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Brenn Wyson's Video

Wyson: Chicken Done Right

Wyson: Chicken Done Right, Scene #01

This week we have some New England flavor that's been long overdue in these parts. Brenn Wyson is back with us this week and we have to admit we've missed his crazy antics and that signature accent. Originally from right outside of Boston, Brenn is 40 now and looking better than ever. Today Brenn is going to help Cody Robbinson, a sexy 22 year old from the Hoosier state, make his debut with us. This will be Cody's first time with a 40 year old and little does he know he's about to set the bar really high. Both of these hotties have tattoos so we wondered what the first tattoo they got was and what inspired them. Brenn's first tattoo was a drawing he made to honor his late brother who passed while stationed overseas. It runs the length of his right arm and has the Archangel Michael atop what became an intricate illustration representing not only his brother but his home town and friends he left behind in Boston and Brooklyn as well. Cody's first was his last name on his wrist. We then wrapped it up by asking them to tell us something about themselves that most people wouldn't expect. Cody used to do professional motocross and ended up breaking 2 ribs. 'I don't think I can shock anybody out there anymore' Brenn grins, 'I've shocked them enough'. He may have a point there... Brenn and Cody are packing up their apartment and after a long day Cody grabs his lower back and tells Brenn his back is going to hurt tomorrow. Brenn walks over and grabs him as he grunts in his ear 'That's not the only thing that's gonna hurt' as he makes Cody kneel. Brenn undoes his jeans and hauls out his cock that is rock hard and shoves it into Cody's willing mouth. 'You like that cock in your mouth?' Brenn groans as he starts fucking his face. Cody savors that thick dick and takes it all the way down his throat. Brenn pulls that cock out and makes Cody kiss his cock before ordering him to shove it deep. Brenn wants to bury that dick as far as he can get it as he holds Cody's head and bounces his face onto his meat. Brenn then pulls Cody up and kisses him as he undoes Cody's jeans. Brenn goes down and gives him some of the same as Cody slides his dick down Brenn's throat making him gag on it. Brenn knows what he's doing as he slurps on that hard cock getting it all wet and easier to take. Soon he applies that principle to Cody's hole as he turns him around and shoves his tongue inside. Cody moans as Brenn French kisses that tight ass. Cody loves it as he backs that ass onto Brenn's face wanting that tongue as deep as possible. Once Brenn has that hole nice and hungry for more he stands and delivers. He bends Cody over and after teasing his hole a bit he slides that fat dick home. Cody buckles in for a bumpy ride as Brenn does what he does best-fuck hard. He pounds that young ass deep and hard as Cody takes it all. 'You love being a fuckin' bitch!' Brenn grunts as he slaps his ass and rails into that hole. 'Tell me you fuckin' love it!' he orders as he grabs him by the neck. The sound of Brenn's balls slapping that ass fill the room as Brenn continues to take what's his. He then slows it down for a bit giving Cody a bit of a short lived break before getting him down on the couch in a doggy position. He slides back into that smooth ass and gets to work mounting that ass. He spanks Cody's ass hard as he goes back to fucking him and calling him his little bitch. Brenn then gets him in a missionary position over the couch and just starts to pound him deep hitting his sweet spot as Brenn jacks him off. Cody unloads all over himself as Brenn jacks and fucks him. Brenn then pulls out and shoots his own massive load all over Cody's chest and cum-covered cock.

