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Chad Brock's Video

Tuckered Out

Tuckered Out, Scene #01

This week we have a new face on MenOver30. Tucker Forrest makes a premature entrance by injection into the MenOver30 Club. Tucker has become a familiar face on our brother sites, including ExtraBigDicks, where he has had a chance to show off his skills as a python wrangler and a skilled top as well. We figured to welcome him into the fold, we should pair him up with a site favorite more than qualified to do the deed. We brought in none other than Chad Brock to initiate our 27 year-old boy from Michigan. Chad is 36 and hasn't lost his taste for younger flesh, so he was more than happy to oblige. Tucker likes hot men regardless of their age. Tucker says his ideal Saturday night could entail anything from going out clubbing with friends to staying home watching movies with a glass of wine. Chad admits his ideal Saturday night would be having a romantic, candlelit dinner at home, then curling up with that special someone on the couch to watch movies. Hmm, seems these two have similar likes in that department. Well, we're pretty sure these two are going to have a lot more in common in a few minutes besides being naked. Judging from the chemistry between them, we have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of giving and receiving. —Oh, goooody!These two have no trouble getting to it as they kiss and start to strip each other down. Tucker's tongue makes its way across Chad's tanned chest as his hands move south in search of more to play with. Chad pulls off Tucker's tee as they continue to get acquainted. Chad gives Tucker's head a nudge south as Tucker catches on and peels off Chad's jeans. Chad's cock is hard in anticipation. Soon enough, Tucker's tongue is working along its length, coating the underwear that still strains to contain it. Chad groans in ecstasy as Tucker's skilled tongue drives his cock crazy. Tucker then goes in for gold as he starts to swallow every inch of Chad's meat. He swirls his head up and down, making Chad's cock throb. Chad just watches as Tucker goes to work on his rock hard cock. As he does, Chad's hand begins to explore Tucker's jeans as he gets curious about that sweet ass he'll soon have. Tuckers jeans come off next as Chad decides he should return the favor. Chad licks along Tucker's smooth chest before going to work on Tuck's thick 8' cock. Guess big things really do come in small packages. Chad isn't letting any of that go to waste as he swallows every inch to the hilt.After worshipping Tucker's fat cock, Chad turns him around and starts prepping that smooth hole by shoving his tongue deep inside it. Tucker moans as he gets used to the new sensation on his tight hole. He is ready for that cock. As Chad fingers it some, Tucker's face lights up in anticipation. Chad then slides his meat in doggie style as Tucker's ass slowly gives way. Chad is soon fucking Tucker like a champ as his balls slap away at our Midwestern hottie. Chad fucks Tucker at a steady pace for a bit as that sweet ass starts to work on his meat. Chad loves that ass, and pulls his meat almost all the way out before slamming it back in to drive Tucker crazy. Tucker then takes control as Chad sits back and gets that cock ridden. Tucker sits back and starts to ride Chad's dick in a Reverse Cowgirl position that gets Chad's cock even deeper inside his hungry ass. They slow it down as Chad starts to grind his meat deep into that hole. Tucker doesn't want to be left out of the fucking department, as he suits up and gets ready to give his older counterpart a good pounding in return. Chad sits down on Tucker's ass stretcher and is soon bobbing up and down on it, taking every thick inch deep. It isn't long at all before Tucker's cock makes him shoot all over the place. He didn't stand a chance with that fat meat pounding his prostate. Tucker then pulls out and busts his load all over Chad's face and chest as he kneels between his legs. Whew.

