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Adam Faust's Video

How Do You Want It

How Do You Want It, Scene #01

The muscles, the ink, the fur, the pierced nips, the handsome face, the cock…it's no wonder Adam Faust's star rose so quickly…we are only sorry it took us so long to lure him over here to MenOver.com! As you could see from his debut here a few weeks ago, he was certainly worth waiting for. Best known for his decidedly rougher edge as the best fisting top in the business, Adam shared with us he has been eager to show a more gentle side than his roles thus far had allowed and that is where we came in, or rather, Carlos came in. This hung, smooth, sexy 19 year old Latin cutie had a thing for older hairy guys and offered Adam just the kind of opening he had been looking for!In the ultimate case of opposites attract, these two could hardly be more different from each other: Hairy vs. Smooth, Twink vs. Muscle. Tattooed vs. Unmarked but it all seems to work as Carlos makes the most of the opportunity to be upfront and on the bottom of Adam Faust. Adam takes the lead, leaning over and kissing Carlos and there is a definite tenderness as they undress each other as if they were unwrapping presents. Things quickly heat up as the pants soon follow and Carlos nibbles his way down Adam's hairy trail, and across that tiger tat on his side. Adam gets on his knees and feeds Carlos his now throbbing cock to the base while reaching over and exploring his younger partner's now very hungry hole.Carlos proves to be both a champion cock sucker and ass eater, which sent Adam's pole right into battle position, slowly but steadily feeding Carlos every inch of meat even on the first, slow deliberate press into his ass. Adam is the image of control as he flexes every muscle, steadily pounding Carlos's ass until they are both covered in sweat; and soon, Carlos is covered in a thick healthy white load. Just as quickly, Adam changes gears, becoming a sweet, attentive lover, giving Carlos the deep kissing and gentle caressing he needs to get his nut. Adam Faust is a star in any galaxy and after a show like this, it's easy to see why!

Starring Adam Faust, Carlos
  • released : 08-24-2006 |

Big Things/Small Package

Big Things/Small Package, Scene #01

He has an auburn beard, carefully trimmed to show off the square jaw underneath and handsome face above his fur covered body. A body that presents sexiness, addition to a superb example of prime muscular symmetry, some of the fiercest ink we have ever seen. That is just the start of the charms of what Adam Faust brings to MenOver30.com! In the time of his career that included four major studio productions, Adam went from a new face to the number one “fisting top” in the business. Adam is a man of many faces, desires, and talents; what he offers to us is a decidedly gentler side than he has shown in his movies so far. All the charisma, masculinity and sex appeal has men across the globe more than happy to receive whatever he wants to give.The swirls of hair curling out of the top of his army green tank soon come into full view as he strips it off and takes center stage - the clear vivid ink of a jumping tiger that we can only see half way at this point with his shorts still hiding the best part of both the man and tattoo. He unbuttons to get a little more comfortable before showing us his wide flared back with another incredible sprawling tattoo, this one going from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. Like the one on his side, one is also large, crisp, imposing and totally devoid of color, just the solid outline which keeps it from being distracting or overpowering. Just like Adam Faust himself; he is clearly a man of distinction.Muscular enough to be clearly defined even underneath all of that hair, rubbing that packed bulge in the center of his white briefs is something to behold. We were more than ready for him to get naked and see that beautiful cock come to life. Only the most confident of tops will put their ass on display, bends over, and lets the camera explore ever inch of those glorious glutes. With a body that even just lying there is a feast for the eyes, Adam stands, sits, spreads and stretches, allowing us to appreciate every well worked inch. Especially those inches in the center as he kneels on the bed and squeezes out a thick white load as the moans of delight escape from his whiskered lips. Hot as he is alone, we have a feeling it will be magic when he has a partner dying to sample all of Adam's charms: stay tuned for that visual in just a few weeks!

Starring Adam Faust
  • released : 08-17-2006 |