  • released : 05-03-2012 |

Little Big Man

Little Big Man, Scene #01

This week we have a special treat as we pair up sexy Ari Gypsy with Brenn Wyson. Brenn is now 40 and originally from just outside of Boston, MA and looking better than anyone has a right to. Ari is 32 and he's originally from New Orleans, LA. We wondered where was the weirdest place these two ever fell asleep. Brenn admits he fell asleep a lot in class and Ari has been known to fall asleep in the back room when he's waiting for his dance sets at clubs. Both of them love to be watched and in this industry being an exhibitionist is a very good thing. Even off set and at the gym they've been known to give a good show when they realize they're being checked out in the locker room. We then asked these two what is their favorite piece of clothing they own. Both agree that their jeans would definitely be their favorite. Ari actually has more jeans than shirts. As for their sexiest thing in their wardrobe Brenn has whips he finds sexy and Ari loves his toys. We then asked what their oddest climax story was. Brenn takes the cake with 'sounding' where a rod is inserted into your penis over and over and it makes you cum. We'll take his word on that one. Let's just watch these two get off the old fashioned way. Shall we...Ari is beating off to porn on his phone when Brenn walks in and joins him. Brenn undoes his pants and hauls out his fat cock that gets rock hard in seconds as they both stroke to the video. Ari can't help but notice Brenn's fat dick and it peaks his curiosity. He shuts off the phone and gets on his knees to get some of that dick. He spits on that head and gets to work on Brenn's meat. Brenn moans as Ari takes his dick deep. Brenn holds Ari's head as he bobs it up and down on his throbbing cock as he goes back to watching porn on Ari's phone. Brenn needs more from Ari as he shoves his meat deeper into his throat. Brenn then stands to give Ari better access as he slowly fucks his face. Ari strokes his cock as he works the knob with his mouth. Brenn then gets Ari on the couch to give him a little of the same as he goes down on his cock. Brenn jacks that dick for Ari as he takes it all the way down his throat. Ari just lays back and watches as his dick disappears into Brenn's eager mouth as he sucks and slurps on his rod. Ari's ass is next on the menu as Brenn starts to eat that ass out making Ari moan like a bitch. That gets Ari rock hard and in the mood to fuck some ass.Brenn gets on the couch and gives it up as Ari slides his dick inside and starts fucking him doggy style. Ari loves that tight ass as he pounds away at that ass. He drives his dick deep inside Brenn as his ball slap at Brenn's smooth hole. 'C'mon fuck my ass!' Brenn groans as Ari taps that ass. Ari then pulls out and sits back as Brenn straddles his meat and sits down on it. 'Fuck that ass is tight' Ari grunts as his dick goes back inside. Brenn starts to ride that dick like a jockey bouncing up and down wanting every inch of that dick deep inside him. Ari just sits back and enjoys as Brenn greedily does all the work. Brenn is rock hard as he gets that ass stretched and can't help but jack his dick as he gets plowed. Ari then gets him on his back on the chair and slides inside for more. Missionary is gonna do the trick as he slams that dick deep in that ass. Brenn beats his dick faster as Ari's meat sends him over the edge. He blows his wad all over his abs as Ari pulls out and sends his own huge batch all over Brenn. He explodes a massive load coating everything from Brenn's face and chest all the way down to his now cum covered cock.

  • released : 01-19-2012 |

Daddy Gaycare

Daddy Gaycare, Scene #01

Starting off the New Year is crucial and we didn't want to start off on the wrong foot. So we enlisted one of the hottest in the biz to “ring” in the New Year, Brenn Wyson. Who better than our Boxer from Boston to knock out our first week and help welcome our latest find, Al Carter? Al is 28 years old and we can thank New York for this fine specimen. We asked these studs how they felt about it being 2011 and what they expected we'd have by now. Brenn thought there'd be more robots running around by now. Al wishes we had flying cars by now, so he can have a book bag with a rocket on it like Elroy Jetson. As for modern technology we wondered what their favorite item they couldn't live without was. Brenn loves his “compyutah” while Al loves his cell phone. We then asked what they liked to use to spice up their sex lives off camera. Brenn likes a little leather, some rope. Al loves the Gladiator thing. He likes to dress up and knock each other around in theme costumes. We wondered what gets them off the hardest and for Brenn it's the passion. Just knowing they're so into him it makes him cum. Al as well loves when a guy is just drooling and ready to go down on him. Well, we're ready for a lot more than talk…The chemistry is apparent between them as their hands start to roam. They kiss as they begin to peel layer after layer of clothing off. Brenn unzips his pants giving Al access to his throbbing cock. Al playfully nibbles on that cock through his briefs before hauling it out and going for it. Brenn gasps as Al swallows his cock to the hilt. He nurses on that thick cock with ease as Brenn starts to fuck his face. Brenn is rock hard as Al worships his thick meat. Then it's Brenn's turn as he kneels before Al to give him some in return. He opens wide and rams his cock down his throat. “Yeah choke on that dick” Al grunts as Brenn gags on his meat. Brenn spits on his cock making it sloppy and wet as he continues to suck on that hard cock. Brenn then sits back and lets Al have more of his cock. Al gets down and strokes that dick double fisted before wrapping his lips around it some more. That hot mouth is driving Brenn wild as Brenn groans and slaps Al's face and mouth. Brenn's cock is rock hard and it's gonna need a lot more than Al's mouth in a minute.“Lemme see that fucking hole” orders Brenn as he teases Al's smooth ass running his finger along Al's hole telling him how bad he wants to fuck him. Al straddles his meat and sits on it. Brenn moans as he starts to slam his cock up into Al's hot ass. Brenn's hard cock is getting a work out until they flip. Brenn gets bent over the couch as Al suits up and slams inside. “Aww fuck me, fuck me…” Brenn chants as he begs Al for more. Brenn can take it as well as he can give it as he gets that hot ass stuffed. He can't get enough of Al's dick and every time Al slows down Brenn orders him to keep fucking his ass. Al watches as his rock hard cock disappears into Brenn's muscular ass. Al then sits back and has Brenn ride his cock. Brenn sits on the dick in a reverse cowgirl position and starts to ride that meat. Brenn is bouncing on that thick dick like he's on a bouncy ball ramming that dick deep into his ass. Al's cock is hitting him in all the right spots and Brenn can't help but explode with Al still buried inside him. Al strokes Brenn's cum covered cock as he goes right back to slamming his cock into Brenn's ass. Al's not done and Brenn's ass is gonna have to step up. Brenn gets his ass plowed until Al is ready to unload and shoots his load all over Brenn's smooth abs. Whew.

  • released : 01-06-2011 |