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Brenn Wyson's Video

Get On This Dick

Get On This Dick, Scene #01

Brockton's own Brenn Wyson is back in the house and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us this week. After Brenn's last appearance, where he put Sebastian Keys in check while aggressively redecorating the set, our members have been begging for more. Sometime being left to your own devices is a good thing. In Brenn's case, it's ideal and this week's handsome addition to the MenOver30-by-injection club is about to find out. Sean Duran, a sexy 24yo from Charlotte, NC, is in for a real treat. All Hallows Eve came but a moon ago (just go with it)...so we wondered what these trickster's favorite costumes have been in the past. Brenn loves dressing up as Dracula while Sean liked being a skanky devil. Hmmm. We asked them if they had Trick or Treaters stop by tomorrow night catching them unprepared, what they could expect to walk away with. 'An egg in the face!' laughs Brenn; who quickly assures us he's (mostly) 'kidding'. Sean follows that gem up with this, 'An apple', he beams, 'because I'm always an advocate for children's health.' Yeah we're totally egging this kid's house later. LOL Well enough about Halloween trickery lets leave these two to figure out what treats are still left to be had. And by 'had' we mean...well, you know! Sean is texting on the couch looking for some action when Brenn comes home and catches him in the act. 'Who you fuckin' texting?' he barks as he takes the phone away. 'This is what you should be taking care of' as he undoes his pants and instructs Sean to pull them down and to get on that dick. Sean swallows that cock all the way to the hilt as Brenn starts to fuck his pretty face. Brenn's rock hard as he gets his cock serviced. 'Look at me!' he orders, holding Sean's head in place as he slides that cock down his throat repeatedly. He slows it down to enjoy the view as Sean worships his thick cock. Brenn then pulls Sean up off the floor before pushing him back onto the chaise where he strips his pants off. He takes out Sean's cock and gives him a little of the same as he swallows Sean's hard cock. Sean is well defined and like Brenn has his share of tattoos that just add to their charm. They then work their cocks in a hot 69 so that they both get more of what they want before Brenn gets his tongue up Sean's ass. He slaps that ass as he rims it deep getting it ready for more...Bent over on the chaise, Sean grunts and bears it as Brenn slides his fat cock deep into Sean's hairless hole. He knows what he wants and gets right to pounding that ass as he hammers his dick deep into Sean's gut. He forces Sean to bend lower so he can mount him harder. Brenn lays on top of a face down Sean and pistons that cock deep. His balls slap away at that ass as he gives him every thick inch he can take. Brenn then pulls out and sits on a basketball as he gets Sean to straddle him and sit on his dick. Suddenly Basketball got a lot more interesting as Brenn dribbles Sean's tight hole up and down on his dick. They make out as they fuck and Brenn eventually gets Sean on his back as Brenn continues to fuck that ass still sitting on the ball. He holds Sean's legs up as he gets to it and pounds that ass missionary. He needs to bring it home and he gets Sean on his side and slides his cock back inside for more as he pounds him harder. Sean can't help but jack his throbbing cock and is soon sending his massive load all over the rug and himself as Brenn fucks every drop out of him. Brenn then gets on his knees and unloads his own massive nut all over one incredibly satisfied Sean.

  • released : 11-01-2012 |

Glutton for Punishment

Glutton for Punishment, Scene #01

'Strangelove'. Will you take the pain; I will give to you, again and again—and will you return it? Depeche Mode sang about it; and this week we get to explore it. In order to do so, we intend to leave 40yo Brenn Wyson to his own devices. Brenn's in for a real treat as we pair him with a like-minded accomplice, 22yo Sebastian Keys. Sebastian loves it mild to wilder; and today we're going to let these two get as wild as they want. Buckle up boys, it's gonna be a bumpy ride. No need to pose! 'Standing and Modeling' isn't on the menu today. We wondered when these boys first got the urge to get into S&M. Sebastian was always curious to try it; but never had the balls to until he got a chance to on set. He loved it from the minute he tried it and has continued to do it both on set and in his personal life. Brenn's first experience was growing up when he had a man take total advantage of him in High School, smacking and beating him, forcing him to do all sorts of things. That was until Brenn flipped it on him; overpowered him; beat and then fucked him instead. Brenn's been into domination ever since. Brenn loves to find submissive bottoms that aren't about getting pain but about getting pleasure. Sebastian agrees and adds that a dominant top has to be skilled in reading their submissive and know just how far to take it.Sebastian is alone and so horny he's decided to put a fat dildo he finds to good use. He slides it deep inside that hot ass of his as he starts to fuck himself with it. He shoves it all the way inside and gets caught by Brenn who walks in on him. 'You're gonna use my fucking toys staying in my house?' Brenn barks as he pulls that dildo out of his ass; strips Sebastian's pants off and orders he put his legs up. Sebastian complies immediately as Brenn kneels between his legs and shoves that dildo deep inside that hungry hole. 'You like using my toys, you lil bitch!' he taunts as he starts to lick that hole he's fucking with that thick toy. He plunges that dildo in and out as he gets to work sucking on Sebastian's cock and balls. He holds the dildo in place and orders Sebastian to ride it. Sebastian squats up and down on it with ease as Brenn whips out his own cock and feeds it to Sebastian. He grabs hold of his head as he slaps his face around before shoving his dick down that throat. 'Take it, you fucking little whore!' Brenn grunts before slapping his face and chest some more. Sebastian groans loving every bit of it. Brenn gets him on his knees and orders him to sit on that dildo while he sucks that dick. Brenn totally has Sebastian under his control as Sebastian totally submits to his dominant energy. Sebastian then gets on all four as Brenn bites that dildo and fucks that hole with it. Brenn loves to watch as that hungry ass just swallows that thick toy. He slaps that ass hard as he fucks it. Brenn slaps at Sebastian's nuts as he winces in pain and pleasure. Brenn then suits up and slides the real thing inside that hot ass. He goes right to work fucking that hole as he orders Sebastian to pull on his nuts while he fucks that ass. Brenn leans down to tell Sebastian he's being a good boy as he spits in his face. Brenn mounts that ass hard as Sebastian takes a pounding. Brenn then gets Sebastian by the neck as he pins him to the wall. He hoists him up and shoves his dick into him as he carries him. He bounces Sebastian on his dick up against the wall before turning him towards the side table knocking everything off of it as he continues to take that hole. From there they take it to the floor where Brenn brings it home missionary fucking that ass with that dick and a double headed dildo at the same time. Sebastian explodes all over himself before begging Brenn for his hot load. Brenn pins his head to the floor as he busts his nut all over Sebastian's face as he holds still like a good boy.

