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Brenn Wyson's Video

Independence Daze

Independence Daze, Scene #01

Back to show us just what he can do is last week's discovery Brenn Wyson. For those of you who mistook his accent for Southern, Brenn is originally from Boston and now calls Florida home. Though we mentioned he was more of a lover last week we thought we'd tell you that he's also quite the fighter. Brenn loves to fight and be in the ring. Brenn's a boxer and he's been boxing for years. “I love to fight” he smiles. Brenn is into both guys and girls and is a sexual person. The wildest dirtiest sex to date for Brenn involved a mass orgy. “I'm a dirty boy” he beams. Back for more fun (and by “fun” we mean dick) is a sexy 21yo who made his debut on ExtraBigDicks that answers to the name of Feliz Andrews. Feliz which oddly enough means “happy” in Spanish, specializes in handling rather large equipment. After his debut with the likes of Josh West, we figured he would definitely be up to the challenge of going a few rounds with our Prize Stud. Feliz is originally from Ft. Myers, FL and admits he's totally into older men. “Most of them have their shit together; and that's attractive” Our little boy has finally come home to MenOver30. Feliz isn't bi, he knows what he likes and we have a feeling so do we. Feliz is going to be in for a hot bout. Ding, ding.They start to make out as they pull each other's shirts off. The energy between them is apparent. Brenn slides onto his knees between Feliz' legs as he pulls off his jeans. Feliz' thick cock springs out as his pants as he loses his drawers. Brenn goes down on his thick dick immediately. Brenn works his cock like a pro and Feliz isn't complaining. Brenn then gets up and Feliz gets his chance to sample the wares as he sucks Brenn's cock as he slides off his sexy briefs. 'Aww yeah, suck my dick', Brenn moans as Feliz sucks his dick and sucks his heavy balls into his mouth one by one. Brenn is going into overdrive as he gets back on Feliz' cock. Who knew this bad boy would've been this crazy for oral. The oral isn't anywhere near over as they maneuver into a hot 69 position. Brenn laps at Feliz' cock and balls while burying his own Boston bone deep into his throat. From there the oral gets even hotter as Feliz kneels and lifts Brenn's legs up in the air before diving tongue first into his smooth ass. “Aww fuck yeah, eat my fuckin ass' Brenn groans as Feliz gives him a royal rimming. But there's more tongue to be had today.Brenn then goes to work on Feliz' smooth hole as he laps at that sweet ass he will soon have for the taking. He moves up into position and starts rubbing his bare cock on Feliz' spit soaked hole. It drives him mad as the Boxer's cock taunts his tight ass. After some more rimming Feliz is ready for dick as he straddles Brenn's meat and slowly impales himself onto it. It isn't long before Brenn is bouncing his sweet ass up and down on his rock hard cock. 'Feels so good' Brenn grunts between breaths as they continue their session. Brenn then gets Feliz into a doggie position and really starts giving it to him. He pounds away at his hole like it's the last round of a grudge match. They say boxers all have a rage in them and today Brenn's fucking that rage into Feliz. Feliz is in heaven as he gets his ass torn up. The look on his face as Brenn pile drives his meat deeper and deeper speaks volumes. Brenn then moves him into a missionary position where he now starts fucking him nice and slow giving Feliz a chance to recoup. After a few he bends our Happy Hottie over the couch and gets right back to work fucking his sweet hole. This position does the trick as Brenn explodes and coats Feliz' back with a massive load. Feliz then shoots his wad all over Brenn's chest and abs. —and there's the final bell.

  • released : 07-02-2009 |

The Lover

The Lover, Scene #01

We have a bit of New England in the house this week. If you're thinking Clam Chowder you're definitely on the wrong site. We got something better than Chowder and when used as directed he's a lot more “filling”. . We digress. Brenn Wyson is 37yo and once you hear the accent on this chiseled hottie you'll be able to pin point exactly where in New England he's from. He now lives in Florida and the tan accents the intricate ink he has on his naturally smooth bod. He's a man of few words but his face will tell you everything you need to know. He's always been sexual even as a kid. “The first time I masturbated—I knew I was in love!” he laughs. At 12 he knew he loved it but he felt 'dirty'. Hmmm.—AS IF! He fantasized about both while growing up but didn't have his first male experience until he was 20. He just loves sex and is an equal opportunity kind of guy. He's outgoing and isn't afraid to go after whomever strikes his fancy. There isn't anything he hasn't fantasized about that he hasn't already experienced and it's not hard to see why. This smooth, muscular cutie is compact and has the look of a well-toned knuckle brawler; but our stud claims he's a bigger lover than he is a fighter. …We like.In a sexy wife beater, Brenn warns us he's gonna get naked and beat off. (I guess inquiring minds need to know?) He pulls off his tank and begins to grope at his crotch as he undresses. “touchin' it, …rubbin' it” he says as he rubs his cotton clad boner. Ooh, we got ourselves a verbal one. Nice! He reaches into his briefs and begins jackin his cock which by now is over its environment and wants to cum out and play and not in that order. He pulls his briefs down under his smooth nut sack as he revels in the jacking session he's giving his thick meat. He loses his briefs and lies back on the riding bench to continue working his boner. He plays with his precum that is now pooling at the end of his knob. He looks down intently at his throbbing baby maker as he moans and groans. He then lifts his legs in the air showing us out first glimpse of his muscular ass and hole. He's naturally hairless and what nature did give him he's removed. No need to stop to play “Find the Pubie” with this stud. No sir. He stands up and keeps working his swollen cock. “Suck my fuckin dick” he mutters under his breath as he strokes his meat. He loves to get what he wants and isn't afraid to tell you what you need to do to get it.“Put that big fuck'n dick in yo' mouth!” he orders as his verbal parade continues only made hotter by that damn accent. He goes on telling you to suck his dick and how bad he wants your ass on his meat as he slowly air humps with that sexy bod. The view from below is nothing short of spectacular and he knows it. He's feeling “dirty” again so we suggest a shower. He lathers up that smooth body of his and is twice as delicious glistening wet. He soaps up his bod while blowing kisses at the camera, jerking his sud-covered meat. Yes, he's still giving you scenarios that all involve you—or any number of your parts—literally 'ON' his dick. We're ok with that. He gets out of the shower and gets on all four and works his tight bung hole for us as he strokes his cock & digitally masters his ass. Brenn is feeling that familiar tickle brewing in his balls (pronounced “Bwallz” in “Brenn”) lol He lies back on the bench again and strokes his cock for gold. His abs and chest begin to tighten up you know it won't be long at all before he—“Im gonna fuck'n cum …I'm gonna fuck'n cum …I'm gonna—Uugh. His dick explodes sending massive jets of thick chowder soaring all over his smooth chest and abs. Its intense watching his 5th (out of 9 thick shots) be the one to soar past his shoulder. Not sure if he's a lover or fighter; but after a load like that we're sure of one thing…Soups on.

Starring Brenn Wyson
  • released : 06-25-2009 |
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