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Brenn Wyson's Video

Hole Therapy

Hole Therapy, Scene #01

Where the boys at? We're not sure but they ain't here. We got all the hot MEN in the house. Brenn Wyson is back and it's his birthday. Making 39 look effortless, Brenn is in for a special treat as Phenix Saint makes his triumphant return. Gone are the surfer locks and boyish body, Phenix has re-emerged very much a man. Short hair, abs and 20lbs + of lean muscles in all the right places—we are loving the new look. These two spell trouble together and it's gonna be a crazy set. We asked them if they are just as wild at home as they are on set. They both break out in hysterics as they confess they're 10X worse at home. Gotta love 'em. They are both exactly where they want to be in life and appreciate who they've become. Neither of them would change a thing. If these two wrote tell all diaries we couldn't find a bookshelf able to hold them without catchin' fire. We asked where was the craziest place they'd gotten it on. Phenix did it in a packed movie theater while Brenn is a proud member of the Mile High Club. “I called my Dad and said, 'Dad, I joined the Mile High Club' and he answered, “Welcome fellow member!” Brenn laughs. The apple doesn't fall too far, does it?

They don't waste much time with formalities as Brenn pulls Phenix up into a steamy kiss. Phenix slowly explores Brenn's chest as he licks and kisses down Brenn's taught torso. As he moves south he undoes the jeans and licks Brenn's boner as it strains against its cloth confines. Brenn is rock hard as Phenix gropes his cock for a few before freeing it. He goes down on Brenn's throbbing cock as Brenn helps bob his head on his dick. Phenix gets comfortable on his knees as he starts to worship that rock hard cock. He licks Brenn's knob as he looks up with a glimmer in his eye. Phenix then sits back on the chair and watches as Brenn kneels between his legs and goes to work returning the favor. Brenn piston fucks his own throat using Phenix's thick meat. He pays special attention to his Prince Albert piercing. Phenix moans in ecstasy as Brenn swallows his dick, taking it so deep it makes him gag. Brenn looks up at Phenix as he slowly teases his cock with his tongue. Phenix is in heaven as he watches Brenn blow out his “birthday candle”. Make a wish, yet? “Why don't you stand up, I wanna fuck you” —Damn, that wish came true quick!

Phenix suits up as Brenn bends over and offers up that tight hole. Phenix slides his thick dick inside and goes to work. He grabs Brenn by the waist as he starts to slam that thick dick deep inside. Brenn moans and groans as he gets that ass fucked. Brenn jacks his cock as he gets that ass pounded by Phenix. Phenix's smooth balls slap away at that ass as he continues pounding that hole. Phenix can't get enough of that ass, grunting and groaning as he buries his meat. They then move the party over to the couch where Phenix slides that cock back inside that hot ass missionary. Brenn, who is usually the one making the room rock, is now on his back getting his hole stretched wide. Phenix knows exactly what he's doing as he throws his hot cock into Brenn. Brenn is unbridled as he gets Phenix on the floor and straddles him. He starts to ride that thick dick like a jockey on a horse. As he rides him, Phenix matches his stride and starts to slam his thick meat up into him. It feels so good that Phenix literally fucks the cum out of him. “Happy Birthday” Phenix coos, before laying back and jacking his own massive load all over his cum soaked chest. Wish all birthdays were this much fun. (evil grin)

  • released : 10-14-2010 |

Daddy-O 'Gasm

Daddy-O 'Gasm, Scene #01

Today we bring two titans together and watch the epic sparks fly. Back after an entirely too long absence is fantasy daddy Doug Jeffries. Doug is 44 now and is originally from New York. Brenn Wyson is the second half of this action-packed ensemble. Brenn is originally from Boston and this hot hung stud is an unpredictable one. It's never a dull moment when Brenn is in the house. Today we'll see a different side of the boxer from Boston. We asked these two if they could go back in time and pick a different career to pursue what would that be? Neither of them would have done anything different. They both love what they do. Brenn loves the fact he gets to beat people up for a living as well as meet all sorts of people. Doug likes the opportunities to travel that this business affords him. He also enjoys working with all the different people he'd never had the opportunity to otherwise. These two are hot and horny and no matter how much sex they get on set and off they both admit they love to jack off. Well we've wanted to see these two together for some time now; so let's get this party started... As we start to roll, Brenn already has Doug groping his crotch. He pulls off his shirt as Doug starts to explore Brenn's smooth, defined chest and abs. He undoes his jeans and as he pulls them down he discovers Brenn's come commando. No waiting at all as Doug takes that thick cock in his mouth. Brenn moans as he gets that cock worked. Doug then sits back as Brenn returns the favor. Doug is built big and solid. He has a smooth frame with large pecs and thick throughout. Brenn gets to work on his cock as it gets rock hard in his mouth. Doug holds his head as he starts to fuck Brenn's face. Brenn does his best to accommodate Doug's meat but can't help but gag on it a few times. Doug then kneels to get more of Brenn as he buries his dick deep. 'Aww you suck such good dick' Brenn coos as Doug nurses on his meat. Doug takes his time as he slowly savors every inch. Brenn can't get enough of that hot mouth on his dick as he continues to feed Doug his thick cock. Brenn then pulls Doug to his feet so he can have more of Doug's cock. Brenn starts nursing on his thick dick and it isn't long before his tongue finds Doug's smooth hole. He goes to work on that hole as he tongue fucks Doug.Doug goes nuts as Brenn buries his tongue deeper and deeper. Doug is grinding his ass back onto Brenn's face and begging for more. Once Brenn has had his fill he gets up and turns around. He bends over and serves up that muscular ass for Doug to take. Doug slides that thick cock deep into his ass as Brenn tells him how good it feels. 'Oh yeah, fuck that hole' he orders as Doug picks up the pace. Doug takes that ass deep and hard as he grabs Brenn by the waist and proceeds to bounce him on his dick. Brenn is cock crazy and Doug uses it to his advantage. 'Fuck yourself!' he orders as he stands still. Brenn starts to fuck back onto that dick as he greedily bucks back wanting more dick inside him. This stud can take it as rough as he gives it as he begs Doug to fuck him harder. Doug gets him on his back and continues to stretch that ass open. Brenn is rock hard as he gets that ass stuffed full of man meat. He pounds away at that hot ass and just when you think you've seen everything—cut! Brenn is the one on top as he slides his thick cock deep into Doug. Doug grunts as he's made to take that cock. 'Aww FUCK' he groans as Brenn gives his dick like only Brenn can. He pounds away at that hole until Doug is ready to explode. They sit back side by side and each unload all over their sweaty bods. Damn, Daddy.

