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Brant Dickson's Video

Jocked and Loaded

Jocked and Loaded, Scene #01

This week we have a familiar face back and a blast from the past here on MenOver30. Joe Parker is back in the house with that handsome face, big guns and even bigger dick. Joe is helping us welcome back Brant Dickson. The chemistry is great between them. Joe loves Brant's beautiful eyes while Brant is in lust with Joe's big arms. They've both been taking care of themselves. Brant's been living it up, trying to work out as much as possible and has been able to put on some muscle mass since the last time we saw him. Joe's always looking delicious and he's mostly a home body. We wondered if they could go anywhere in the world where it would be and who they could take with them. Brant would want to go on Safari to South Africa and he would want to take his Dad with him. Joe has always wanted to go to Bali but recently his interests have shifted to Sydney, Australia instead. When it comes to being men of a certain age, we asked them what the best thing about being over 30 is. Brant says that with age comes experience and Joe agrees that with the years gone by you gain a level of maturity and experience that allows you to better express yourself sexually. 'Express Yourself!'-that sounds oddly familiar.Joe walks in to the locker room and finds Brant admiring a jock strap that's hanging off an open locker. 'Is that yours?' Joe asks as Brant tell him it's not his. He has his on but he really likes it. Joe pulls Brant's shorts towards him as he peeks into his pants and tells him he likes his instead. Need we say more? The two start to make out. Their hands start to roam all over their bodies as Joe's tongue explores Brant's smooth pecs. Their shorts get pushed farther south until they hit the floor leaving them in their tight jock straps. Brant takes the opportunity to get a better grasp of the situation as he kneels and takes Joe's big cock into his mouth. Joe grunts as he revels in the warm sensation now engulfing his hard cock. Brant bobs his head up and down on Joe's throbbing cock taking as much of it as he can down his throat. Joe then gets Brant up so that he can go down on Brant's cock. He sucks on that dick getting it rock hard before turning Brant around and getting him bent over towards the locker showing off that ass.Brant moans as Joe's tongue slides deep inside him. His head writhes from side to side as Joe eats that hot hole out. Brant is getting hornier for more than that tongue and he isn't going to have to wait for long. Joe stands up and suits up before sliding his fat cock into that spit-lubed hole. Brant grimaces a bit as his ass slowly gives in. 'Fuckin' great hole' Joe coos as his thick cock slides all the way inside. He starts to fuck that ass with ease as Brant takes every inch of it inside him. 'You like that cock' Joe taunts him as he buries his face in the back of Brant's neck as he fucks him deep. Brant bucks that hot ass back onto Joe's dick wanting to get every inch inside. Joe then pulls out and sits back on the bench and has Brant ride his meat. Brant straddles Joe and impales himself on that same dick as he starts to ride it with the same conviction. Joe holds him by the waist as he helps bounce him on his meat. Missionary is next as Joe gets Brant on his back before sliding his fat dick inside for more. Brant's begging for more as he gets that ass stretched. That cock does the trick as it hits Brant's sweet spot making him bust his nut all over himself. Joe slams inside him making him cum harder before pulling out and unloading his own batch all over Brant's cum-covered chest.

  • released : 10-11-2012 |

Oh Mr. Brant

Oh Mr. Brant, Scene #01

Brant Dickson is in the house and finally making his debut with us. Brant is 30 and originally from California and we're happy to have him. We've decided to pair him up with another California native, Connor Maguire. Connor is 20 and already a fan favorite on our sites. Today Connor will be a MenOver30 by injection. Keeping up with current events, we wondered with the recent passing of Steve Jobs, what Apple device they felt they liked most. They both agree on the iPad as the one device they like the most. iPads can be nice things to save up for so we wondered what else they were saving up for. Brant wants to open his own bar some day so he's putting away his pennies for that. Connor had been saving up but is now spending it on college courses. Connor is pursuing a degree in Physics. Who knew? We have a smart one. We then asked what kind of men they're attracted to. Brant likes big, burly men with big asses. Connor likes dining on both sides of the sexual table and finds he is mostly into femme bottom boys; but then really loves tall chicks that boss him around. Hmmmm. They start making out as they get better acquainted. Soon their shirts come off as Connor licks his way south along Brant's chest until he reaches a bulge in Brant's shorts. He rubs it for a bit before Brant hauls out his thick dick for him. He immediately takes it into his mouth as he starts to suck on that cock. Brant moans as he grabs Connor's head and starts bobbing it up and down on his aching dick. Connor sucks on his cock for a while before they go back to making out. As they do, Brant starts to grab Connor's cock that is tenting his shorts. Connor gets up and drops his shorts as Brant kneels before him. He slides Connor's thick cock down his throat. Connor gladly helps him out as he guides Brant's mouth up and down on hid rock hard cock. Brant can't get enough as he worships Connor's thick meat, lapping at his balls and making sure to please his new buddy. He then wants more as he bends Connor over and goes to work eating that hot ass of his. He laps at that tight hole before burying his tongue inside it. He shoves his face as deep as he can into that beefy ass tongue fucking that hot hole.Connor then returns the favor as he gets Brant's cock rock hard sucking his cock then eating his ass. Once Brant's ass is nice and wet, Connor sits back on the chair and has Brant sit on his thick dick. Brant grunts as his hot hole concedes. Once he gets that cock inside he starts to ride it as Connor sits back and enjoys. Brant grinds his hot ass up and down on Connor's meat then spins around from a reverse cowgirl to looking at Connor without ever coming off Connor's fat dick. “Fuck my ass!” Brant groans as Connor slams his meat up into that ass. Brant then gets up and kneels between Connor's legs. He lifts them up and shoves his dick into Connor's tight hole. Connor grimaces as he does his best to accommodate his new intruder. Brant fucks that ass missionary. Giving it to him deep and hard as Connor strokes his aching meat. Time to flip again as Connor gets to fuck Brant missionary. He slams his dick in fast and hits Brant's sweet spot making him cum all over his furry navel. Connor isn't far behind as he pulls out and unloads all over one cum-soaked Brant.

  • released : 11-10-2011 |