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Alexander Garrett's Video

Bilding Inspection

Bilding Inspection, Scene #01

We have a special treat for you this week as we welcome back one of Colombia's hottest exports, Alexander Garrett. Alexander is 34 years old and this sexy papi now lives in South Florida. It will be a meeting of the Americas this afternoon as we pair Alexander up with one of the hottest talents in the biz, Mr. Jeremy Bilding. Jeremy is 28, originally from Los Angeles, CA and one hot stud. We asked these two if they had a day to spend watching a series on DVD what they would pick. Alexander would love to catch up on LOST; while Jeremy is more of an Entourage kind of guy. Jeremy loves to cook and his favorite to make is his signature pizza. Alexander loves seafood but he also loves Italian. Jeremy has the masculine appeal many are drawn to and his masculine persona has helped him land a str8 boy or two (dozen). Alexander isn't one to fall behind and off cam he loves it all. Versatility is the spice of life. Who are we to disagree? Finally, we asked these studs what a man has to do to make them achieve that ultimate orgasm. Alexander just needs the guy to be hot. Jeremy, on the other hand, grins as he confesses, 'Not really anything in particular...I'm easy.' They start off kissing as they break the ice. Alexander takes off his tee then helps Jeremy out of his shirt as they continue making out. Alexander than lets his tongue roam south as he explores Jeremy's smooth chest. Jeremy stands to give Alexander more to play with as his jeans come off. Jeremy is left in a sexy orange jock that's straining to contain his growing cock. Alexander then strips as well and he's looking leaner than ever. His uncut cock is at attention by the time he gets back down to business. Kneeling, Alexander takes Jeremy's cock deep in his mouth as Jeremy just moans his approval. Jeremy has a thick 8.5' cock that is throbbing for attention. Jeremy watches as Alexander worships his thick cock. Alexander takes his time on Jeremy's meat; but eventually Jeremy wants to return the favor. He leans Alex back on the couch and goes to work on his cock. He licks that thick cock and those smooth balls sending Alexander into a frenzy. That tongue starts on that uncut cock but soon finds its way back to Alexander's hot hole. He licks and sucks on that hot hole he'll soon be fucking.Alexander grunts as Jeremy slides his thick dick inside him. Once he gets that cock buried he wastes little time before picking up the pace. He steadily starts to ride that hot ass as Alexander does his best to accommodate that entire dick. Jeremy holds Alex by his tight little waist as he pounds away at that ass. They switch it up and Jeremy sits back on the couch and watches as Alexander sits on his dick. 'Yeah, ride me' Jeremy moans as Alexander starts to bounce on his meat. Alexander is rock hard as he gets that hole rammed deep. Jeremy's eyes are rolling back in his head as he gets his dick milked inside that insanely hot Colombian ass. But wait—there's more! Jeremy then gets his hot Latin playmate on his back so he can continue fucking him missionary. His hard cock goes right back inside as he pounds that hole faster. Alexander starts stroking his cock in time to the dicking he's getting and it won't be long before these two explode. As they near orgasm, they sit side by side and jack their aching cocks off. Jeremy is the first to blow as he unloads all over his smooth chest. Alexander cums seconds after Jeremy sending his own glue like cream cascading down his shaft and balls.

