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Brad 2's Video

I Dream Of Cumming

I Dream Of Cumming, Scene #01

It has been about a year since we first introduced Brad, and if you thought he was one horny show off then, you ain't seen nothing yet. His body is still the smooth, lean drink of water you remember, the attitude is just as open and friendly as before, the 7.5” cock as hard as ever. In fact, the only thing missing this go round was the very last morsel of inhibition he might have been hanging on to. From the moment he says “hello,” the bulge in Brad's pants indicates he is so obviously hard and raring to go, we are surprised he does not hump the front door like a horny basset hound. But we manage to actually get him into the studio, just barely. By the time we join him, his shirt is unbuttoned, his belt undone, his zipper down, and one hand is already at work rubbing that pole. We do many things at MenOver30.com, but getting between a man and his erection is not one of them…unless of course, our camera is as loaded as their balls. And in this case, all parts on man and machine are cocked, loaded and ready for action.Once the camera is rolling, Brad does an about face as he so enjoys having an audience. He slows a bit so he can enjoy every moment. He begins by working his hand into his pants with an almost exploratory slowness and precision, as if he wants to invite us along on the journey of rediscovering the wondrous sensations that his own body can produce. When it looks as though those jeans will burst, he digs through the fly, under the boxers, and plays a quick game of peek-a-boo with that very hard shaft before pulling it right out of the fly and giving it the breathing room that it needed. Just by looking at his cock, you can almost feel the heat emanating from it. Needing more room and unfettered access, Brad stands up, steps out of his pants and shorts, with that throbbing, fat and leaking bone leading the way, gets ready to get off big time.His cock is one fat jaw breaker no matter how you look at it, but looking up at it as we were, against his very lean frame, that meat seems impossibly thick. The head is blunt, mushroom-shaped and the shaft itself decorated by a very prominent cum tube on the bottom and a ribbon of veins on the side. Reaching in from the back, Brad uses his balls like a puppeteer's handle to make his dick dance for us before lying back on the couch and moving into the double-fist mode his hungry cock is demanding. With one hand wrapped tightly on his balls, as if to keep them from flying across the room, Brad strokes so furiously fast with the other, he actually makes the wooden frame of the couch creak right through the heavy upholstery. That creaking is soon replaced by heavy breathing and that sweat on his abs is soon joined by a puddle of cum—a souvenir of time, as well as a set of balls, well spent!

Starring Brad 2
  • released : 02-01-2007 |

Brad The Movie

Brad The Movie, Scene #01

Like those metro-sexy vampires from an Anne Rice novel, Brad appeared with his milky white, almost translucent skin as the perfect canvas for those piercing blue eyes. Brad is 100% heterosexual and 100% and exhibitionist. Despite having a couple of guys in the room, Brad is packing more then just a decent size pole, even before he was at full mast, the swollen head of his heavy hanging shaft was sticking the bottom hem of his shorts. the size of the bulge in those black briefs as he unzipped made it clear he got over being another male seeing his boner in record time. Being more a “show-er” in the meat department, we're willing to bet Brad enjoyed the stares he dick must have gotten in the gym and dorm showers a lot more then he was willing to admit.As he shorts came down, his legs went up...and stayed there, revealing an oversized set of nuts you could just tell by looking at them were packed with a load he was overdo to shoot. And for a guy who made such a point about being straight, he clearly had some girls bend him in this position before as his does more then just as causal flyover of that hidden hole and more then once. He even reaches back and spreads those cheeks offering a close up of a set of lips that would have welcomed at the very least a tongue. Props to a breeder man who has learned his hole is more the just decorative, but a source of pleasure.Those good vibrations worked their charm as, big as his cock looked before, it was down right massive now...not just long, a solid cylinder of fat, throbbing dick meat like a grain solo with w leaking head in a field of trimmed wheat. His whole body ripples from he sensations coming from his cock. By this point, he was lost into the pleasure zone, working that meat from every angle and lubing the shat with his own pre. One look at those balls, so heavy hanging before were now coiled like a couple of peach colored walnuts...you could just sense the pressure by looking at them and soon after, the volcano explored all over his stomach.

Starring Brad 2
  • released : 05-11-2006 |