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Brandon Lewis's Video

Hard Times

Hard Times, Scene #01

We have an interesting match up today that can only lead to some intense sex as we pair up one of the South's finest men Brandon Lewis up with MenOver30's ultimate 'Man of Intrigue', Mr. Brenn Wyson. These two have quite the fan following. Brandon, the 26 year old with that Southern charm, amazing smile, and thick ol dick, and Brenn, the 38 year old with that defined bod, larger than life personality and the ability to register tremors on seismometers whenever he pounds ass. It just can't get any better than this. They have a lot in common, both loving music from the 90's and liking to go out and dance too. In recent developments, we are pleased to announce that Brenn has actually explored the art of receiving. “It's an every now and then hobby but it hurts; but if you're gonna do it, you gotta do it right” Hmmm. Who knows we may just get to see that for ourselves. Line forms to the left, fellas. Brandon had a huge grin from the time he walked in the door so we figure he's wanted to meet Brenn for a while now so we can't ask for a better scenario for some old fashion fuckin. Shall we...They start play fighting which leads into a groping session, one that involves kissing and cock fondling. We like. Greco Roman wrestling (with a feel up twist). Hands as well as tongues are all over the place. “Wanna suck my fuckin dick?” Brenn grunts as Brandon goes to his knees. He's soon groping that cock through his jock before taking it into his mouth. Brenn grabs his head and starts to bob his head on his rock hard cock. Brandon keeps up well, as he services that Boston bone. As Brandon sucks his cock, Brenn reaches for his dick wanting to get some too. They play fight some more as Brandon plays keep away from Brenn which leads to more of Brenn's cock in his mouth. The overhead shot of Brandon looking up at Brenn begging for that dick with those submissive puppy eyes is insane. Brenn fucks Brandon's throat til he gags. (mission accomplished) Brenn then goes down on Brandon who is all about an eye for an eye and a gag for a gag. He grabs Brenn's head and dribbles it on his thick cock. Brenn gags soon enough as Brandon orders him back on it. Daddy likes. They then get into a sweet 69 position so they can suck cock to their hearts content. Brenn then bends over and fingers that smooth ass of his. Didn't see this comin' did ya? Brandon gets his fingers in on the action too as he finger fucks that tight ass. That sweet ass puckers for more attention. Brandon is more than happy to oblige. With Brenn already in position, Brandon kneels and slides his thick cock inside. Aren't you glad you crossed your fingers? Brenn moans and groans as he get that ass pounded deep. Brandon gives him every inch as hard as he can making Brenn beg him for more. “Take that fuckin' dick!” Brandon grunts as he slaps away at that hot ass. Brenn's finally come over to the dark side as he begs for more dick. Music to Brandon's ears as Brandon orders him to sit on his cock. Brenn immediately squats on that country cock and goes to town riding that cock hard. Watching Brenn in a new role is totally mind blowing as he totally gets into having Brandon's cock deep in his ass. He braces himself on Brandon's broad shoulders as he starts to ride Brandon's cock like a jockey on a thoroughbred. DAMN! Brandon then puts him on his back and fucks him missionary. “Is that all you got, you fuck?” taunts Brenn, as he eggs Brandon to fuck him harder. Brandon pounds his hole as rough as he can which only makes Brenn hornier. Brandon then finds his sweet spot as he fucks Brenn over the edge making him cum a huge load all over his own chest and face. Brandon then pulls out and unloads all over one cum covered, official cock lover.

  • released : 06-24-2010 |

The Belt Way

The Belt Way, Scene #01

There are few things sexier than a tall, laid back stud with a Southern drawl. That having been said, we are excited to have Brandon Lewis back this week. Brandon is 26 years old. This Atlanta native caused quite the uproar when he made his debut on our brother site, ExtraBigDicks. Brandon's a sexy country thing . Heloves spending money on his clothes. Having seen every delicious inch on him—we're all for him not wearing a stitch. He also loves his gadgets. He then flashes us that smile of his that would make any deer awestruck and tells us he loves to spend money on his foiler. 'Fo-iler' (fō-eelah) of course is 'Four wheeler' in Drawl. lol This bi stud beams as he tells us about his latest acquisition, a Polaris 400 which happens to be a kick ass ATV. Speakin of kick ass, we also have a new face that's getting one peachy introduction this afternoon on MenOver30, Mr. Tucker Scott. Tucker is 30 years old and a Florida discovery. He sure didn't mind his scene partner. We're sure he'll have more than Georgia on his mind every time he sits down for a while. Tucker likes to spend his coins traveling. He wants to save up and start his own business. Lucky for Tucker, Brandon is about to bring that hot ass of his plenty of business. ...Shall we? They are sitting on opposite couches when the camera starts to roll. Tucker wastes no time before inviting Brandon over. They start making out as Brandon starts to explore Tucker's defined frame. His tongue traces over his ripped abs and pecs as they continue to strip each other. Tucker starts to grope Brandon's cock as his tongue has a go at the smooth chest and nips. Tucker then gets up and drops his jeans, which affords Brandon the opportunity for a closer look at that growing cock. Brandon quickly moves in and starts to suck on his meat as Tucker coos his approval. Brandon gets Tucker to sit back so he can really work that cock as he bobs his head on it. Brandon's rock hard by now. Tucker is more than willing to help him out with that as he hauls out his fat cock. Brandon's cock is rock hard. His large hairless balls are proudly waiting for the attention they deserve. “Fuck yeah, suck that dick” Brandon moans, as Tucker swallows as much of his thick cock as he can. Tucker loses himself in the moment as he worships the thick cock Brandon will soon be burying in him. Brandon holds Tucker's head as he shoves his dick deeper down his throat. He's only just begun… Brandon sits back and strokes his throbbing cock as Tucker teases him by showing off his hot hole. Brandon moves in for a closer inspection as he starts to finger that hungry hole. He teases that ass with his finger, then suits up and slowly pushes his meat inside. “Take that big dick” he whispers under his breath, as he slides all the way in. Brandon then starts to fuck Tucker deep and hard, slapping him with his leather belt. Tucker loves it as Brandon pounds his hole and gives him the dicking he's been needing. Brandon's cock is plowing away at that hot ass that is more than accommodating. The harder he pounds, the more Tucker begs for it. The chemistry between these two is insane as they fuck away like mad men. Brandon then puts Tucker on his back before slamming that beautiful cock back in for more. Tucker grunts and groans as he does his best to take every deep thrust he's given. Braondon is just pummeling away at that ass. The sound of his balls slappin' that ass fill the room. Brandon then sits back and has Tucker ride him as Tucker impales himself on it and rides that cock like he's in the final stretch of the Kentucky Derby. Brandon's thick cock hits him just right. Soon, he explodes all over himself still sitting on Brandon's cock. Brandon then beats his own load out all over his sexy navel.

  • released : 05-06-2010 |