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Dak Ramsey's Video

Brock It To Me

Brock It To Me, Scene #01

Dak is back! This week we have inked, hottie Dak Ramsey back on the set. We got to see 32yo, Santa Rosa native Dak last month as he stripped off his clothes, flexed his inked guns and unloaded his main cannon. Our members are still talkin bout that scene. This week we decided to bring him someone special to play with. Dak told us he is really big on attitude and that the wrong attitude on a guy—no matter how hot—was a total buzz kill for him. We couldn't agree more so we enlisted the help of one very genuine guy who also just happens to be incredibly hot. Those props are for none other than newcomer Brock Russell. Brock heated up the Ides of March giving us one sizzling solo set. He has more than a few tricks in his arsenal including that disarming smile. Both are well traveled and both have a few places they've yet to visit. Dak wants to visit Ireland and Brock wants to visit Berlin. Their fantasy film roles are equally as diverse. Dak's ultimate fantasy role would be to star in a full-on bi sexual film where all involved are bisexual. Brock grins as he listens to Dak's fantasy film role before he unloads his: “I want LOVE to be the bottom in a gang bang scene” Taking in the huge grin plastered on his face, what on earth would you follow that up with? They begin kissing as their hands begin to explore. The chemistry is evident from the start between these two. As they layers peel off piece by piece, more skin is revealed affording Brock even more places to lick and suck on. It isn't long before these two are better acquainted as Brock uses Dak's beefy chest and abs as a buffet table, licking and sampling everything it has to offer. Dak's definitely not complaining and soon both of them are left in their sexy boxer briefs. Dak kicks his off and as he slides Brock's down his all the way to his ankles, Brock's boner bounces free and bobs inches from Dak's mouth. Dak immediately goes to work on Brock's meaty shaft as Brock moans his soft spoken appreciation. Brock's cock is hard as a rock and it isn't long before he's gonna want to suck some dick too. Dak's eyes roll back into his head as Brock shoves every inch of his dick down his throat. He expertly bobs and works his mouth and hand on Dak's dick. Dak can't get enough as he leads Brock over to the chair where he sits down, spreads em wide and directs Brock back down between his legs for more of that oral attention he's getting. As Brock bobs on Dak's cock we get our first view of his spectacular ass as he kneels between Dak's strong thighs. Once he's had his fill of dick (as if); Brock gets up and stands on the chair with his ass to Dak as he bends over and offers that sweet ass for sampling. Dak buries his tongue deep and it sends Brock into a moaning frenzy. Daks' face is buried up in that beefy, smooth ass and he's not coming up for air anytime soon. The tongue gets Brock horny for more as he gets on all four on the couch where Dak begins fingering his spit-lubed hole. Now you're talkin as Brock's hole easily swallows every finger he's prodded with. The anal attention is driving him nuts and soon he has Dak sitting back on the couch while he climbs up and straddles his cock, sliding his tight ass all the way to the base of that hefty fuck stick. He rides Dak hard, telling him just how good his fat cock feels in him. The verbal's adding to the madness and soon Dak flips him on his back and buries his meat again pounding away at his hungry hole. Brock's legs on his shoulder's and his dick buried deep, we're sure Dak's view is even hotter than our own. Dak's furry thighs and hot ass slap away against Brock's as he continues taking that ass. Dak's eyebrows furl in rapture as he pounds away missionary only to then fuck Brock in a doggie position that does the trick for both of them. They sit back side by side as they empty their loads all over themselves, grunting and groaning as they do. Fuckin HOT!

  • released : 05-28-2009 |

Dakking Off

Dakking Off, Scene #01

Finally, after a highly anticipated arrival, we finally have Dak Ramsey in our studios. This beefy, inked slice of California, aged some 31 years, is here to show us just what he's packin'. Broad shoulders, a defined chest flanked by inked guns definitely sets this sexy stud apart from the rest of them. He considers himself Bisexual and is currently with a special someone who is ok with what he does. She's one lucky lady. She is open-minded so to speak and has no problem watching his Men-on Men work; but doesn't really care to watch his str8 stuff. There's no threat to watching Dak with a guy. He watches them with her but admits he isn't comfortable watching himself on cam. He watched his stuff before with an X who would critique his stuff with him to get him to do better work. It was more of a critique than anything else since his x-boyfriend wasn't all that into watching him on cam either. I guess given the option, they'd rather have him 'on them' rather than on cam. When it comes to guys, Dak isn't attracted to a particular type; but attitude is everything. 'If someone has a bad attitude it's just a turn off for me' he says. Well, we can all agree there. Fortunately, this sexy Bi boy, who dreams of Bisexual orgies at night, is even nicer in person...Go Figure. Sitting on the couch wrapped in a towel, Dak is headed to the bathroom to get ready for the day. He lathers up his face and shaves revealing a clean-faced hottie underneath. He then returns to the couch to handle some other business that needs taking care of. As he throws open his towel he takes his soft meat in his hands and begins to wake it. He grabs his knob with one hand while stroking just his shaft with the other. It seems to so the trick as his meaty cock begins to thicken. He continues with more of the same, isolating his head with one hand while jerking just below it as his shaft gets even thicker. He finally releases it and his thick 8' meat stands proudly in the air. He leans back and begins to work his nips, jacking his now swollen cock, His heavy balls bounce in time with his stroking and Dak's breathing begins to deepen as he gets more and more into his session. He then lies back on the couch, spreads those thick thighs apart and shows us everything on the menu. His muscular frame is a testament to the dedication he's put into his physique. His broad shoulders and chest taper into his small waist and then your eyes are met by those massive quads and that thick dick of course. It's a visual smorgasbord. Just when you think you've seen it all, Dak gets up, kneels on the couch to show us his hairy ass. He reaches back, kneading his bubble butt before bending over to give us a better view of the backfield. His hairy ass is on display as Dak continues to stroke his thick meat. After a few minutes, Dak sits back on the couch and goes back to working hit now enraged cock. His dick is as thick at the base as it is at the knob and we're sure this bad boy has made many grunt out of joy—and pain. He works his dick with both hands and sitting back we get a great view of his tattoos on both his arms as well as on his abs. This muscular stud with the dark features and the bedroom eyes is working himself into a frenzy and it won't be long before that pays off. A view from below shows his heavy balls that are now pulling closer to the bas e of his thick dick which is being stroked by first the right hand then the left. Dak looks down at his meat. His eyes are glued to his fuck stick as he continues to pleasure himself. His hands roam as he feels his furry thighs and navel, occasionally tweaking his nips all making him even harder as he prepares for the inevitable. He then lies back on the couch and strokes his meat as he feels his balls tighten and begin to unload. Dak groans loudly as his thick cock unloads blast after thick blast, coating his navel and furry crotch below.

Starring Dak Ramsey
  • released : 05-07-2009 |