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Charlie Xavier's Video

An Old Friend

An Old Friend, Scene #01

Back this week for a refresher is our old friend Charlie! We couldn't think of a better bloke to christen in our new place. Smooth & muscular, this 31 year old South African native currently works as a personal trainer. He's lived abroad & is well traveled & in the spirit of trying different things to keep it exciting he's currently involved with his first Asian girl. She seems to be doing all the right moves so far. The only complaint we got was that even though she's OK with his love for giving her facials; she wont let him anywhere near her backdoor. What is she thinking!? Charlie's work keeps him in the gym a lot and it seems the more he works out & the bigger he becomes …and the hornier he gets! He claims it's the all-natural supplements he takes to help him increase his muscle mass that rev up his sex drive. One look at 6' Charlie, 200 chiseled pounds of muscle with a thick uncut throbbing cock to boot, would rev up anybody's sex drive!Dressed in tight jeans and a form fitting tee, Charlie's already tuggin' on his cock before he even begins. He slowly peels off his shirt and shows off the merits of his profession. His massive pecs & bulging biceps would make anyone take a second look. He slowly undresses, all the while caressing his smooth, muscular 6' frame. He stands on the couch & as his jeans slide off you can clearly see the huge bulge growing in his sexy briefs. Charlie's cock is throbbing & in need of attention. He takes the show to the bathroom where he sits down & sits back to jack his bone. His thick uncut cock is aching for release as he strokes paying special attention to his glistening knob. From the throne to down on his knees, Charlie doesn't skip a beat. His foreskin dances over the spit shined knob as he teases, pulling it forward before jackin' it back! The look on his face is intense as he sighs & moans, thoroughly enjoying the attention he's giving his jock cock.Charlie then moves back to the couch where he decides to sit up on the back of it affording us a spectacular view from below. His cock is deliciously thick from the base to the tip & his smooth balls dance in sync with his every stroke. You can see the muscular ass just below them as he spreads wide for a better look. Fortunately, you don't need to strain for long as he gets up & places one knee on the couch & leans forward. There couldn't be a better position to showcase his muscular ass & thighs. Well, maybe a couple, but he's straight & well…you know! The view from behind is amazing! It's as if you were behind him at the gym while he showing a client how to properly execute a bent-over row —except he's buck ass nekid! His cock is ready for release & he moves into position to do just that. Sitting on the floor, legs spread wide, Charlie jacks his cock & tugs on his heavy balls. His heavy breathing gives you an idea of what's cumming; and with a grunt—he does!! His creamy load erupts like Mount Kilimanjaro, spilling over, forming a thick pool of hot man lava below.

Starring Charlie Xavier
  • released : 02-07-2008 |

The Milk Run

The Milk Run, Scene #01

With biceps that stretch the sleeves of his shirt, a cock that that spills out of the pouch of his briefs, and charm that just drips out of every pore, it is no wonder Charlie, who has lived and broken hearts all over the world, became an instant favorite right here on MenOver30.com from the time he first appeared. As gentle as he is imposing and as smart as he is sexy, Charlie also shares his exhibitionist streak, as we saw when he bent over and opened his perfect ass cheeks while working that dripping cock during his second shoot with such joy and generosity that it seemed positively liberating for him. Seeing that sculpted six-pack, the etched legs, the wide shoulders and massive arms, it is clear that Charlie spends a lot of time at the gym. And we could only imagine what he looks like in the shower after a work out—until today. “I heard you want to see me wet,” Charlie says with a laugh. He heard right. We knew that the reality of seeing the cool water drenching that perfect body would look hot, but we had no idea that filming him doing so would make him so hot, he ends up shooting a load that easily had more juice than both of his considerable loads in his first two appearances here combined.Unwrapping the package is half the fun, and the anticipation is especially torturous when the package, both in total and that uncut beauty between his legs, is as hot as Charlie's. He quickly tosses aside his shirt and offers up a display on just the kind of perfectly worked, V-shaped body that fills a wife-beater out like it never has before. His abs, even more etched than before, soon come into view. And with a crack of his belt as he removes his jeans, the packed pouch of his underwear also gets the air time it demands. After teasing us with the glorious curves of one of the world's most edible asses, we follow those buns as he walks to the bathroom. As the water comes down, his dick comes up, and Charlie is soon playing peek-a-boo, skinning back the shaft so his already swollen cock head makes its much anticipated return visit. Moving to have a seat on the throne, his cock snaps back loudly on his flat belly and he pulls it forward a few times before smacking it into his open palm, giving the sexual crackle bouncing off the tiles in the room an audible authenticity that reverberates right down to our balls. Even in the soft glow of the candles, the change of scenery brings Charlie's natural showmanship to an erotic zenith that we have never seen before. The lens clings to his ass cheeks as he marches back into the bedroom and stands on top of the ottoman like a general about to send his troops into war. In reality, of course, the only battle being waged is a war within to hold back his load as long as possible. But when it finally surrenders, he fires off eight rounds of jizz that cover the top of the table with still enough left over to drip down and leave a heavy white trail all over his fingers. We wanted to see him wet, and this is one time when the reality lived up to our wet dreams—and then some.

