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Braxton Bond's Video

Cocks & Bond

Cocks & Bond, Scene #01

We have two blasts from the past as we welcome back Steven Daigle and Braxton Bond. Braxton is 32 and originally from Maine but is now residing, across the pond, in London. Steven Daigle is also back and this sexy 37 years old currently lives in San Diego. We wondered if these two had to move and live in another city which city would it be. Oddly enough, Steven would want to live in London because he thinks it's one of the best cities in the world. Braxton would want to live in Los Angeles. We wondered if Steven's now infamous stint as a houseguest on Big Brother 10, for all of 2 seconds, helped him discover his exhibitionist side. We thought it may have helped make the transition into the adult industry that much easier. Steven admits he was always an exhibitionist at heart and has always wanted to be in front of the camera. Big Brother just reaffirmed his need. Braxton also got his start in the industry wanting to fulfill his need to be watched. He got some pictures together and set out to get into the industry. We wondered if in the industry if they got into toys of any kind. Steven doesn't really get into them but he feels he should at least buy a Steven Daigle dildo. As he laughs it off, we notice a gleam in Braxton's eyes. TSA agents beware Braxton's might be “packing” one hell of a souvenir. Steven starts to check out Braxton's new ink that he got out in Los Angeles. The dragon on Braxton's arm gives Steven a reason to finally touch Braxton and as he gets the tattoo tour discovery turns into fondling as Steven starts to lick and kiss on Braxton's body. They start to make out as they peel away each other's clothes. They tumble onto the chaise as they continue to kiss and lick each other. Steven's curiosity gets the better of him as he undoes Braxton's shorts and goes for it. He takes Braxton's growing cock in his mouth and swallows every inch. Braxton moans in ecstasy as Steven worships his meat and licks on his nuts. Steven can't get enough of that dick as he face fucks himself with Braxton's throbbing bone. Steven then whips out his own cock and offers it to Braxton. Braxton takes to his cock like a hungry calf as Steven holds his head and pounds his throat. Steven shoves his dick so deep it makes Braxton gag and he loves it. Steven then gets Braxton bent over the chair so he can get his tongue up into that hot hole. Braxton moans as Steven tongue fucks that ass getting it ready for more.After taking his time prepping that imported ass with his tongue, Steven gets his fingers in the mix as he starts to finger that hole. “Fuck my ass” Braxton begs as Steven goes to it. Steven bends Braxton over and slides his thick cock deep inside that ass. That tight hole feels amazing wrapped around his meat and he starts to pound away. Braxton bucks back wanting every inch of Steven buried inside him. “Yeah that ass feels good” Steven grunts as he watches his cock disappear into Braxton's hungry hole. Steven grabs Braxton by the waist and starts to plow into his ass fast and hard making Braxton moan with pleasure. They switch it up as Steven sits back and watches Braxton ride his dick. Braxton bounces his hot ass on his meat as he sits on it facing him initially then twirling around into a reverse cowgirl to keep getting that ass plugged. Braxton's own cock is bouncing up and down like a diving board as he gets nailed. Braxton can't help but jack his dick as he's taking Steven's cock and it sends him over the edge as he lies back and cums all over himself with Steven still buried inside him. Steven then pulls out and jacks out a huge load all over himself and Braxton as he empties his nuts as well.

