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Chad Brock's Video

Beginner's Luck

Beginner's Luck, Scene #01

A couple of fresh faces this week on MenOver30. The first of our new studs is Chris Stevens. Chris is from Ohio (Round on the ends and HI in the middle!) and at 39 heís a new comer to the adult scene. This will be his 4th production to date and he loves it. Itís even made him a better lover at home. He now finds himself making sure the lighting is just right and is now a lot more verbal and tends to direct at home. ďI guess it was always in meí he laughs Ďcause Iím getting good at it.Ē The one thing heís learned since heís started doing films is how mush work actually goes on behind the scenes. The second of our debut batch is a sexy, lean hard body named Chad Brock. Chad is 35 and is from Los Angeles. This is Chadís first time. (How often do you get to use that line?) Well, first time on camera anyway. Heís been debating whether to do it or not for a long time. Regardless of any reservations or anxieties he may have had, he more than ďroseĒ to the occasion. Fortunately for these two, the chemistry between them was amazing. It isnít always the case but when the planets align the results speak for themselves. Chris admits he hasnít had this kind of chemistry with a co-star to date and Chad was equally surprised to have that chemistry making it easy for both of them to get lost in the moment. Chad makes the first move as he crawls onto the futon where Chris is laying back. They immediately begin to kiss, exploring each otherís mouths and bodies with their tongues. Soft and passionate caressing sets the pace as they slowly begin to undress. Chad licks Chrisí nips and smooth defined chest, chewing on his nipple ring, as he moans his approval. Chad then slides off Chrisí jeans and continues kissing him before going down for a long awaited taste test. His cock responds immediately as Chad swallows every growing inch as he tugs on his smooth nuts. Chrisí eyes roll back as he gets his dick worked slowly fucking Chrisí mouth. Whatever Chadís doing on Chrisí dick itís working as Chris writhes in ecstasy. Then itís Chrisí turn as he begins to work Chadís cock through his sexy briefs. Chadís abs and chest are chiseled and flex at Chrisí touch. Soon his tongue is dancing all over Chadís cock as he sits back and watches the show. Chris bobs up and down on Chadís meat as Chad holds his head down on his dick. Now itís Chad whoís moaning as his cock disappears down Chrisí hungry throat. These two canít get enough of each other and the fun is just beginning. Next Chris puts our California boy on all four as he spreads his cheeks wide and dives in tongue first. Chad moans aloud at the sensation of Chrisí hot probing intruder. If he thinks this feels goodóheís in for a thick surprise. Chris continues to lap at his smooth ass, eating away and working Chad into a horny frenzy. Soon his fingers replace his tongue and right when Chadís ass is open and receptiveóitís time. Chadís eyes squint as he eases his spit lubed ass down on Chrisí cock. Heís riding Chrisí dick as he gets used to its girth but Chris isnít a patient one. ďFuck you have a tight ass!Ē Chris groans before standing up to get his cock in deeper. Chad moans and begs for more as Chris holds his small waist and repeatedly impales him. Chris is fucking him hard and Chadís loving it. He then puts him over the edge of the futon and we get a great view of his thick dick sliding in and out of Chadís ass as Chris heavy nuts slap away at Chadís scrotum. The sounds of his balls slapping his ass; coupled with their heavy moans only heightens the experience as they fuck themselves senseless. Missionary is next for Chris who throwís Chadís legs in the air before burying his meat back in for more. This position does the trick as Chad explodes all over himself while Chris fucks every last drop out of him. The visual alone sends our buck Eye over the edge as he pulls out and gives Chadís abs a second coat of whitewash. WellóDAMN!

  • released : 04-16-2009 |
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