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Charlie Xavier's Video

Overdue Visit

Overdue Visit, Scene #01

International man of Intrigue, Charlie Xavier is back with us this week. This week Charlie makes MenOver30 history by being “the first” stud to be brought back for a 6th appearance. His fans can't get enough of this South African native. Born in South Africa and raised in Argentina and Brazil, Charlie is well traveled and well rounded. He has traveled extensively all over and admits that he has lived many places and visited even more for work and pleasure but right now he loves calling Miami home. He loves the weather and the energy our Magic city brings to the table. This muscular 32 yr old is charming and well spoken. He has no problems with the ladies and its easy to see why. He is comfortable here for now but admits he would like to check out a few other cities he has yet to. Hawaii is one on his list as well as the West coast because even though they have similar climates to Miami. They actually have more than one season. We here have 2 seasons: Hot and Hurricane. That's about it for us; but hey it beats shoveling snow. Of all the places he's been to he can't say which place has the hottest women. Each country has its own flavor and their women are no different. Apparently the son of a diplomat, Charlie's choosing to remain neutral on that one. Sometimes it is best to speak less and take a back seat to better observe. Besides, “real” gentlemen don't kiss and tell. In the last 6 months since we've seen him, he's been exploring new careers paths, looking into going back to school and seeing where and how he can advance his career. He also obviously still has the same dedication to his body. He is wholly into natural work outs and a healthy diet. He doesn't believe in taking anything to enhance his physique; since most of them have side effects that by far out weigh the benefits. (I.e. age quickly, Bulk up disproportionately, your balls shrivel up and fall off) What!?—it could happen. Regardless, we need less chat and more Charlie. ...let's do this.Charlie begins by attempting a sexy strip tease that starts off with him unbuttoning his shirt and giving us a peek at that massive chest before turning around to tease us as he undoes his pants and shakes his derriere. Work it like you own it! He laughs as he turns around and continues his show. He bends over slowly as he pulls his pants down and we see his massive quads tighten and his glutes contract showcasing his muscular ass as he bends forward. He then begins to play with his growing cock through his cotton briefs as they begin to tent up. He turns away from us again, teasing as he looks over at us over his shoulders and pulls his briefs just below his squeezable ass. This boy would've sold more Charmin than Mr. Whipple ( not that that didn't just date anyone, err….) Where was I … Oh yeah, his perfectly round ass peeks out from beneath his shirt tail but in no time the shirt comes off and we can better appreciate the view. Charlie is toying with us and hiding the goods. A close up of Charlie's face as the camera slowly pans over him and as it pans out we see his full muscular frame laying on the chaise as he slowly strokes his uncut cock. Seems everything about Charlie is as nature intended. We're definitely not complaining. As he strokes his cock, his foreskin glides up and over his head and it gets thicker with every stroke as his smooth nuts dangle between his massive thighs. He stands to give us a better view and by now his cock is at a full throb. He spits on his cock as he leans forward to aim before delivering natural lube to his spit shined fuck stick. He leans back and begins to jack his cock in stride. His meat is as thick at the base as it is at the end and we're sure makes the ladies scream and beg for more. ( ok, you know who you are!) lol Seriously, everything on Charlie is thick. And with a frame as big and lean as his; it's amazing to think of just how many places one could explore. Well, go ahead…think about it!Charlie lies back on the couch this time and continues to work his thick meat. The camera pans overhead as we get an aerial view of all this import has to offer. His chest and abs are well defined as are his massive arms. His shoulders are relaxed as his right bicep and forearm are engaged in a continuous set of fist raises. His cock is now stiff as a board and long gone is the flexibility it had when he started out. He is rock hard and just south of his engorged shaft we can see his once heavy nut sack is now completely pulled tight up against his groin. It's activated the launch sequence and it won't be long before Charlie needs to unload his massive load. His balls pulled up tight and his heavy cock getting the attention it deserves is giving Charlie an overload of stimulation as he gropes his abs and chest with his free hand. AS he lets go of his cock his thick foreskin pulls up over his knob but within seconds Charlie's back at it stroking his meat faster and faster. Charlie's face has grown focused as he concentrates on the many things now giving him pleasure. He tries to hold off as long as possible not wanting the sensation to end but it can't last forever. He fists his meat harder adding a series of short rapid bursts between and that does the trick. With a guttural grunt, he moans “Aww, I'm gonna cum —Oh Fuck” He repositions his hand and milks his thick dick using only his thumb and forefinger as it begins to spew thick cream. Globs of Elmer's glue-like cum splatter all over his smooth firm navel as batch after batch land and pool just shy of his belly button which was spared the thick white-washing. Charlie must have been backed up because his load is as thick as icing. Mmmm. Vanilla icing. Ok that's a wrap.

Starring Charlie Xavier
  • released : 12-11-2008 |

What Are Friends For?