Starring Charlie Xavier
  • released : 07-26-2007 |

Same Place, Same Time

Same Place, Same Time, Scene #01

Born on one continent, raised in another and now living in a third, Charlie is a true international man with an appeal so universal his handsome face, incredible body, superb bubble butt and extra-fine cock would be on demand anywhere he went. Though he commands the physical charms en masse, his manner is just as charming as well, and while we were not surprised how popular he quickly became after his MenOver30.com debut a few weeks ago, like you, we couldn't wait to have him back in front of the camera. It is a rare and cherished pleasure to work with a man like Charlie. Between that face, that dick, that butt, and that bod, is he a turn on just to be around. Of course, the real magic is that Charlie also loves to be in front of the camera. He romances the lens with the nuanced touch of a tactile lover, yet does so without an once of conceit or pretense or self-consciousness. He is simply a man in his element, and capturing him in the art of being himself is nothing short of erotic joy at its finest.Sprawled back on the bed, the sheer size of his arms stretch his t-shirt sleeves to the breaking point as the lump in his jeans is causing the area under the fly to do some growing of its own. A quick flex and Charlie loses his shirt, allowing the glorious real estate of that perfect, naturally-hairless torso to be on display. His midsection is looking even leaner than before, and the waistband slides so seductively on his trim hips that the ridges of his obliques offer your eye a sinewy path to paradise below. The way Charlie fills out a pair of jeans, it is impossible to check out the way that fabric clings to every sexy curve without desperately praying the fabric will self-destruct so you can get at the real prize inside. Charlie knows how to put on a show, and before he displays what is behind Curtain Number One, we are treated to a view of those gloriously round and tight, milky white ass cheeks. As he bends over, we can see the tight pucker between those hairless cheeks. As your mouth starts to water, Charlie lets his now hard cock hang down; and suddenly, as much as you want to use your mouth, it is almost impossible to pick where to begin.The view of those sculpted legs, that round and tight sack, the untouched hole and perfectly-shaped, seven-inches of dick all in one glance is like being on hand to observe a masterpiece of nature that is as mesmerizing as it is enthralling. Before you even realize how powerful the image is, you find you are pulling on your cock just as Charlie works on his. As Charlie moves to the bed and his hips begin to undulate back and forth, you can almost feel yourself under him, wishing to trade places with the mattress and feel him grinding on top of you. As he rolls back over and spreads wide, his sack is now swollen as he strokes away on that perfect cock, giving you a glance that is so longing it seems like he is holding that cock as an open invitation for you to come take over. His dick seems to have suddenly gotten thicker and added an inch in length as he begins to moan and empties a thick white load all over his sweat-covered abs. We are not sure where Charlie is off to next, we just really hope he cums back soon!

Starring Charlie Xavier
  • released : 05-10-2007 |