  • released : 03-04-2010 |

The New Years' Ball

The New Years' Ball, Scene #01

This week, we are saying farewell to 2009 with two familiar faces, Chad Brock and Rocky Charles. Chad is originally from Los Angeles, CA. This 36 year-old quickly became a fan favorite here on MenOver30. We are pleased to have a sexy 23 year-old from Baltimore, MD named Rocky Charles to help him ring in the New Year. Rocky is down to earth. Even though he prefers the female form, he's willing to dabble with the boys if it'll keep his dick happy—gotta love that. We asked these guys what, if any, resolutions they were planning on making or breaking for 2010? Chad wants to be better at working on relationships, especially friendships, since those often end as collateral damage to work and the other day to day. Rocky doesn't make resolutions, since he hates to make promises he knows he may not be able to keep. Smart man. We then asked these two in hindsight what was their finest sexual moment in 2009. Chad's finest was a water sports scene that led to fucking and was incredibly hot. Rocky is laughing as he shares his story. Rocky's hottest was a scene he filmed fucking some guy in a sling while flicking ashes all over him from a cigarette he was smoking. Well, with stories like these for 2009, we can't wait to see what they do in 2010.These two have chemistry. They sit relaxed and at ease. They slowly start by kissing and undressing each other. Rocky is the first left in his briefs before he goes to work on Chad. He doesn't get very far before Chad is hauling Rocky's cock out of his boxer briefs and into his mouth. Rocky starts to face fuck Chad for a bit as his dick comes to life. He then wants some of what he's getting, so he gets Chad's cock wet as well. He greedily goes to work on Chad's meat as it rises to meet the challenge. Rocky loves to suck cock, and Chad is more than happy to oblige him. Rocky eagerly swallows every inch of Mr. Brock's bone, working it with both his hand and mouth. Once he's had his fill, he pops up and sits back on the couch, waving his rock hard meat and proclaiming 'Come here Daddy, get this bone'. Chad doesn't waste any time before going down on Rocky's dick. He swirls his tongue around his boner as Rocky helps bob his head up and down on it. While Chad is sucking on Rocky, Rocky starts to explore Chad's hot ass. He starts to finger that hairy ass while Chad moans through a mouthful of dick. Rocky then gets a closer perspective as he tongue-fucks Chad's hungry ass.Once Chad's ass is wet and ready for more, Rocky slides his hard cock deep into Chad's daddy hole. Chad braces as Rocky's meat slides inside. Rocky immediately starts to fuck his ass as he watches his meat disappear into Chad's muscular ass. He fucks him doggy style for a bit before putting Chad on his back for more. Chad loves the pounding Rocky's giving him. Once Rocky bends him over a chair for more ass pounding, Chad can't help but beg him for more and tell him he's being a good boy. Rocky's definitely being a good boy, giving his Daddy the boning he deserves. Rocky gets into it repeatedly calling Chad 'Daddy' as his balls continue to slap away at that hungry hole. Rocky then sits back on the couch and has Chad straddle him reverse cowgirl and watches as Chad impales himself for more dick. Chad starts to ride Rocky's dick hard. The harder he fucks himself, the harder he grinds down onto Rocky's jock meat. In this position, Rocky's bone is hitting Chad in all the right spots. In no time, Chad is grunting as he's sent over the edge, sending his massive load all over the couch and the floor below. Rocky then jacks off, exploding all over his furry navel. How's that for some early fireworks?Happy New Years!

  • released : 12-31-2009 |

The Man I'm Gonna Marry

The Man I'm Gonna Marry, Scene #01

We have another one of our “lover special” in a series we are exploring here on MenOver30. Kain Warn is back this week and he's brought along his partner. Kain has graced us several times in the last few months and we can't seem to get enough of him. He's the exception and not the rule having met his partner without getting online or meeting at a bar or being introduced through friends. Kain met his lover Chad Brock, a blast from a not so distant past, when they were both scheduled to do a shoot together. After their first meeting and when all was said and “done”; they both knew there was more than lube between them. “I was really shy at first', Smiles Kain, 'I kept coming up with excuses to go over and talk to him.” Kain is attracted to older guys so it doesn't surprise us that he'd be drawn to the sexy 36yo. Chad doesn't really have a “type” but he's glad that Kain was the one that finally got to tie him down (…or up). They are still working out the details where they will spend their first anniversary; but we're sure wherever they are the sex will be amazing. They already live together (they 'U-Hauled' it) and have a Shitzu named Charlie. When we asked if they plan on having kids in the near future, Chad grins as he grabs Kain and says “One's enough!” —ouch!It's business as usual for these two as they start to kiss as if we're not even here. Their tongues intertwine as they begin to grope and undress. Kain slides off the couch into position on his knees as he starts to suck on Chad's cock. Chad just watches as his lover services his growing cock. Kain slides off his briefs and when they're both naked continues to explore Chad's smooth frame. He likes his chest and sucks his cock a bit before he gets pulled up into another sexy lip-lock. The chemistry between these two is authentic and intimate. It's a treat to have them share their private love making with all of us. They move into a steamy 69 with Chad on top bunk. He slowly sucks Kain's cock as he licks his knob and dances his tongue around the Prince Albert piercing Kain wore. On the other side of heaven is Kain nursing on his man's meat as he spreads his ass cheeks apart. Kain then goes back on his knees unable to get enough of Chad's beefy dick. Kain then turns his talents on Chad's ass which is only getting him harder for that ass.Chad then returns the favor as he sucks Kain's pierced dick and from there he lifts up Kain's legs and slides his beef inside. He starts fucking Kain slowly as he builds momentum. Kain is rock hard the entire time he has Chad inside him. Chad holds Kain's legs as he fucks him as he watches his dick disappear inside that hot ass. Kain then moves over to the chair and bends over awaiting more of that dick he loves. He isn't waiting for very long as Chad takes that ass again. His smooth balls slowly bounce on Kain's ass as he makes love to that hairy hole. Kain then decides to take control as he straddles his man's cock and impales himself on it. He rides Chad's cock as Chad begins to fuck up into his hungry hole. Kain is still rock hard and throbbing and you know with this much stimulation he won't be able to hold out for much longer. Sure enough Kain's cock explodes sending his load up onto Chad's chin and chest. Chad smears his load all over his chest and even samples some of his boy's cream. Kain then helps Chad get his nut, playing with his ass, as Chad beats himself off.

Starring Kain Warn, Chad Brock
  • released : 08-27-2009 |