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Anthony's Video

Ebony & Ivory

Ebony & Ivory, Scene #01

Anthony was a guy like no other from the first time we met him. This smooth, cool, mocha skinned serving of man had that sort of powerfully strong sexuality that simmers just below the surface and seemed only to be waiting for the right recipe to take it to full boil. More then just “enjoy,” he seemed to relish having the opportunity to show off on camera, and with his self-labeled “hetero-flexible” tag, we had a feeling, given the opportunity, Anthony was eager to find out just how flexible a hetero could be. No requests for disguises, no pleading for an off camera try out on the down low, Anthony was ready, after 30 plus years, to take a man on a test drive and did not just invite the MenOver30.com camera along, he insisted on it. This was an experience he always wanted to remember, and after playing witness to his discovery session, this is one encounter you are not likely to forget either.Yankee is a younger guy who truly enjoys a man older than he is and from his first introduction to Anthony, he could not wait to give Anthony what he promised would be the time of his life. From the first touch of a gentle massage to hungry licks up that smooth stomach, Anthony's body welcomed every tender, passionate kiss from Yankee and Yankee explored every inch of his hungry flesh. Catering to every oral need, Yankee finally takes Anthony's full mass down his throat as Anthony slides Yankee's pants off, then digs in his shorts and takes a firm grip of Yankee's hard cock and continues to explore the feel of another man's dick in his hand as the head of his cock explores the warm wet confines of Yankee's windpipe.Anthony's cock is rock hard as he straddles Yankee's chest, face fucking the younger man with the force he is craving wile reaching back and tugging on Yankee's cock, wanting to make sure he is giving the same joy he is experiencing. Anthony's cock appears a good inch bigger than in his solo in a testament to the extreme sensations he is experiencing as he prolongs the joy as much as possible, feeding that hungry shaft to Yankee from every possible angle, he bends over and points his cock back under those beautiful, café colored, round, smooth ass cheeks. Anthony covers Yankee's heaving pecs with a massive load as Yankee's fingers disappear from view, and we're still not exactly sure where they were placed, while his other hand rubs out a sizeable load of his own as Anthony delivers a final blast that shows his young protégé what “taking it on the chin” really means.

Starring Anthony, Yankee
  • released : 07-06-2006 |

Anthony The Movie

Anthony The Movie, Scene #01

He looks modern and retro at the same time...like when Muhammad Ali was still known as a Cassius Clay mixed with a touch of Will Smith's older brother and you have Anthony; a sexy mocha skinned hottie who is ready to take a walk on the wild side and our cameras were there to capture his first steps. When we asked about his sexuality, he answered with a term we had never heard before “hetero-flexible!” While he has never had sex with anything but women so far, he hadn't ruled out venturing in Man Land and seemed to be sizing up the opportunity pretty seriously.That talk turned into the sizing of other things, namely the bulge in his jeans that was causing the zipper to look like it was going to burst. He peeled off his tank top revealing a hairless torso under his dog tags, a sexy tat on his upper arm and as he turned around, one cute, petite butt that will soon learn some new uses. Playing the camera like a fiddle, he teases us until the last moment, inching down those black drawers revealing a coal black bush and then finally, a thick, cut, gleaming missile of a cock, dripping precum and begging for your tongue like a chocolate fudgesicle melting in the hot sun. Rolling over to show that superior backside, he seemed not sure whether he wanted that hole licked or his cock in a hole...or maybe both but he was definitely sure he liked the way he felt! We could tell he was building up a huge load as soon his sack looked like twin swollen plums; a heavy gush then another then another of thick jizz soon followed. In addition to the new term “hetero-flexible,” we learned something else that day...sometimes the darkest fruits have the whitest juice!!

Starring Anthony
  • released : 03-23-2006 |