  • released : 02-24-2011 |

Gold Rush

Gold Rush, Scene #01

Today's shoot is special for several reasons. This week, we bring you none other than Matthew Rush. Matthew has agreed to do his first ever web-episode with us here at MenOver30. As well as it being his first time doing web work, it's his 37th time he's had candles before him and awaiting a wish or two. Fort Lauderdale's own is 37 today, and we couldn't imagine a hotter time for Matthew than to spend it in (pun intended) a hot piece of west coast realty that goes by the name of Braxton Bond. Braxton is 30 and from Los Angeles. For those of you who missed it, we got an up close and personal with this hung blond just last week. The response was amazing, so we knew we had to have him back. Both of these hung boys are into outdoor activities. When we asked Matthew if there were any misconceptions about him, he told us that unlike popular opinion, he's just an average guy and considers himself a geek. Braxton on the other hand comes across as a polished prep school boy; but, given the right circumstances, he's anything but the innocent boy next door. Lucky for us, they are both single and they both want kind guys who don't take themselves all that seriously. All somewhat serious applications considered.Braxton has his hands full—literally—as he begins to kiss Matthew while feeling up his massive pecs and guns. He pulls off Matthew's tee as he gets better acquainted with his ink as well. Neither can keep his hands off the other as they continue to kiss and explore their inked bods. Matthew lays back as Braxton goes to work on his chest and abs, slowly making his way down Happy Trail Way in search of a bigger sense of adventure. 'Seek and ye shall suck' they say?or something like that?as Braxton gets his mouth around Matt's growing cock. 'Fuck, that feels good' Matt groans, as he starts face-fucking Braxton. Braxton works his cock all the way to the hilt as he takes every inch of Matt's extra thick meat. Matt can only grunt his approval as he takes his head and helps Braxton bury his meat even deeper. Braxton has this one covered as he continues to slam Matt's cock deep into his throat. Braxton then comes up for air as Matt undoes his jeans and kneels to give Braxton some of what he was given. Matt holds Braxton steady as he starts to suck his cock deep. He slowly pumps Braxton's cock down his throat before he decides he wants more attention on his own dick instead. HmmmMatt is horny and now wants some ass, so he shoves his cock back into Braxton's throat so he can get his cock ready for a good fucking. Braxton is soon bent over as Matthew starts to shove his fat cock deep inside. 'You like that cock', Matt grunts 'give me that fuckin' sweet hole!' Matt is taking Braxton's ass hard as he pounds into him. Braxton, who confessed he loves a guy who can toss him around, is getting just what he wants. These two fuck like animals as they grunt and groan, grinding against each other. Braxton's humping back just as hard as Matt's thrusting forward. From doggie they switch it up. Matthew sits back and has Braxton turn around and sit on his cock. He shoves every thick inch up into him as Braxton continues grinding his hot ass all the way down to the hilt. The chemistry between these two is explosive to say the least as they continue to thrust themselves against each other. Matt finally puts Braxton on his back and gets that cock back in him Missionary. He easily slams that cock in and out of Braxton's battered hole, hitting Braxton in all the right places. It isn't long before Matt's pounding cock pushes Braxton over the edge, causing him to explode all over his smooth abs. Once Braxton is done cummin', Matt pulls out and pumps his own thick load all over Braxton's cum-covered balls. Well it may be Matt's birthday; but it looks like Braxton got the better present!

  • released : 11-12-2009 |

Blonde Ambition

Blonde Ambition, Scene #01

Braxton Bond is this weeks morsel. Braxton is a sexy Scorpio, and admits he's not the typical Scorpio. He's not as “intense” as they make all the Scorpios out to be. He claims to be sexual, but more relaxed and chill. We can neither concur nor deny that claim. Braxton is a “Maniac”—no, not a typo, He's originally from Maine. He currently lives in Los Angeles, which explains the tan. Warmer climates seem to better suit our blond 30 year old stud. Braxton is naturally smooth, and has ink on his shoulder and bicep. He loves his ink, admits he might get more, but he doesn't want to go over board either. Braxton is attracted to guys who are kind, who treat people the way he wants to be treated, and are free of attitude and hang ups. Physically, Braxton is into big guys. He likes them manly and at 5'11, that's a tall order. He likes it when a guy can throw him around sometimes. There's something to be said for that Lumber Jack scene. Wonder if Paul Bunyan would be free to wax his onion? Now there's a visual. As far as unfulfilled sexual fantasies, Braxton dreams of a huge gang bang where everyone's taking turns on him. Hmm. Well, let's hope Paul isn't the jealous type. lolBraxton sits back on the couch and slowly begins to feel himself up. He flexes his biceps as he kisses his ornate dragon tattoo. He pulls his tank over his head and shows us his smooth chest before taking his tank off altogether. Next, Braxton starts slapping that cute bubble but of his through his jeans. Unbuckling them, he continues his strip tease. Soon, his swollen meat comes to view as it struggles to free itself from its cotton confines. Once he's left in his briefs, he starts teasing his cock and showing us more of that ass. He pulls his briefs down, so we get a view of that smooth ass of his as he teases his sweet ass while crouched over onto the couch. This boy knows all about the art of seduction. With an ass like that, it would be foolish to resist. His ass is naturally smooth, and Braxton knows how to work it as he spreads his cheeks wide before fondling his ass and running his fingers on that hungry hole of his. He then loses his briefs and turns around to continue his strip tease, covering his cock with a cushion. TEASE!Finally, the cushion is pushed aside as he starts to stroke his cock. He holds his growing meat by the base with one hand, stroking it with the other as it slowly grows to full length. He then stands and teases his thick dick. As he strokes his cock, we get to see his naturally defined body flex, as his muscles writhe just beneath his sun-kissed skin. Seeing all Braxton has to offer, we don't think finding a roomful of hot men willing to tag team that ass would be all that hard to achieve. Braxton then sits down on a chair; spreads his thighs wide and continues jacking off as he works both his balls and shaft. He strokes his cock both overhand and underhand, switching things up to bring heightened sensation to his dick. He playfully slaps his cock in his palm and we can hear him softly moaning as he pleasures himself. Braxton's not gonna be able to last much longer with all the attention he's giving his thick dick. As he feels that familiar tickle, he lies down on the couch to take it home. He strokes his cock and he's on a mission. As he jerks off faster, his breathing begins to labor. With a simple “I'm cumming”, he does just that. Stream after stream of jizz splatter across his abs and navel as Braxton blows his load. Whew. …Well there you have it, Braxton, the Maine Attraction.

Starring Braxton Bond
  • released : 11-05-2009 |