongue deep inside.Chris then straddles that dick and sits on it in a reverse cowgirl. He wastes little time before he starts to ride it like a seasoned jockey. His dick is rock hard as he fucks himself with David's. At the rate these two are going at it, Chris needs to baby sit more often. David bounces Chris' hot ass on his dick harder as Chris welcomes every thrust. Chris then twirls around and rides that dick looking at David. He watches the look on David's face as he continues to get that ass stretched open. David then changes up the pace and they lay back on the couch. David lies behind Chris and slides that meat back inside. He starts to fuck him slowly giving that ass of his a much needed break...but that doesn't last long. He's back to slamming that dick deep inside as he gets hornier and harder. Next he gets Chris on his back, flips his legs up over his head and pile drives his dick deep into that hole. He does squats into that ass as he jacks Chris's dick off. He fucks him deep and jacks that cock in time making him cum as he aims it at Chris' own mouth. David then pulls out and kneels over Chris' face and adds even more cream all over Chris' mouth and cum-covered face. Cream, it does a body gooooood.

  • released : 01-05-2012 |

The Troy Fuck Club

The Troy Fuck Club, Scene #01

Troy Halston is back this week and this Buckeye is in for a treat as we welcome back hunky 30 year old David Chase. Troy is now 41 and though he was born in Akron he has considered Florida home for the last couple decades. We wondered if either of these two have ever lived through a natural disaster. Troy got here 2 years after Hurricane Andrew clear cut a path through South Florida and he doesn’t feel the few that have followed have been that big a deal. David hasn’t and says that where he’s from they have yet to have any “natural disaster” happen. We wondered how different their sex lives at home are compared to what they experience on set. David feels he uses the adult industry to spice up what he considers pretty vanilla sex at home. Troy says his is a mixed bag since him and the Holly Halston at times keep it pretty vanilla then there are other days when they get their freak on totally twisted. When it comes to what turns them on the most, for David it’s having his tongue 3” up a hot ass. For Troy, it would be having a tongue 3” up his hole. Hmmm. How conveeenient. That’s a “hole” lotta info right there. lolDavid is sitting on the couch trying to figure out how to tie a tie when Troy decides he needs a little help. Troy put the tie around David’s neck and as he proceeds to show him how to, David’s hand finds his way onto Troy’s crotch. He turns to face Troy as they start to make out. David then heads south to check out what Troy’s packing. He hauls out Troy’s cock and gets to work on it as Troy groans his appreciation. Troy fucks that face and watches as David struggle to take all of it. David swallows it as deep as he can, making himself gag on it. David looks up at Troy as he services that cock wanting to make sure he’s doing it right. Troy then wants some as he sits down and pulls David closer. He returns the favor as he gets to work sucking on David’s thick cock. David gasps as Troy’s talented mouth goes to work on his meat. This is just what he needed before his big interview and Troy’s not about to let him down. Troy then gets David bent over on the couch again and slides his tongue deep into David’s beefy ass. David squirms as Troy teases that ass with that hot tongue of his.Once that hole is wet and ready, Troy gets into position as he slides inside. His smooth ball slap away at that ass as Chase grunts and begs for more. “You like that cock?” Troy teases as he starts to rail that ass. David whimpers as he gets that hungry ass filled. He can’t get enough of it. Troy then switches it up as he sits back and watches David sit on his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. David’s hard cock springs like a trampoline as he bounces on that hard cock. David is going to town on that dick as he pleasures himself on that hard cock as he strokes his own. Troy does his best to shove his dick as deep as possible. Troy’s cock is hitting David’s prostate just right and it makes David’s cock throb as he busts his nut riding Troy’s. Troy then kneels over David’s chest as he unloads his thick cargo. David, who is stroking his still swollen meat as he gets coated, jerks his cock into a second orgasm adding even more protein to the mix. Now that’s how you tie a tie, Betches!

  • released : 09-22-2011 |