  • released : 09-16-2010 |

Hard Times

Hard Times, Scene #01

We have an interesting match up today that can only lead to some intense sex as we pair up one of the South's finest men Brandon Lewis up with MenOver30's ultimate 'Man of Intrigue', Mr. Brenn Wyson. These two have quite the fan following. Brandon, the 26 year old with that Southern charm, amazing smile, and thick ol dick, and Brenn, the 38 year old with that defined bod, larger than life personality and the ability to register tremors on seismometers whenever he pounds ass. It just can't get any better than this. They have a lot in common, both loving music from the 90's and liking to go out and dance too. In recent developments, we are pleased to announce that Brenn has actually explored the art of receiving. “It's an every now and then hobby but it hurts; but if you're gonna do it, you gotta do it right” Hmmm. Who knows we may just get to see that for ourselves. Line forms to the left, fellas. Brandon had a huge grin from the time he walked in the door so we figure he's wanted to meet Brenn for a while now so we can't ask for a better scenario for some old fashion fuckin. Shall we...They start play fighting which leads into a groping session, one that involves kissing and cock fondling. We like. Greco Roman wrestling (with a feel up twist). Hands as well as tongues are all over the place. “Wanna suck my fuckin dick?” Brenn grunts as Brandon goes to his knees. He's soon groping that cock through his jock before taking it into his mouth. Brenn grabs his head and starts to bob his head on his rock hard cock. Brandon keeps up well, as he services that Boston bone. As Brandon sucks his cock, Brenn reaches for his dick wanting to get some too. They play fight some more as Brandon plays keep away from Brenn which leads to more of Brenn's cock in his mouth. The overhead shot of Brandon looking up at Brenn begging for that dick with those submissive puppy eyes is insane. Brenn fucks Brandon's throat til he gags. (mission accomplished) Brenn then goes down on Brandon who is all about an eye for an eye and a gag for a gag. He grabs Brenn's head and dribbles it on his thick cock. Brenn gags soon enough as Brandon orders him back on it. Daddy likes. They then get into a sweet 69 position so they can suck cock to their hearts content. Brenn then bends over and fingers that smooth ass of his. Didn't see this comin' did ya? Brandon gets his fingers in on the action too as he finger fucks that tight ass. That sweet ass puckers for more attention. Brandon is more than happy to oblige. With Brenn already in position, Brandon kneels and slides his thick cock inside. Aren't you glad you crossed your fingers? Brenn moans and groans as he get that ass pounded deep. Brandon gives him every inch as hard as he can making Brenn beg him for more. “Take that fuckin' dick!” Brandon grunts as he slaps away at that hot ass. Brenn's finally come over to the dark side as he begs for more dick. Music to Brandon's ears as Brandon orders him to sit on his cock. Brenn immediately squats on that country cock and goes to town riding that cock hard. Watching Brenn in a new role is totally mind blowing as he totally gets into having Brandon's cock deep in his ass. He braces himself on Brandon's broad shoulders as he starts to ride Brandon's cock like a jockey on a thoroughbred. DAMN! Brandon then puts him on his back and fucks him missionary. “Is that all you got, you fuck?” taunts Brenn, as he eggs Brandon to fuck him harder. Brandon pounds his hole as rough as he can which only makes Brenn hornier. Brandon then finds his sweet spot as he fucks Brenn over the edge making him cum a huge load all over his own chest and face. Brandon then pulls out and unloads all over one cum covered, official cock lover.

  • released : 06-24-2010 |