  • released : 04-26-2012 |

Adam's Rib

Adam's Rib, Scene #01

Adam Rogue makes his action debut with us this week on MenOver30.com. Adam is a big boy and carries a bigger than average club. After originally doing a sexy solo scene, we figured it was about time to watch this hunk get it on. Adam is originally from Chicago and still a head turner at 44. When you got it, flaunt it. Helping us welcome back Mr. Rogue is our very own, Alexander Garrett. Alexander is a hot Colombian who now calls South Florida home. Alexander is a natural fit since he too is packing quite the big, uncut cock. These two are bound to have a good time and the chemistry seems to be working. We asked these two if there was any other country they could live in which would it be. Adam wants a cultural destination steeped in history. Italy is his top pick which has more than just culture to admire. Alexander would love to live in Brazil. Brazil has many things to offer and the men aren't bad to drool over either. Neither of these studs realized they were packing more than the average guy down below until they were in their 30s. Makes you kinda wonder what they weren't doing in their 20s, huh? Well, this afternoon you won't have to wonder much at all. Just sit back, get hard and enjoy.Adam is relaxing and flipping through a dirty magazine when he gets a knock on the door. Alexander arrives to measure him for some alterations. He begins to take his measurements: chest, arms and biceps. As he kneels to measures for his inseam his hand lands squarely on Adam's already swollen crotch. He stands up as they start to make out. They begin to undress each other as they kiss and we see our first glimpse at Adam's huge frame. Alexander undoes his pants and takes out Adam's rock hard cock. He playfully measures it before getting to work on it. He opens wide for Adam's thick cock and sucks it down to the hilt. Adam moans in appreciation as Alexander spit shines his meat. Adam then wants to suck some dick to as he sits before his new Latin playmate. Alexander gives him more than a mouthful of uncut Colombian cock to work. As Adam sucks on that sweet meat he's busy stroking his own meat down below. They then get back to making out as they compare dicks and stroke them together. Adam then goes back down for more of Alexander's cock as Alexander bobs his head on his pole.Adam then gets Alexander on the couch and puts him on all four so he can get a better appreciation of that ass he'll soon fuck. Alexander serves it up on a platter as he arches his back and that delicious ass beckons Adam closer. Adam fingers that sweet ass a bit before giving it a lick or two to get it ready for more. Adam then suits up and sits back while Alexander straddles his thick meat and impales himself on it. It takes a few seconds to get all that cock inside that ass; but once it's in—it's in! Alexander starts to ride that meat as he bounces up and down on it. “You like that big cock?” Adam grunts while he watches Alexander go to town. Adam then gets Alexander back on the couch and slides his thick meat back inside his hot ass doggy-style. He fucks that hungry hole deep as Alexander braces and takes it like a man. Alexander's tight ass is driving Adam wild as he palms Alexander's head using it to bounce his defined frame back onto his thick dick. Adam then gets Alexander on his back and fucks his ass missionary. Alexander strokes his meat while Adam's cock is hitting his sweet spot. As they near climax, they sit back and beat off. Alexander soon explodes all over his smooth abs just as Adam unloads all over his own furry frame.

  • released : 02-09-2012 |

Rivers Edge

Rivers Edge, Scene #01

Bells are ringing this week as we help celebrate a special occasion. Alexander Garrett, a MenOver30 favorite and Mike Rivers, his real life boyfriend, are here this week sharing their 7 month anniversary. That's like 2 reincarnations with the same mate in heterosexual terms. For those of you who aren't familiar with them, Mike Rivers is 27 and originally from Jersey. Alexander is 36, a Colombian import and looking even hotter than ever with that scruff on. These two crazies met through their mutual agent who put them to work a booth together at the Erotica Convention in Orlando. Little did they know that sparks would be flying. Their first official date was back down in South Florida having a romantic night on Las Olas Boulevard, a strip of restaurants, cafes and high end boutiques located in the heart of Ft. Lauderdale. When it comes to having your significant other working in the industry we wondered if jealousy was ever a problem. Mike answered 'Yes' immediately admitting that sometimes it has come up. Alexander grins and chimes in with '...sometimes'. Mmmhmm. Depending on who the other is paired up with has at times caused friction; but with the proper communication everything works out. Mike is kicking back with sore feet as Alexander begins to give him a foot massage. Mike is getting turned on as Alexander decides those toes are too delicious to pass up. He starts to lick and suck on them making Mike's cock stir. Alexander kisses his way up to his boyfriend's face as they start to make out. Mike pulls Alexander's tee off and goes to work on his chiseled frame. He licks his nips and pits as he gropes that cock he wants. He lowers Alexander's shorts as he sets that uncut Colombian cock free. Alexander moans as Mike wraps his mouth around it. Alexander slowly starts to fuck that face as he holds Mike by a fistful of hair. Mike gets on his back as he nurses on that meat from below unable to get enough. Mike's cock is now rock hard and Alexander knows just what it needs. He leans forward and starts sucking on Mike's dick landing them in a steamy 69. They each have as much cock as they want as they suck and savor to their heart's content. Alexander then flips Mike up and over so that he can get at that ass he will soon fuck. He shoves his tongue inside and along with a few fingers gets Mike hungry for more.He teases his beau's ass as he gets a fat dildo, lubes it up and shoves it in. His tight ass gives way as that dildo disappears inside. Mike loves that toy stretching his ass open and knows it will soon be replaced by the real thing. After teasing that ass a bit, Alexander gets that ass primed and in need. He then suits up and gets behind that ass and replaces that big toy with his real one. 'Gimme the real thing' Mike coos begging for that dick. Alexander fucks him doggy style as Mike eggs him on. 'Ugh, This is the best anniversary gift ever' he groans as he begs Alexander to give it to him. Alexander fucks that ass deep, pulling out almost entirely before slamming it back in for more. He then gets Mike on the floor and hoists his legs up over his own head so he can pile drive that dick in for more. Alexander pistons his thick dick in and out of that hot ass as Mike just watches him fuck and strokes his own dick. Alexander picks up the pace and soon he gets that familiar tingle in his smooth balls. He pulls out and unloads all over Mike's face and neck. Mike cums seconds later as Alexander is still bathing his neck and face with his massive creamy load. Mike may have thought that that fuck was the best anniversary present ever—but that was way before he got his very own pearl necklace!

  • released : 12-01-2011 |