  • released : 09-27-2012 |

The Randy Daddy

The Randy Daddy, Scene #01

Brenn Wyson is back in the house and you know it's gonna get hot up in here with this crazy Bostonian that makes 40 look effortless. His play mate today is from Virginia Beach and goes by the name of Josh Long. Josh is a furry str8 boy that at 24 is just getting started in the industry. We asked these two what their fantasy mode of transportation would be. Brenn wants a donkey. Go figure. 'Mine would be a little higher class' grins Josh 'mine would be a red Ferrari coupe'. Brenn then chimes in with 'I'd want a blue donkey'. We're not sure whether he's a fan of Eeyore or he just came out as a Democrat? We then turned the topic to sex. We asked them what they thought about public sex. Brenn loves it, he can't get enough of it. He likes swinger's parties and loves a lot of people watching him fuck. Josh, as innocent as he looks, loves public sex as well and his first romp in public was the back row in a school bus. Wrapping up: the most outstanding sexual moment they'd had was? 'Farrah Fawcett', says Brenn. Ooh boy! Josh's best was having sex while on a backyard trampoline. Hmm, crazy is contagious. We better get started before their unicorn shows up to take them back to Narnia.Josh is hangin' out reading when there's a knock on the door. Brenn lets himself in as he asks Josh where his Dad is. He's not around, so Brenn forces Josh to his knees. He shoves his face into his crotch as Josh tries to tell him he's str8! 'You like fuckin' dick!?' Brenn teases as he undoes his pants and shoves his cock into Josh's mouth. Josh can't help but suck Brenn's meat as Brenn bounces his head on his growing dick. 'That's a good little boy' Brenn coos as he gets all his meat down Josh's throat. Josh gags on that dick as Brenn gets more aggressive ordering him to do it right. Soon Josh gives in and is slowly slurping on his meat. 'I knew you'd like it' Josh swirls his fist around Brenn's boner as he works that dick. Brenn then gets him up and strips him down so that he can get some dick too. Josh sits back in all his furry glory as he watches Brenn go from dominant to submissive, slurping on Josh's growing meat. Josh can't hold still as he writhes in ecstasy as Brenn's tongue and mouth work his hard cock and hairy balls. Brenn then moves up and forcefully kisses Josh who gets caught up in the moment and kisses him back. 'You wanna suck my ass, little boy?' Brenn coos as he seizes Josh's apparent willingness. Josh feverishly takes to that ass shoving his tongue deep inside as Brenn bucks that smooth ass back all over Josh's face. Josh tugs on Brenn's dick as he tongue fucks that hole like its lunch time. All that tonguing gets Brenn horny for more as he sits Josh back and climbs aboard. Josh's dad might've done him a solid by leaving him alone since his absence has gotten him laid. Brenn rocks back and forth as he tries to get every inch of young Josh's dick up inside him. Brenn starts off in a reverse cowgirl position as he bounced on that dick but soon gets up and straddles him to lean forward into him and continue taking a pounding. Josh just moans as he grabs Brenn's ass and slams it down harder on his bone. Doggy is next as Brenn orders him to shut the fuck up and just fuck him. Brenn's getting that ass railed by Josh who's giving it to him as hard as he knows how. He's moaning and grunting over Brenn's groans and pleas for more. Missionary is going to take them home as Josh gives Brenn all the dick he needs. Brenn explodes all over his chest as Josh fucks the cum outta him. Josh then pulls out and unloads his own thick nut all over Brenn's cum glazed abs.

  • released : 08-23-2012 |
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