What Are Friends For?, Scene #01

Charlie Rose and Brandon Fox did their first ever all male dual solo on cam this week. Charlie is back. For those of you who don't know Charlie, Charlie is 32 and was born in South Africa but has lived all over including Europe and South America. This time he came back with a friend who is no stranger to MenOver30, Mr. Brandon Fox. Brandon is a little more domestic. He's from the Windy City and this sexy slice of the Midwest now calls San Diego home. Brandon has done countless straight flix while Charlie's done a few. Brandon admits the secret to doing that is making a connection with the girls. “I've had really great sex with some ugly girls”, he laughs. We bet. When it comes to women, Brandon loves latin girls, dark curly hair and big asses. Charlie is an equal opportunity stud and doesn't have a type he prefers. When we asked Brandon about his wildest recent episode he said “I was gang-banged by 4 girls!” Those Bachelorette parties are out of control. When we asked Charlie the same question —he was still trying to wrap his mind around Brandon's answer! ...and now a word from our sponsors. Both of them stand side by side as they begin to tease us. Slowly groping their cocks as they feel up on their developed chests they both begin to tent their pants. They each peel off their tees nd show off their muscular torsos. Brandon's well defined and his chest is chiseled as are his abs. Charlie has a bigger build and beefy biceps. They compare triceps as they stand there still groping themselves. Charlie's the first one to drop his pants and is left in a tight red boxer cut that shows off his growing cock. Brandon follows suit and as he pulls his pants down he's left in a bikini brief that hugs his small waist and bubble butt. They both stand side by side and slowly begin to pull down their underwear as they tease us. Their asses look amazing —Does anyone have change for a $20? DAMN! They then kneel on the couch showing us more of their spectacular rumps. They begin to jack their cocks as they bend over the couch. They are hard in no time as they continue the show standing on their feet. Brandon's chiseled features are incredibly seductive as his brows furl totally getting into jerking his thick corn-fed cock. Charlie isn't far behind working his uncut tool til it throbs. An overhead shot of Brandon gives you an amazing shot of his definition and thick cock as he looks up at you with those grey-blue eyes of his. There isn't an inch on him you don't wanna lick—again and again. Charlie's uncut cock is glistening by now and his meaty ass just below his heavy hangers is hard to miss. They lay back to continue working up their nut. Brandon on the floor and Charlie on a couch nearby; these two look like sexual servants at a royal orgy as they prepare for the upcoming festivities! Where are the grapes!? Their cocks are at full mast and it wont be long before they need to blow. Charlie kneels on the couch as Brandon sits next to him as they get ready to climax. Charlie is the first to nut groaning as he shoots his nut all over the couch and floor below. Brandon isn't far behind as he picks up the pace. He begins to moan and groan and within seconds his fat cock erupts shooting his Midwestern wad in the air splattering all over his smooth thighs and navel moans in ecstasy all the while. No matter how you like it, Foreign or Domestic, these two got you covered.

  • released : 07-03-2008 |

Occupational Hazard

Occupational Hazard, Scene #01

Something's always cookin'' here at MenOver30. How else would we manage to keep things as hot as we do? So, today we brought in a sexy, imported chef to make our kitchen even hotter. Our old friend Charlie was in town so we decided to have him come in and give us a bit of a culinary presentation and show us just how well he can handle a thick cut of meat in our kitchen. For those of you who may not have met or seen Charlie before, he's 31 years of age and originally from South Africa and currently works as a personal trainer here in South Florida. Charlie became an instant favorite and has been featured here at MenOver30 several times. He has lived abroad and is well traveled so who better to show us the ropes? If nothing else we'll get to see this fine piece of man in his sexy apron whipping up more than breakfast. We're pretty sure he'll be working on a special sauce recipe that's sure to please the most discerning palette. Charlie's work keeps him in the gym a lot and we're sure he's mastered the art of the protein shake so maybe that's what we'll have him whip up for us—a thick protein shake with an extra boost of mad hot! One look at 6' Charlie, 200 chiseled pounds of muscle with a thick uncut throbbing cock to boot, would make anyone want some of that. ...and then some!Charlie is in the kitchen and we apparently missed the main dish; but that leaves us room for dessert. Dressed in a white apron, Charlie begins his clean up but finds himself a bit distracted by what he has packing beneath the apron. He leans back against the wall and begins to grope his cock which becomes visibly larger by the second. He turns around to show us just what he's got underneath his apron—nothing! His spectacular ass comes into full view. His ass is muscular and the view atop his thick thighs just show cases his dedication at the gym. He needs to sit back so he jumps up on the counter to keep working his cock. His cock is swollen as he pounds his cock. Its thick and his foreskin is silky as it glides the length of his shaft. Charlie is loving the attention he's giving himself. Bathed in sunlight, his muscular frame looks amazing. His massive pecs and biceps flex and twitch as he strokes his cock, working up a batter for us. His heavy balls hang below, dancing in tune to the beat of his cock.Charlie has to release his cock from time to time not wanting to release his batch too soon, everything has to be perfect for the creamy sauce he's preparing. His smooth body is delicious and it makes you wonder how that same body must drive the ladies crazy. Charlie's mouth is slightly parted as he begins to focus on the final stages of his masterpiece. His hands begin whipping the batter faster and faster and you know it won't be too long before he's ready to “plate” his dish (pun completely intended). He moves the ingredients from the counter to the floor. The cool tile floor helps to keep the creamy sauce from over cooking apparently. Soon enough he's ready to go and won't be able to hold back much longer. He gets up on his knees and places the “dish” (see pun above) in front of him. His massive cock hovers over the black plate below as Charlie continues pumping it furiously. He's moaning and groaning as his sauce thickens to a boil. He grunts and begins moaning aloud as his fat cock begins to unload thick splatters of piping hot cream all over the dish. His load is massive and coats the plate and floor around it. Voilá! his signature dish “Crème de la Banane”. Some desserts are best served hot so, Gentlemen—Dessert is now served!

Starring Charlie Xavier
  • released : 05-21-2008 |
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